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The financial war and the elimination of DSK

We are watching unfold a financial war of unprecedented scale; whereas the economic situation of the United States is unstable and the dollar could quickly become a worthless currency, the agreement concluded at the G8 and endorsed by the G20, implemented by the IMF in coordination with the World Bank and the international banking milieu whose champion was DSK, is now suspended. The domination of the dollar is intact though more than ever artificial; this dollar that the emerging nations wanted to marginalize, but upon which the US-Israeli military-industrial complex bases its power.

In that context, what is one man's honor worth ?

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The Libyan dinar, first (and last?) currency in the world guaranteed by gold and
The Libyan dinar, first (and last?) currency in the world guaranteed by gold and
The financial war and the elimination of DSK

by Thierry Meyssan*


We cannot understand the fall of Dominique Strauss-Kahn without placing it in the context of the project that he was working on: the creation of a new international reserve currency [to replace the US dollar], planned for today May 26, 2011. A project ironically as much awaited by emerging nations as by stateless international finance, but refused by the Israeli-American military industrial complex. Thierry Meyssan raises the veil on the Obama administration's covert coup to renege on its commitments.

The French watched with stupor the arrest in the United States of their most popular political leader, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The former French finance minister had become at the IMF the world's best-paid international official, with an annual salary of US$ 461,510 (excepting bonuses and expenses), and was preparing, it was said, to run for the French presidency next year. Known here as a cordial personality with an appetite at table and bed, and sometimes accused of practising politics with dilettantism--so much did he like taking the time to enjoy life--is now accused of having raped a chambermaid in his Manhattan hotel room.

For six days the French stayed glued to their TV screens, watching stupefied at the legal doggedness against a man whom they had been looking to as a possible recourse after the catastrophic five-year reign of Nicolas Sarkozy. The fall of DSK was also the end of their illusions.

The spectacle of this dramatically broken destiny recalls classical tragedy. The Roman saying "Arx tarpeia Capitoli proxima" comes to mind: the tarpeian rock from where the condemned to death were hurled into the void was yet so close to the Capitol, symbolic place of power and honor.

Independently of any consideration of his innocence or guilt, the crushing of so eminent a personnage cannot but cause the ordinary citizen anguish : if such a figure does not manage to defend himself, then how could we hope to if we were similarly accused ?

The rise and the fall

However, the French being politically conscious people, familiar with lessons of Machiavelli without ever having read him, didn't need much time to start wondering about the legitimacy of the charge brought against their fellow-citizen, DSK. According to opinion polls, 57 percent did not believe the salacious story which the American media revelled in telling. Some began to imagine the different scenarios of manipulation, while others wondered "Cui bono ?" (Who benefits ?)

For both, the first name which comes to mind is that of Nicolas Sarkozy. How could one not think of the French president when one remembers that he became president while filing suit against his principal rival, Dominique de Villepin, and by entangling him in a just as incredible business of false documents. So why not a new plot to push aside a new competitor?

And little matter that the two men [DSK and Sarkozy] needed one another to prepare the next international summits, or that they were both pledged to their American overlord. It's well known that the worst crimes require the blood of friends or even family.

Moreover, the French are unaware of DSK's ties [1], as they were unaware of those of Nicolas Sarkozy when they ['elected'] him [2]. The press never informed them that, in the 90s, during his political crossing of the desert, he had been hired as professor at Stanford University by none other than ... Condoleezza Rice. Nor did they know that he and his lieutenants Pierre Moscovici and Jean-Chrisophe Cambadélis were in charge of the financing of the Socialist Party and the Jean-Jaurès Foundation under the auspices of the National Endowment for Democracy - a legal facade of the CIA [3]. They did not follow his many jobs and contracts with the Atlanticist think tanks, the German Marshall Fund of the United States [4] or the Bilderberg Group [5]. Ultimately, they do not know anything of his involvement in the [further] integration of France and Europe within a large transatlantic market [and military alliance] dominated by the United States.

The French do not know either of his close links with Israel. Within the Socialist Party, he heads the Leon Blum Circle, named after the former [Socialist and] Jewish Prime Minister. This discrete and powerful lobby is tasked with removing from the political scene any individual who would dispute the Zionist project. Thus it sets heads to roll, such as that of the political economist Pascal Boniface, who emphasized the electorally counter-productive character of support for Tel Aviv in a country where 10 percent of the population is of Arab culture. DSK however is not one to hide. He declares without equivocation: "I believe that any Jew of the diaspora and from France must lend his support to Israel. It is also the reason why it is important that Jews take up political responsibilities. All in all, in my functions and my every day life, through the whole of my actions, I try to add my modest stone to the construction of Israel." Odd for somebody who aspires to the French presidency [to have such explicitly foreign allegiances]. But it doesn't matter, he is so jovial.

Nevertheless, Dominique Strauss-Khan and those who like him were spared nothing : while he was placed in police custody, then in preventive detention, without ever having the occasion to express himself, the New York prosecutor had distributed to the media a detailed bill of indictment--a coldly clinical description of the charges :

"The defendant tried to have, by force, an anal and oral sexual relationship with a third party; the defendant tried by force to have vaginal intercourse with a third party; the defendant forced a third party to have a sexual contact; the defendant sequestered a third party: the defendant obliged a third party to have sexual contact without her consent; the defendant has in an intentional way and without legitimate reason touched the genitals and other intimate parts of a third party with an aim of degrading and misusing this person, and with an aim of satisfying the sexual desire of the defendant.
These offences were made in the following circumstances: the undersigned declares to have been informed by a person known to the services of the prosecutor that the defendant 1) closed the door of the room and prevented the plaintiff from leaving; 2) groped the chest of the plaintiff without her consent; 3) tried to remove by force the stockings of this person and touch her genitals by force; 4) forced the mouth of the plaintiff to touch his penis twice; 5) was able to commit these acts by using his physical force."

All that, laid out day after day on the evening news in the least detail, before the wide opened eyes of parents returning from work and frightened children, lowering their noses to their dinner plates.

The culture shock

One doesn't know who is traumatized more: the brilliant economist who was to save humanity from financial crisis but now suddenly finds himself reduced to the rank of infamous criminal; or the people who had hoped for relief and planned to choose him as leader, but instead see themselves constrained to watch yet again another example of American violence.

On this subject, the French seek explanations in the nature of the Anglo-Saxon legal system which they're now discovering. Admittedly, they had already seen this parody of justice on TV shows, but they never believed that it existed for real. And of the extra-legal system, Guantanamo and the secret prisons, they never even wanted to know. Some commentators tried to explain the draconian police and first judge as an expression of the determination to treat the powerful and the weak with equality. They have however all read the works of famous sociologists showing that in this iniquitous system money is king and justice is for sale.

The French also accepted without flinching the reproaches of the Anglo-Saxon press. It's all the fault of the French press, one could read, which never looked into Mr. Strauss-Kahn's unbridled sexual life, in the name of respect for the private life of public figures. However, the Puritans continue, anyone who openly seduces women, even hurries them, or is aggressive, is a potential rapist. "He that will steal an egg will steal an ox!" On its cover, Time Magazine represents DSK and those who resemble him as a pig. No one raised the issue that the defendant had been director of the IMF and lived in Washington for 3 years while the lesson-giving Anglo-Saxon press itself likewise did not investigate his supposed latent defects.

The charge having created suspicions, one remembers - but a little late - that in 2002 DSK had tried to seduce a beautiful journalist, Tristane Banon. When she asked him for an interview, he invited her to an apartment located in the historic Marais neighborhood in Paris. He welcomed the young woman to a spacious loft, empty of furniture except for a large bed. And as the beauty didn't yield to the libertine, he struck her. Perhaps in New York, this violent gesture would have been enough to transform the gentleman into a criminal ?

It's difficult to imagine [DSK a criminal], all the more so since DSK is no frustrated bachelor. He is married to a French TV star, Anne Sinclair, who was the favorite journalist of the French before giving up her job to follow DSK in his career. The French rediscovered her in court when Dominique Strauss-Kahn appeared there, still as beautiful and self-assured, in spite of the years. Daughter of a successful art merchant, she has a comfortable family fortune. Without hesitating, she travelled from Paris to pay a million dollars bail plus five million dollars additional bond. In this moment of crisis, this moneyed woman was ready to give all to pluck her husband from the crushing jaws of American justice. Which made her only more admirable. She had never objected to his [mutually consented] 'pranks', she who liked to accompany him to La Chandelle, a Parisian 'swinger's' club.

DSK, the butt of the farce.

In any nation worthy of the name, citizens cannot tolerate having to see a personality who was expected to be elected president and to represent their country appearing handcuffed between FBI henchmen, pushed into the back of a car like a shady thug, and exhibited in front of a court without having been given a chance to shave. You can imagine people turning up at the US embassy singing French patriotic songs. Not in France. They admire "les Americains" too much here. They think of them as a rabbit hypnotized by a cobra snake. And they have trouble admitting that they're not the center of the world, that if there was indeed a plot, it was not woven on a knoll by the Seine, but on the banks of the Potomac.


Is DSK guilty of rape or victim of manipulation? A little reflection suffices to answer the question.

The defendant would have spent the night in the company of a call-girl. He would have raped the chambermaid the morning after, then would have tranquilly gone to lunch with his daughter, a student at Columbia University. Lastly, he would have gone to take his flight, reserved several days in advance, to go to meet the German chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. He was comfortably seated on his Air France flight when he was arrested, ten minutes before takeoff.

According to the flight personnel, the police special victims unit (same as the one from the TV series Law and Order SVU [6]) did not ask airport police to carry out the arrest, but insisted on doing it themselves, in spite of the risk of arriving too late. To prevent DSK from being warned on the other hand, they asked that cellphone networks in that zone of the airport be jammed until their arrival [7]. Such methods however are not within the competence of the local vice quad. They are rather an affair of the federal state.

When the suspect was placed in police custody, he was cut off from any external contact, except with his lawyers, as required by American law. But when judge Melissa Jackson put him in detention pending trial, he was still cut off from the outside world. Without reason. It was explained that detention was necessary because the defendant could flee to France, which has no extradition treaty with Washington and which had protected another defendant accused of rape, the film director Roman Polanski. The decision had not been made in order to isolate the defendant and to prevent him from influencing witnesses, it was suggested. However the judge decided to lock him up at Rikers Island, one of the world's biggest prisons with 14 000 prisoners, and one of the most notorious. A hell on Earth. "For his protection" then he was held in a private cell and in secret [at the facility].

In total, the managing director of the IMF was sequestered for 10 days. For 10 days, the work of the international institution was blocked for lack of a signature. For 10 days the problems of the euro and dollar, Greek bankruptcy, and many other issues were held up at the behest of police, judges and jailers.

According to US jurisprudence, DSK who does not have a criminal history and who is domiciled in Washington, should not have been placed in preventive detention, but should have benefited from a release on bail. He probably quickly analyzed the situation. Via one of his lawyers, he succeeded in forwarding to the IMF a resignation letter. The very next day even, against all expectations, a new judge granted his request for release under surveillance. In fact, it was no longer useful to hold him under lock and key since the IMF had now recovered its ability to function.

Christine Lagarde, the French finance minister, who made a career in the United States defending the interests of its military-industrial complex [8], is tipped to succeed the defendant as director of the IMF, despite the complaints of Russia and China.

In fact, DSK's second lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, did not visit him in prison and was not present at the second hearing. The star of the New York bar had left hurriedly to Israel. Officially to celebrate a religious holiday there with family [9]. But to earn his fees, attorney Brafman should not have been satisfied to light the bonfires of Lag Ba' omer instead of negotiating assistance for his client.

The Zhou project

Why then deploy such Hollywood theatrics and block the work of the IMF for 10 days? Two answers are possible, and they are perhaps related.

First of all on March 29, 2009, the governor of the Chinese Central bank, Zhou Xiaochuan, called into question the domination of the dollar as international reserve currency. Deploring the fact that economist John Maynard Keynes' project to create an international currency (Bancor) was not carried out at the end of the Second World War, he proposed using the the IMF's Special Drawing Rights (SDR) to play this part [10].

Yielding to the pressure, the United States accepts a tripling of IMF resources and the emission by the IMF of Special Drawing Rights of a value of 250 billion dollars at the time of the G20 summit in London on April 2, 2009. They also accept the principle of a Financial Stability Council with which the biggest emerging nations will be associated.

The idea is discussed at the G8 summit at Aquila (Italy) on July 8, 2009. Pushing the pawn further still, Russia showed itself unsatisfied with a virtual world currency and actually minted one. Dmitry Medevedev, who had had some symbolic prototypes of this currency struck, placed some coins on the table. One side showed the eight heads of state while the other read "Unity in Diversity," in English[11].

The project is submitted to the experts of the UN's Division of Economic and Social Affairs. Their report, in which professor Vladimir Popov of Moscow's New Economic School takes part, is studied at a meeting of the IMF and the World Bank on April 25, 2010 [12].

The process was to finish today, May 26, 2011, at the G8 summit in Deauville (France). The dollar would have ceased being the currency of reference due to the imminent suspension of payments by the federal government of the United States. Washington would have to have given up financing its military hyper-power with debt to instead devote itself to internal reorganization.

The Libyan dinar, first (and last?) currency in the world guaranteed by gold and IMF Special Drawing Rights. In 2000, Colonel Kadhafi talked of creating a Panafrican currency based on gold but never managed to advance the idea. In 2009 he unilaterally adopted the Zhou project for his country.

The grain of sand

Unfortunately, in the last months of this process, military and political initiatives upset this plan. Certain states - of which Russia and China - were swindled. The arrest of DSK shows that Washington was insincere and that its concessions were only aimed at saving time.

Although the exact details of the mechanics imagined by Dominique Strauss-Kahn to create this new reserve currency backed by IMF Special Drawing Rights is secret, it appears that Libya played a key role there: it was the Libyan Central bank which first decided to base its currency, the dinar, on gold and the SDRs, on an experimental basis. The thing is all the more important as Libya has among the most well endowed sovereign funds in the world (even a little richer than Russia's).

In waging war on Libya, France and the United Kingdom caused a theoretical freezing of assets not only of the Kadhafi family, but also of the Libyan state. Worse, Paris and London dispatched executives of the HSBC bank to Benghazi to create a rebel Libyan Central bank and to try to seize the country's national assets [13]. Without knowing whether Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron let themselves be carried away with their power or acted on instructions from Washington, the fragile edifice worked out by Dominique Strauss-Kahn has crumbled.

According to our contacts in Tripoli, at the time of his arrest, DSK was on his way to Berlin to find a solution with the chancellor Angela Merkel. He was then due to leave with an emissary of Mrs. Merkel's to negotiate with representatives of Colonel Kadhafi - even with him directly - the Libyan leader's signature being essential to the unblocking of the situation.

We are watching unfold a financial war of unprecedented scale; whereas the economic situation of the United States is unstable and the dollar could quickly become a worthless currency, the agreement concluded at the G8 and endorsed by the G20, implemented by the IMF in coordination with the World Bank and the international banking milieu whose champion was DSK, is now suspended. The domination of the dollar is intact though more than ever artificial; this dollar that the emerging nations wanted to marginalize, but upon which the US-Israeli military-industrial complex bases its power.

In that context, what is one man's honor worth ?

[See also :  http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=24866 ]

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This the article I would have written 28.May.2011 09:51

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

My wife and I have been charting this war our whole lives and of course many things said in this article we were saying to each other as the DSK affair unfolded. America has lost credibility on every front including being the world's financial center. The most important loss of credibility however is the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. DSK brought the imperialist American jack boot down on himself by proposing a global reserve currency other than the US dollar. Almost all oil is traded in US currency around the world. This is the only thing keeping the the US dollar afloat.

see image 28.May.2011 10:42


G8 Summit, May 26, 2011, Deauville France
G8 Summit, May 26, 2011, Deauville France