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Iraq Veterans Against the War - Memorial Day Weekend

Several events are coming up over the weekend - a panel discussion about the death of Osama, a showing of the film "Subconscious War" and the premiere of "Purple Mind". Check out  http://www.ivaw-oregon.us for more info.
Iraq Veterans Against the War is a group of veterans who have served post 9/11/01 and includes members of the active duty military. Over memorial day weekend, we will not be participating in any militaristic parades, instead we will draw attention to our wars, their costs, and how it affects our lives as veterans, and our nation as citizens. We will remember the 18 veterans who kill themselves each day, the many who have died during the war, the many who have died at the hand of police, and the weight each of us carries to bring this war to an end.

On Friday, May 27th, IVAW members will be speaking about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, and its ramifications on the war. This discussion, sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, will focus on the realities of the wars. Portland State University, Smith Building, Room 294, 6:30pm.

On Saturday, May 28th, IVAW will show the film "Subconscious War" - this documentary looks at how our society has embraced militarism. The American culture is based on media, this media celebrates violence and militarism. After the short documentary there will be a panel discussion with members of IVAW and the film maker, Quincy Davis. The film will be showing at the Red & Black cafe, 8pm. We are asking for a $5-$10 donation, no one turned away.

On Monday, Memorial Day, May 30th, IVAW members will be participating in Veterans For Peace's memorial day tradition, "From War to Peace" march at the Memorial Coliseum. This event stands in contrast to the "Danner Memorial Day March", the official Rose Festival Memorial Day Parade that is named after the company Danner Boots, who received a $8.6 million dollar war-profiteering contract in 2010 for their Danner Combat Hiker boots. Lacrosse Footware, the parent company of Danner, has a long history of war profiteering dating back to World War 2. While one parade celebrates patriotism as sponsored by a war profiteer, another group of veterans and supporters will call for peace. "From War to Peace" will meet at the Memorial Coliseum, Korean War Wall, 1401 N Wheeler Ave at 11:30am.

After the Veterans For Peace march, we will have the premiere of the film "Purple Mind" - a story about a soldier returning home to fight the war against PTSD. After the film we reflect upon the realities our own struggles and answer questions with the film maker Eric Stacey. "Purple Mind" will screen only once at 3 p.m, May 30th, at the Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland. The cost is $10.

For more information, or for trailers for these films, visit  http://ivaw-oregon.us

homepage: homepage: http://ivaw-oregon.us