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Reportback/Send-off - Honduras

Come to learn about and build solidarity with the popular movements of Honduras.
Reportback /Send-off - Honduras
WhenWed, May 25, 7pm - 10pm

Where Musicians Union Hall 325 NE 20th ave Portland, OR (map)

Honduras Report-back and Tamale Sale
Portland native and PCASC-volunteer Rachael Townsand recently spent 8 months in Honduras. She will be sharing her experiences living and working with rank-file union activists and campesino organizers, who are part of the united front in Honduras struggling for true democracy and critical economic reforms.

We will have delicious refreshments and tamales for sale to take home. This report back presentation is a fundraiser for the Earth Peoples' Solidarity delegation to Honduras for the 2nd anniversary of the June 2009 coup.

Link to a map for Musicians Hall in NE Portland 22.May.2011 15:24

Ben Waiting

Here is a link [using a tiny URL] to the event space at Musicians Union Hall in NE Portland


Video: Report Back from Honduraswith Rachel 27.May.2011 15:05

Joe Anybody ((( i )))

Here is the video from Rachel's Report Back; posted on PIMC