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Drafting Capital in Times of War

from "The Illiterate Digest" 1928
Our public men are speaking every day on something, but they ain't saying anything. But when Mr. Harding said that, in case of another war that capital would be drafted the same as men, he put over a thought that, if carried out, would do more to stop Wars than all the International Courts and Leagues of Nations in the World.
Of the three things to prevent wars, League of Nations, International Courts and this drafting of capital, this one is so far ahead of the others there is no comparison. When that Wall Street Millionaire knows that you are not only going to take his Secretary and Clerks but that you come in to get his Dough, say Boy, there wouldn't be any war. You will hear the question: "Yes, but how could you do it?"
Say, you take a boy's life, don't you? When you take boys away you take everything they have in the World, that is, their life. You send them to war and part of that life you don't use you let him come back with. Perhaps you may use all of it. Well, that's the way to do with wealth. Take all he has, give him a bare living the same as you do the soldier. Give him the same allowance as the Soldier - all of us that stay home. The Government should own everything we have, use what it needs to conduct the whole expenses of the war and give back what is left, if there is any, the same as you give back to the Boy what he has left.
There can be no Profiteering. The Government owns everything till the war is over. Every Man, Woman and Child, from Henry Ford and John D. down, get their Dollar and a Quarter a day the same as the Soldier. The only way a man could profiteer in war like that would be to raise more Children.
If any man went before the People on a platform of that kind and put it over, he could remain President till his Whiskers got so long he could make a fortune just picking Golf Balls out of them. But, no, it will never get anywhere. The rich will say it ain't practical, and the poor will never get a chance to find out if it is or not.

Will Rogers
"The Illiterate Digest"