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Plan B Host's Rape Rock Show

Rape and Violence against women are systemic issues in our society. This violence is perpetuated by images and attitudes that condone rape. Plan B has actively supported this ideology by postering all over Portland the image of a woman being choked and gang raped by 5 men and hosting a rape/cock rock show for G.G. Allin's backup band.
The flyer (attached below) is advertising for the Murder Junkies, a band that is classified under the musical category of Rape Rock & was a former backup band for. G.G. Allin who was RACIST and a convicted RAPIST.

His lyrics to "I'm Gonna Rape You" say this-
"I knew you in high school/ your tits used to make me drewl/ I knew if I had a chance, I'd get into your underpants/ I'm gonna rape you. I saw you at the high school dance/ you had on your tight black pussy pants/ I offered to walk you home/ and when we were all alone/ that's when I raped you. Then I took the chance to walk you home/ oh my mind was blown/ That's when I dragged you down/ on to the cold, cold ground/ I wanna rape you, you slimy cunt"

He also did a record in 1985 titled G.G. Allin and the Texas Nazi's where the record featured a giant swastika. He had warrants in several states that he boasted of in the song "Shove That Warrant up your Ass." Many of them were for sexual assault. In Arbor, Michigan in 1989 he was tried and convicted of rape and torture.

He is not punk because he threw his shit and sang "drink fight and fuck"... these things trigger pain in anyone who is sensitive, caring, or was abused in the past. Rape and racism are not punk or funny and have no business in our community or safer spaces where we love and care for folks and our friends with post traumatic stress disorders.

In the late 80's and until his death G.G. played with his brother Merle who wore a HITLER mustache, in a band called G.G. Allin and the murder Junkies. This band still plays, and their ONLY claim to fame is that they played with G.G. Allin playing cock, or rape rock music.

Plan B's support for violence against women is unacceptable and must be challenged!
These issues are real and deeply affect the safety of women as 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.8% completed rape; 2.8% attempted rape). 17.7 million American women have been victims of attempted or completed rape. 9 of every 10 rape victims were female in 2003.


Want to do something about this? Call PLAN B (503) 230-9020

This is disgusting 23.May.2011 15:48

invisible me

This proves that male on female violence is on the rise. This deserves a massive ripping down of all flyers and a call to the city about Hate Crimes. The lyrics and flier are not 'funny' they are not a 'joke' they are an incentive to men to do violence against women.

Chill out, already 23.May.2011 17:11

fellow activist koldphraust@hotmail.com

Oh for pete sakes, chill out already! It's an old punk band playing a small mostly punk bar, geez. And GG Allin died in 1993, why so worked up over nothing. There's no sexism or racism here and fyi, Plan`B's proprietor is HERSELF a woman.

You're going to look really stupid protesting outside of a small bar that probably most of commentors here on IndyMedia have been to atleast once. From one activist to another, if you're so concerned about sexism and violence then BE CONSISTANT ABOUT IT! Why not stand outside some of Portland's tackiest clubs like Club Sasso or the Dixie Tavern with signs, and chastise every woman who walks in much like anti-choice zealots yell and scream at women as they walk in and out of PP? Speaking of religion, you'd be very hard-pressed to find an institution which has committed MORE depraved violence against women than the CATHOLIC CHURCH! So why not protest outside catholic churches, which STILL refuse to ordain women btw?

Picking on some small locally-owned punk bar just b/c YOU don't like a particular band that plays a show there is incrediably dumb and mis-guided.


Now, before you declare me a sexist piece-o-shit b/c i don't agree with your EXACT pov, even if i do support your over-all agenda, let me say this:

Roseland Theater will be hosting the SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR on Monday July 20th. Summer Slaughter(oh ooh, their acronym is SS, that must mean they're all Nazis, right?) is an annual American tour feat. various Hard Core, Grind, and Death Metal bands. One of those bands playing this year is SIX FEET UNDER. That band's singer, Chris Barnes, was also the original singer for CANNIBAL CORPSE. If you're TRULLY concerned about sexism and violence perpetrated against females, then do this simple little thing: google afew songs from Cannibal Corpse's first 3 albums. After reading some of the lyrics, i bet you'll have a new appreciation for the uttly mildness of Murder Junkies! So, will you be protesting outside Roseland on Monday July 20th? I've alreay provided you with all the base info. you'll need.

Also, ROB ZOMBIE will be playing with SLAYER at the Memorial Coliseum on Fri. Aug. 5th. Rob Zombie, ofcourse, has directed several gory Horror movies inwhich horrific acts of violence, cruelty, and murder have been perpetrated against women and TEENAGE GIRLS. So, are you going to protest Rob Zombie outside the Memorial Coliseum when he comes to town? Clearly, the man DESPISES and OBJECTIFIES women - haven't you seen his film THE DEVIL'S REJECTS?

Yes invinsible me! 25.May.2011 12:14

invincible me

Hatred of women is on the rise! Abuse rates go up under when people are under economic strain. Not because they should but to many people avoid facing the feelings of powerlessness the economic hardship brings by victimizing those weaker than them. It gives them a temporary power high- but just like a drug, the effect is temporary and they need to hurt more and more to get the high.

Not even just for the damage to women and children, this needs to stop because it is in feeling that nagging powerlessness that brings the frustration and anger to drive real revolution. What I'm saying is that men, when they become victimized by the state, will commit violence for a power high to alleviate the pain the oppression brings. Therefore, there is no excuse.

We women will not be treated like children, or as beings that just get to watch the big boys fight it out. Everything we do wrong as a culture is based on the lie that it is okay to subjugate people. Racism and all else was borne of this mentality and being hypocritical weakens it more than people think. We teach by example. All violence is destructive and witnesses of violence are victims of it. We deserve a world which isn't based in fear. Fear is the root of so many bad decisions like war, and violence. I'm sick of living in fear. We all play a role in creating or dismantling the oppressive environment. Even our actions behind closed doors effect things, no matter how well everything seems hidden. Undermined female activists cannot do anything and eventually male ego has to come to grips with itself that it can't fight the state alone.

Unfortunately misogyny is woven into the fabric of our lives from the day we are born. Research finds that even female teachers subconsciously pay more attention to male students. There is a privilege which doesn't get discussed much and: male privilege. So often just use us as trash cans for all their feelings of insecurity and powerlessness by beating and raping us.

We as women need to do the one thing do that gives men the most power; work together. Selling out to have kids or that cool guy only goes as far as when he starts cheating on you. What you achieve as a womyn by your own hand will last forever.

To balance out the negativity shown here, these sisters in Philly haven't given up the fight:

Elizabeth Smart 26.May.2011 07:38


Apparently Elizabeth smart will be attending this show!

Question 30.May.2011 08:33


For Damos - not accusing you of anything, but wondering if you could share with us your feelings about Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and Richard Ramirez?

From wikipedia:

Idi Amin: Amin's rule was characterized by human rights abuse, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killings, nepotism, corruption, and gross economic mismanagement. The number of people killed as a result of his regime is estimated by international observers and human rights groups to range from 100,000[1] to 500,000. During his years in power, Amin was backed by Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi as well as the Soviet Union and East Germany.[2][3][4]

Pol Pot: Saloth Sar (May 19, 1925[1][2] - April 15, 1998), better known as Pol Pot, (Khmer: ប៉ុល ពត), was the leader of the Cambodian Communist movement known as the Khmer Rouge[3] and was Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea from 1976-1979. Pol Pot's leadership, in which he attempted to "cleanse" the country, resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1.7-2.5 million people.
Pol Pot became leader of Cambodia in mid-1975.[4] During his time in power, Pol Pot imposed a version of agrarian socialism, forcing urban dwellers to relocate to the countryside to work in collective farms and forced labor projects, toward a goal of "restarting civilization" in a "Year Zero". The combined effects of forced labour, malnutrition, poor medical care and executions resulted in the deaths of approximately 21% of the Cambodian population.[5]

Richard Ramirez: Victims

[edit]Jennie Vincow
On June 28, 1984, following a night of shooting cocaine, Ramírez removed a screen and entered the window of 79-year-old Jennie Vincow, of Glassell Park, Los Angeles.[8] Vincow's son, Jack, discovered her body the next afternoon. She was sprawled out on the bed, stabbed repeatedly, her throat slashed so deeply she was nearly decapitated. Ramírez also ransacked her apartment. Fingerprints were recovered from the window screen. The autopsy later revealed signs of sexual assault.[9]
[edit]Maria Hernandez and Dayle Okazaki
On March 17, 1985, 22-year-old Maria Hernandez was accosted as she left her car in the garage of the condominium that she shared with a roommate, Dayle Okazaki, age 34, in Rosemead. Hernandez described Ramírez as tall and dressed entirely in black, with a baseball cap pulled low over his brow. He was holding a gun. Ramírez shot at her face as she raised her hands in self-defense. The bullet hit Hernandez in the hand, having been deflected by her keys. She fell to the ground and played dead, Ramírez, thinking he killed her, entered the condominium. Hernandez lay still for some time until she heard the door closing, whereupon she went outside. As she approached the front door of the condominium, Ramírez was leaving. She ducked down behind a car as Ramírez raised the gun at her. Hernandez asked him not to shoot her again and he lowered the gun and ran away.[9]
Hernandez entered the condominium through the front door, and found Okazaki lying dead on the kitchen floor. She had been shot through the forehead from a short distance. Her blouse had been pulled up. Hernandez then called the police. Later an autopsy retrieved a .22-caliber bullet from Okazaki's skull.[9]
Outside police found a blue baseball-style cap with the name AC/DC on the front. At trial, a witness later testified that the cap looked like one Ramírez wore. Hernandez also identified Ramírez as her attacker at a police lineup and later at trial.[9]
[edit]Tsia-Lian Yu
That same night after the assault of Maria Sophia Hernandez and the murder of Dayle Okazaki, a car driven by Tsia-Lian Yu was forced to a stop by a car driven by a man later identified as Ramírez, near Monterey Park. Ramírez approached Yu's car and pulled her out.[9]
Joseph Duenas stepped out onto the balcony of his second-floor apartment after hearing a woman screaming for help. Duenas went inside and called the police, then stepped back onto the balcony. Duenas observed the scene as the man pushed Yu away, got into her car and drove away. As Ramírez drove, he passed a car containing Jorge Gallegos and his girlfriend. Gallegos saw the driver's profile and noted the number of the license plate of the car. Both men later testified at trial.[9]
Yu crawled a short distance away and lay still. Police found Yu breathing but unconscious. Yu stopped breathing and CPR was administered until the ambulance arrived. She was pronounced dead at the Lake House Inn. The autopsy revealed that she had been shot twice in the chest at close range, and the bullet recovered was found to be fired from the same gun used to kill Dayle Okazaki.[9]
[edit]Vincent and Maxine Zazzara
On the morning of March 27, 1985,[10] two more victims were discovered. Vincent Zazzara, age 64, was an Italian-born retired investment counselor who operated 2 of his own pizzerias. He was found by his son Peter, who had come to visit. After ringing the bell several times he let himself in. Vincent was on the sofa in the den, shot through the left temple. He appeared to have died instantly. His wife, Maxine Zazzara, age 44, was found stretched out in her bed, face up and naked. Her eyes had been gouged out and she had been stabbed repeatedly around the face, neck, abdomen, and groin areas. There was a large T-shaped knife wound in her left breast. An autopsy later revealed that, like her husband, she had been shot in the head and stabbed multiple times. She fell victim to one of Ramirez's greatest fits of rage, as she had tried to kill him using a shotgun her husband had hidden under the bed. However, the shotgun was unloaded and he then shot her. The stabbing and mutilation occurred after death. He decided that he wanted to cut out her heart and take it with him; however, he could not cut through the rib cage. So he decided to take her eyes instead. The house had been ransacked and burglarized.
[edit]William and Lillian Doi
On April 15, two weeks after the murders of Vincent and Maxine Zazzara, Richard Ramírez returned to Monterey Park and broke into the home of William and Lillian Doi, ages 66 and 63 respectively, waking them from their sleep. Ramírez first shot Mr. Doi right above the upper lip, causing the bullet to go through his tongue and become lodged in his throat. Then Ramírez beat him into unconsciousness. After doing this he went into Mrs. Doi's room, slapped her, and warned her not to scream, saying "Shut up or I'll kill you, bitch". He bound her hands behind her back with thumbcuffs to keep her still as he searched the house. After he found what he wanted, he returned to the bedroom and raped Mrs. Doi.
Mr. Doi, however, was not dead. Despite his severe head wound, he managed to crawl to Mrs. Doi's room where he dialed 911. He was unable to tell the dispatcher what the problem was, but the call was traced and an ambulance and patrol car were dispatched to the Doi's address. William Doi was rushed to the hospital but died in the ambulance. Lillian Doi was treated for her injuries and was able to give the police a description of the couple's attacker.
[edit]Malvia Keller and Blanche Wolfe
The attacks continued, throwing the city of Los Angeles into a state of panic. One police officer referred to the killer-rapist as the "Valley Intruder". Several area newspapers dubbed him the "Midnight Stalker". In the spring of 1985, the frequency of his killing escalated, and by that summer reached its peak.
On May 29, Malvia Keller (sometimes identified as Mabel Bell), 83, and her disabled sister, Blanche Wolfe (sometimes identified as Florence Lang), 80, were found in Keller's Monrovia home. Both women had been beaten severely with a hammer. When the police found the hammer later, the handle was discovered split. Wolfe had a puncture wound above one ear. An inverted pentagram with the tip pointing down had been drawn in lipstick on Keller's inner thigh. A second pentagram was found on the bedroom wall over Wolfe's body. Ramírez had raped Keller, the older sister. Police experts estimated that the sisters had been there about two days after the attack before being discovered. Doctors were able to revive Wolfe, but Keller died soon afterwards.
[edit]Ruth Wilson
On May 30, 1985, Ruth Wilson (sometimes identified as Carol Kyle), 41, was awoken in the middle of the night by a flashlight shining in her face. Ramírez had silently broken into her Burbank home and was holding a gun to her head. He ordered her to get out of bed and go to her 12-year-old son's room. Ramírez put the gun to the child's head, warning Wilson not to make a sound. He then handcuffed the boy and locked him in a closet.
Assuming that he was only a burglar, she offered to give Ramírez her most valuable possession, a gold and diamond necklace. She led him to the dresser in her bedroom where she kept it, hoping it would placate him. After rummaging through the house, he ordered Wilson to put her hands together behind her back, tying them with pantyhose. He then pushed her onto the bed and raped her. She told Ramírez that he must have had a "very unhappy life" to have done this to her. He reportedly told her that she looked "pretty good" for her age and said he was going to let her live although he had killed many others. When she complained that the pantyhose around her wrists were cutting off her circulation, he loosened them and brought her a robe before releasing her son from the closet and handcuffing them side by side. He then left the scene.
Afterward, the boy was able to get to a phone and call 911. When the police asked Wilson to describe her attacker, she told them that he was a tall Hispanic man with long curly dark hair.
[edit]Patty Elaine Higgins
The body of 28-year-old Patty Higgins was found in her home in Arcadia. She had been sodomized and her throat slit.
[edit]Mary Louise Cannon
On July 2, 1985 the body of 75-year-old Mary Louise Cannon was found in her home in Arcadia. She had been beaten, her throat slit, and her home had been ransacked.
[edit]Whitney Bennett
On July 5, 1985 Ramírez returned to Arcadia and savagely beat 16-year-old Whitney Bennett, a junior at La Cañada High School, with a tire iron. Identified in some later accounts under the pseudonym "Deidre Palmer", she needed 478 stitches but survived her injuries. According to Philip Carlo's 1996 biography of Ramírez, Bennett later married Mike Salerno, the son of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Sergeant Frank Salerno, the lead detective in both the Night Stalker case as well as the case of the Hillside Stranglers, after meeting the younger Salerno while waiting to testify at trial.
[edit]Joyce Lucille Nelson
Two days later, on July 7, 1985, the body of Joyce Lucille Nelson, age 61, was found beaten to death by a blunt object in her home in Monterey Park. Nelson was employed at Coast Envelope in Los Angeles, California.
[edit]Sophie Dickman
Later that same night (July 7, 1985) in Monterey Park, Sophie Dickman, a 63-year-old registered nurse, was awoken at around 3:30 a.m. by a "tall, skinny man dressed in black". The man, who fit the description of the "Night Stalker", was pointing a gun at her. He ordered her out of bed and into the bathroom, warning her to be quiet. After ransacking the house, he returned to her, forcing her back onto her bed. He attempted to rape and sodomize her but could not maintain an erection. He was frustrated and humiliated, and she was sure he would kill her. He screamed at her furiously, but then gathered the valuables he wanted and left. She was astounded that he had spared her life.
[edit]Lela and Max Kneiding
Less than two weeks later, on July 20, 1985, Ramírez went to a new location in the Los Angeles area, Glendale, to the home of Lela and Max Kneiding, both 66. He also brought along a new weapon—a machete. Although all the windows and doors were locked, the killer cut a screen on the French doors, reached in and unlocked them. The machete was used on Max's neck and then the killer attempted to slash Lela, but missed. Ramírez pulled out his .22 pistol and attempted to shoot but the gun jammed. As the victims begged for their lives, Ramírez cleared the gun and shot them to death. Then, he mutilated them after death with the machete. The house was ransacked. Ramírez had a police scanner with him and fled the scene when a "shots fired" call came over the radio.
[edit]Chainarong Khovananth
On July 20, 1985, Ramirez murdered Chainarong Khovananth while he was sleeping, with a gunshot to the head.[9] Khovananth, a 32-year-old parking attendant who immigrated from Thailand 10 years earlier, lived with his wife and two children in a small frame house that abuts a freeway in Sun Valley. Following the murder of Khovananth, Ramirez then raped (sodomized) Khovananth's 8 year old son.[9][11]
[edit]Christopher and Virginia Petersen
On August 6, 1985, Ramírez targeted another couple, Christopher and Virginia Petersen, ages 38 and 27. Ramírez broke into the couple's Northridge home through a sliding glass door, which led to the living room. Before he entered their bedroom, he cocked his .22 automatic pistol. Virginia was a light sleeper and awoke to a metallic "click". Ramírez advanced towards her with both hands on the gun. She yelled at him and he told her to shut up as he shot Virginia under the left eye. The bullet went through the roof of her mouth and down her throat; exiting out the back of her neck. Chris awoke and in the initial confusion thought it was some kind of game. He looked at his wife's face and was shot by Ramírez in the right temple but the bullet did not pierce Chris's skull. He jumped up and attacked Ramírez only to be shot at two more times. Both shots missed. As they wrestled, Chris was flung over the killer's back and onto the floor. Ramírez fled out of the house the same way he gained entry. Chris and Virginia both survived the brutal attack.
[edit]Peter and Barbara Pan
Los Angeles County was in a state of disarray; the Night Stalker's crimes were becoming more frequent. The intervals between his crimes were shortening, and his severity was escalating. There was little doubt that he would strike again. But as it turned out, Ramírez decided to abandon his familiar territory. After the attack on the Abowaths, he headed north.
On August 18, 1985, Peter and Barbara Pan were found in their blood-soaked bed in Lake Merced, a housing development in San Francisco. Both had been shot in the head. Peter Pan, a 66-year-old accountant, was pronounced dead at the scene. Mrs. Pan, 64, survived but would be permanently and severely disabled. Scrawled on the wall in lipstick were an inverted pentagram and the words "Jack the Knife". Local police determined that the killer had come in through an open window. Fearing that Los Angeles's Night Stalker had moved to their precinct, homicide investigators sent a bullet removed from Mr. Pan to a forensic team in Los Angeles. The bullet matched others recovered from two of the Los Angeles County crime scenes.
Panic spread through the city of San Francisco. To quell fears, Mayor Dianne Feinstein talked publicly about the hunt for the Night Stalker, but in so doing angered detectives by giving away too many details of his crimes which, they felt, impeded their investigation. Specifically, Ms. Feinstein announced that the authorities now knew what type of firearm the Night Stalker used, and had copies of his footprints. The next morning, after reading the newspaper, Ramírez tossed his gun and shoes off the Golden Gate Bridge.
But the San Francisco police caught a break when the manager of the Bristol Hotel in the Tenderloin district came forward and claimed that a young man who fit the Night Stalker's description had stayed at his establishment from time to time over the past year and a half. The manager remembered that the man had rotten teeth and smelled bad. The police checked the room in which he had last stayed. On the bathroom door they found a drawn pentagram. The man had checked out during the day on August 17. Mr. and Mrs. Pan had been attacked that night.
Investigators then located a man from El Sobrante (east of San Francisco) who said he had purchased some jewelry—a diamond ring and a pair of cufflinks—from a young man who fit the Night Stalker's description. Further investigation revealed that these items had belonged to Mr. Pan.
[edit]Bill Carns and his Wife
On August 24, while the police in San Francisco were scrambling to find the mysterious young man with rotten teeth, the Night Stalker had found another couple whom he planned to make his victims. However, this couple was not in the Bay Area but in Mission Viejo, 50 miles south of Los Angeles.
Bill Carns and his 29-year-old wife had just drifted off to sleep when they were suddenly awoken by loud gunshots in the room. Instinctively, she reached out to her husband, but he had already been seriously wounded. Before she realized what was happening, the intruder grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into another bedroom where he tied her ankles and wrists with neckties. The man then asked her if she knew who he was, admitting that he was the killer who was getting all the coverage in the press and on television. He rummaged through the house, looking for valuables, but there was nothing small enough to steal easily. Angry that the couple had so little, he returned to her and raped her twice.
Afraid of what he might do next, she told him to look in a drawer where she knew her husband kept some money. "Swear to Satan", he told her. She did what he wanted and swore to Satan that she was telling the truth. Ramírez found the money, and as he counted it, he allegedly mocked her, telling her that this was what she was worth. She hoped that this was the end of it, that he would leave now that he had the money. But he was not through with her. "Swear your love for Satan", he demanded. Afraid of what he might do next, she did as he asked. "I love Satan", she mumbled. He ordered her to say it again and again. He yanked her by the hair and made her kneel, then forced her to perform oral sex on him. When he was finished, he stepped back and stared at her. Still bound by the neckties, she was certain that he was going to shoot her just as he had shot her husband. However, Ramírez suddenly laughed at her and fled. She quickly worked herself free of the neckties and called 911.
[edit]Additional victims
On October 22, 2009, San Francisco Police announced that Ramirez had been linked to the April 1984 death of 9-year-old Mei Leung.[12] Homicide detective Holly Pera submitted DNA evidence from the crime to CODIS, which yielded a cold hit to Ramirez's DNA profile.[13]
The Los Angeles Times reported that some jail employees overheard Ramírez planning to shoot the prosecutor with a gun, which Ramírez intended to have smuggled into the courtroom.[14] Consequently, a metal detector was installed outside of the courtroom and intensive searches were conducted on people entering. On August 14, the trial was interrupted because one of the jurors, Phyllis Singletary, did not arrive to the courtroom. Later that day she was found shot dead in her apartment. The jury was terrified, wondering if Ramírez had directed this event inside his prison cell, and if he could reach other jury members. However, Ramírez was not responsible for Singletary's death; she had been shot and killed by her boyfriend, who later killed himself with the same weapon in a hotel. The alternative juror who replaced Singletary was too frightened to return to her home.
On September 20, 1989, Ramírez was found guilty of 13 counts of murder, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, and 14 burglaries.[15]
During the penalty phase of the trial on November 7, 1989, he was sentenced to death in California's gas chamber. The trial of Richard Ramírez was one of the most difficult and longest criminal trials in American history. Nearly 1,600 prospective jurors were interviewed. More than one hundred witnesses testified, and while a number of witnesses had a difficult time recalling certain facts four years after the crimes, others were quite certain of the identity of Ramírez.
By the time of the trial, Ramírez had fans who were writing him letters and paying him visits. Freelance magazine editor Doreen Lioy wrote him nearly 75 letters after his capture. He proposed to her, and on October 3, 1996, they were married in California's San Quentin State Prison. [16]

? 30.May.2011 11:41


"For Damos - not accusing you of anything, but wondering if you could share with us your feelings about Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and Richard Ramirez?"


And what's it to YOU what MY "feelings" are on certain other individuals?

I'm not quite sure what the purpose/motivation was for you copying/pasting long articals on these 3 individuals that noone is going to take the time to read. It seems to me like you're abit over-obsessed. And i'm not quite sure how a discussion on Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and Richard Ramirez fit into, or have anything to do with IM. Much less, what such a random selection of people have to do with this particular thread.

What is your reasoning?

Damos, 04.Jun.2011 00:08

go away

you are really an ass to defend that shit. There's something very, very wrong with someone who thinks that is o.k. I've seen you be an unapologetic sexist and a speciesist. I think you're a police plant who is trying to spread negativity among progressives, and people should beware of you.