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Monica Pignotti and Eileen Gambrill Introduce the Mark 2 Pignotron

After 2 years of refinement, Pignotti and Gambrill release the next version of this award winning diagnostic tool.
Pignotron Mark 2
Pignotron Mark 2
Monica Pignotti and Eileen Gambrill are proud to announce the May 23, 2011 release of the Mark 2 Pignotron.

Pignotti and Gambrill had a breakthrough when they learned that their mathematical consultant, Larry W. Sarner, of Loveland CO, was working off an incorrect version of Maxwell's manuscript.

The Mark 2 Pignotron adds diagnoses and treatment indications for strabismus, dyspepsia, neuralgia, chlamidia, Peyronie's Disease, tinnitus, and others.

The Mark 2 Pignotron is powered by 4 "AA" batteries or wall current.

The Mark 2 Pignotron is available at leading stockists or via Sarner's website, www.larrysarner.com.

Pignotti believes Sarner will get a Nobel prize for his work.

link 22.May.2011 13:19

from web

found this link from some of the info from this pimc post


I also found a link on that page for a audio clip about agression and working with children:


interesting stuff on the links
not sure my overall opinion yet
and I dont know anything about the -award winning diagnostic tool?

another 22.May.2011 13:54


links from the main article led me to "a google search" that points to this page


Heather T. Forbes, LCSW and Dr. Ron Federici discusss raising difficult agressive children

new info to me .... Im listening to audio track now.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? 22.May.2011 15:08


Just as scary as Ron L. Hubbard.

Article is a Hoax and Part of a Smear Campaign Against Monica Pignotti 22.May.2011 16:02

Monica Pignotti monica.pignotti.phd@gmail.com

Hopefully it is obvious to one and all that this article is a completely false. There is no such device or anything like it. Here is what is really going on. There are people who are upset about my criticisms and questions I have raised about certain therapists and their practices of restraining children.

The links some of the comments provided do indeed provide a clue. Here is what is really going on.


People will notice that Eileen Gambrill was one of those who signed, thus she is now being targeted.

Can Federici and Forbes Help the Delinquents doing these false postings? 22.May.2011 16:17

Concerned Mom

Can Dr. Federici and Heather Forbes do anything to help pathological liars like these internet posters?

heh the Pignotron again! 25.May.2011 16:58

Oregon Rob

Just like what she did to Dennis on Freedom of Mind.


Send for an application. Anything can be treated with pot, feh he.