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National Park Police Arrest 5 people For DANCING???

On Sat. May 28th, the National Park Police at the Jefferson Memorial violently arrested five people for dancing. The people were dancing in protest of an Appeals Court ruling upholding the conviction of a woman who was arrested in 2008 for "protest dancing" at the Jefferson Memorial. All forms of protest are banned at National Parks. I guess the Constitution is suspended at National Parks...
It is ironic that the arrests happened on Memorial Day weekend when the American jingoistic types celebrate military soldiers "who died over there, protecting our freedoms over here." What freedoms does anyone have when one can get arrested for dancing?

To view the dancers, their arrests and how it escalated into brutality by the police, click the link below...


Now a new protest is being planned for this coming Sat. for noon at the Jefferson Memorial... it could get interesting...


It has now become a National Protest Event...


Go Further 31.May.2011 08:26

Den Mark, Vancouver

We should make big noise about such bonkers behavior by government & their cops. So far i've called office of the president, my two senators, & chief of park police. We should dominate their communications with our calls & rattle their nerves & make our demands clear. One website recently reported in detail more than 2600 arrests of protesters since Obama's inauguration. We haven't made ourselves clear enuf, because now even dancing is met with violence. UNACCEPTABLE!

Still doubt there's a police state? 31.May.2011 18:09


After watching the sickening video, even the most idiotic cop-defender would have to conclude that these filthy pigs are out of control! It should be noted that the incident of police terrorism which took place in D.C. this past Sat. was to enforce a recent ruling by the Supremist Court, which threw out a lawsuit by a woman who was arrested for 'slow dancing' in public in 2008, when neo-nazi dictator Bush still occupied the White house. However, this latest act of police terrorism against peaceful citizens happened on Obama's watch. This shows that really, NOT a damned thing's "changed" since 2008!

As far as I'm concerned, the whole world is a free-dance zone 01.Jun.2011 10:49

Jody Paulson

Where the Hell is Matt?

Dance to Heal the Earth

gangsters in our public parks 01.Jun.2011 20:18

Ben Waiting

Had the impromptu flash dance "happened" - my guess is that it would of lasted maybe 3 to 4 minutes tops!

3 or 4 minutes of people dancing OMG?!

As a fascist empires does to the world, they do to their own

3 minutes of dancing


30 minutes of police state terrorism in our public parks

Dancing in DC streets in 2010 - Whoa! lots of cops here too 01.Jun.2011 21:48

Joe Anybody ((( i )))

So back in March 19 2010 a few hundred people were dancing through downtown DC

FUNK the War - Dance Party in DC streets (anti war dance party)


dancing, loud music and lots of cops - un-permitted march

see the whole DC Funk The War "Ending a Bad Romance" youtube video playlist here:

Over 1,800 RSVP For Next Jefferson Memorial "Dance Party" 01.Jun.2011 22:35

oh my

DC dance party report back link 05.Jun.2011 02:17


REPORT back is here


Videos included

unconstitutional 05.Jun.2011 20:23



check it out


speaking of Jefferson and bogus laws and dancing and zombie interviews