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Black Rose Threatened with Extinction

a call out for support that emphasizes our immediate need for funds.
The long, chilly, rainy seasons are finally departing, leaving the
Black Rose far behind in our finances. We have until June 5th to catch up,
otherwise the Blackrose will be evicted. So we're calling for community
support in raising the funds we need to stay open. With a few new
volunteers and comfortable weather we're opening the shop damn near daily,
so stop by during regular hours (12noon-7pm) or, come on out for our
variety of upcoming events (which are posted on the indymedia calendar  http://protest.net/pdxindymedia/)!
We want to show as many people a good time as possible between now and June 5th!
As always no one turned away for lack of funds but, we really encourage folks
to pitch in and donate in this time of need. Tell all your friends!
support this all ages show space in north Portland! Keep D.I.Y. community
space alive on sold-out Mississippi Ave.! (insert fist-shape emoticon here) Seriously.
An Safer/Sober Space - 4038 N Mississippi Ave

As of May 25, blackrose is only $465 short of making June 5th deadline! 25.May.2011 07:08


Thanks so much to everyone who has been volunteering to keep to keep the doors open and to those who have worked to improve the building and area around it! And also to those who have made the donations that have gotten us this far! And to the musicians and artists who have contributed!

We still need to make $465 by June 5th to meet the deadline, and then immediately concern ourselves with June's rent, but it is definitely within reach! These are some of the upcoming events:

May 29: digital security workshop 2-5pm
June 1: hardcore show (7-10pm) with Young Turks, Run with the Hunted, Burn Your Life Down, and Unrestrained
June 5: benefit event maybe?
June 6: more hardcore, with At Our Heels, and Voyager

The BLackrose will be open EVERYDAY at 12 noon till sometime around 7 or 8pm.

Thanks again everyone who helps out and supports this awesome community space!

So close! 26.May.2011 17:45


325 owed as of the 26th!

fuck the naysayers!

long live black rose!

we made it 03.Jun.2011 06:04


we made the deadline, and have a bunch of events coming up in june!