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Video: Portland Commemorates Memorial Day 2011

Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72 commemorates Memorial Day 2011 with a ceremony at the Memorial Coliseum Korean War Wall and then marches to the Peace Memorial Park for a closing ceremony.

Memorial Day 2011
This is the sixth year that Veterans for Peace has been providing an alternative, peace oriented way to commemorate Memorial Day and honor those who have given their lives for their country.

At the Korean War Wall, Grant Remington speaks about the futility and atrocities of war, quotes various American generals regarding war, and reads a short story. Instead of playing taps to conclude the ceremony, Remington plays an anthem of English origin.

The gathering then walked a few blocks to the Peace Memorial Park, near the steel bridge, where both Grant and Dan Shea give a few more remarks. This ceremony concludes with the reading of a song by John Denver.

Memorial Day 2011

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