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Next Step To Dictatorship

Call capitol switchboard 800-270-0309 to fight this latest secret outrage:
From: C. Dixon Osburn, Human Rights First
Subject: 7 minutes to approve war expansion worldwide
Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 9:32 AM

Tell Congress to safeguard its role in warmaking decisions

Dear Den Mark,

It only took a seven-minute debate to approve a new provision that would expand war around the globe—impacting our troops and our budget.

Two weeks ago, after midnight, the House Armed Services Committee approved a new war provision in the defense authorization bill that would cede all future warmaking decisions to the president and expand war around the globe.

The House of Representatives will vote on the measure this week. We need your help to preserve Congress' critical role in deciding when to go to war and to ensure that there can be a full debate on the best response when the United States faces threats.

Congress must be allowed to debate before this country asks our sons and daughters to deploy again. Tell Congress to oppose the provision that provides the president unbounded war authority at great cost to the nation.

Pentagon General Counsel Jeh Johnson has said that the Obama Administration needs no new war authority. The recent killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and the targeting of Anwar al-Alawki in Yemen, whom the government has accused of masterminding attempts to bomb cargo planes headed to the United States, demonstrate that the administration has the ability to fight terrorism now—without new legislation.

Congress should not yield its constitutional responsibility regarding war powers to the president. Tell Congress to keep its role in warmaking decisions.

This bill is up this week and we have very little time to act. Contact your representatives now!

Thanks for your help.

C. Dixon Osburn
Director, Law and Security Program

Human Rights First,
333 Seventh Avenue, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10001-5004

Thanks Den Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25.May.2011 12:34


Thanks for letting us know! Direct link:
 link to www.humanrightsfirst.org

foolish colonial sheeple 02.Jun.2011 10:39

the colonial whisperer

The colonials brought the Old World fascism, or democracy, to Turtle Island.
It is now time for the colonials to leave our lands.