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Urge Your President to Show Some Spine, and Ensure Fair Elections in 2012

Start dialing in NOW, while your read more:
White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461 TTY/TDD: 202-456-6213, 202-456-2121
We need to light up the White House switchboard with calls asking our President to urge the passage of an amendment to overturn the Supreme Court decision in "Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission" It undermines every type of campaign finance reform, and opens wide the spigot of corporate cash.
Fellow Citizens,

I am glad to see several groups petitioning to overturn the Supreme Court decision that granted unfettered free speech to The Corporation, and I've been glad to help.

Now is the time to phone in to Our President to urge him to take this cause to Congress, in the manner that John F. Kennedy did when we successfully overturned the Poll Tax in a mere 15 months.

15 months from now, we will be in the closing weeks of the 2012 election, and if the spigot of corporate cash is not closed by then Democracy will be OVER.

I have set up an event on Facebook, I hope every US Citizen will take the time to consider. Please read the details, and participate. Cut and paste to create your own event. But whatever you do, phone in to the White House so the switchboard will light up, and stay lit up through the Fourth of July, and urge your President to stand up for your right to suffrage, which is being steadily smothered with corporate cash. There isn't much time. Phone in NOW. The phone numbers are included at the link below. Please add the contact information of your Senators and US Representatives if you pass this along:

Participate in this event and get all the details:

Thank You.

David Roknich,
Galesburg, Illinois

homepage: homepage: http://https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=113772435378497

Demand the Same for Unions 01.Jun.2011 11:34

Robert Davis

Demand that unions be denied the ability to give as well. Sauce for the goose and all that, ya know. Since both corporations and unions are entities comprised of people, it is unfair to target corporations only. Time to get the unions and corporations out of the election process since they could both be called "faceless".

only thing that president is showing 01.Jun.2011 11:37


is his hippocrisy... a reverse racist status quo backstab...instead of a white politician undermining present generations and future, its a black president, with an asian and a mexican and an indian lookin to stepping stone the 3rd world cloth and steal the hard earned allowance of a people and nation capable of solving unsustainable industrial regurgitation of side effect job creation , making shareholder welfare tax break happpy

Amendment? 01.Jun.2011 14:35


Why all this talk about an amendment? Congress has to pass a serious law. Scalia, in a different context but still discussing an issue that concerned an existing constitutional amendment, principly said that the problem is that they interpret the law as well as the constitution. If congress would write more upstanding laws, there wouldn't be a problem. They compromise in all these exemptions, or try to target specific needs or entities, and come up with a law that at face value is discriminatory, whatever the emotional value or social necessity of that law. I'm certainly not right leaning, and don't particularly like Scalia at all, but he sure has a point.

No farting around, make the law apply to everyone, no exemptions or bargains, and it would work and likely make it past the supremes. That also makes the question of corporations as 'persons' irrelevent, don't you think? Why in hell make things difficult?

The president? Hell, he's got his even if he isn't elected again, so why should he care? He's other things to think about, like how does one get elected by being a poor president to become a poor lame-duck-for-all-4-years president?

But it won't happen.

Unions are not the same as corporations 02.Jun.2011 23:46


Robert Davis writes that "both corporations and unions are entities comprised of people". This is a pretty ridiculous oversimplification, no? Are you saying that ALL "entities comprised of people", should be barred? Every environmental organization, or tea party franchise, or civil rights group, etc.? What about political parties, aren't they also "entities comprised of people"? Should they be restricted as well?

Unlike all the other groups I've mentioned, corporations exist for the sole purpose of making profit. That should be reason enough to see why they should be treated differently.

Or are you just an anti-union troll?