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June 11 Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, Update

The Day for Solidarity with Long-term Anarchist Prisoners is now two weeks away. June 11th is an open invitation to demonstrate support for Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, who are each serving 20 years. This date provides an opportunity to build links of affinity and solidarity towards the destruction of the prisons and prison-society.

This occasion for solidarity—as an open invitation—can to be responded to however people want, according to their own ideas and contexts. But many people have written asking for suggestions so we wanted to share a quick list of ideas for people who wish to plan events: *Organize an info-night.... * Throw a [vegan] benefit party/show/pancake breakfast/barbeque/picnic

Though Marie and Eric's cases cannot be simplified to a lack of support, we understand that the state succeeded in imposing such long sentences on Marie and Eric in part because it was able to isolate them, both politically and socially. In the wake of these long-term sentences, support for Eric & Marie—and for other Green Scare and anarchist prisoners—has relied on the consistency and commitment of their respective families and support crews. As anarchists, we think there are many ways to improve their visibility that don't rely on the mass media, but rather on organizing and face-to-face interactions in the street. Thus, in particular we encourage people to:
*Organize microphone demos and other very public events.
*Put-up posters, and drop banners (only with permission, of course!). Full-color posters were just printed that can be sent your way.
*Operas, plays, ballet, like Redbird Prisoner Support in Colombus, OH!
*Other, wholly-new and original plans that we'd be excited to promote and spread for June 11, 2012, and until every prisoner is free,

Get organized, and get in touch with us if you need to!  june11thsolidarity@gmail.com
solidarity with anarchist political prisoners
solidarity with anarchist political prisoners
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