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Civil Rights March and Rally

hey there everybody
next month
I wanted to plan a march from the hood (hawthorne, belmont) _ across the bridge and to city hall as a march for civil rights / maybe next month. Perhaps a parade permit would be too expensive, even on a sunday. Unless a bunch of people are into it- I was thinking of running for Mayor in 2012 as a eco-anarchist (basically) for police reform (30% reduction in staff, based on merit/citizen complaints), lower property taxes, and more teachers (with the laid off cop money) How will I meet these promises? Who knows, politicians arn't bound by reality.

I was thinking the surrealist party in honor of the pranksters, but I really don't care

whadya think? (for the positive thinkers)
all the nay-sayers i already know what you think. everyone is a d-bag except you and this idea is a major fail. got it. thanks for checking in haters.

go feral
go gonzo
go go gadget something!