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Video: Winiona La Duke, Speaking In Portland About Alberta Tar Sands

Winona La Duke, noted Native American activist and author, speaking recently at the Native American Center at Portland State University. Winona spoke for about ? an hour about the Alberta Tar Sands and also about the large oil extraction equipment being shipped from South Korea through Portland and along narrow highways though Idaho and Montana.
Winona La Duke, Speaking About Tar Sands and the Heavy Haul
After a few brief introductory comments, Winona says that "we are these people at this moment in time; we are the one's who are here...........and as you look around you've got the shot to do something great. You've got the shot to keep them from blowing off the top of a mountain, you got the shot to keep them from combusting the planet to oblivion; you've got the shot to keep them from opening another uranium mine, or gold mine for some jewelry that you don't need; shot to take down a dam in a river; and you've got the shot to stop the Tar Sands. And I feel that it's a great spiritual moment where you have the ability to do something great spiritually." Winona says that we must keep up the battle, because the other side has a 50 year plan. "Exxon has a 50 year plan for their Tar Sands and for all of us.....you have to be prepared for a long haul, because these things don't get fixed in 48 minutes when you watch tv. A little character development, a little solution and we're done." "We need to step outside our arena of comfort and do something." La Duke speaks at length about the Alberta Tar Sands, and the plans to transport enormous equipment from South Korea through Portland and along small roads and fragile ecosystems in Idaho and Montana. This has been dubbed the Heavy Haul, and there are numerous groups resisting this invasion:

All Against the Haul

Honor the Earth

Indigenous Environmental Network

Northern Rockies Rising Tide

Winona says that there are also two pipe lines in the works. One is going to Vancouver Canada, and the other is going to Houston, Texas. Oil companies are spending huge amounts of money to convince the American public that extracting oil from these Tar Sands will solve out energy problems. Yet, both pipe lines are for eventual exportation of the oil, and will not be used domestically.

"There is nothing about expansion of the the Tar Sands that will solve the addiction problems in America. That needs to be debunked. Just like any myth or lie that's been repeated, like weapons of mass destruction; just because you keep repeating it doesn't mean that it's true."

Winona wraps up her presentation by saying that this needs to be challenged. "And while we challenge it, what we need to keep doing, is illustrating what the enlightened path looks like. .....and the enlightened path you know, it is local food, it is its renewable energy, it is a reduced petroleum economy.