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How to Counter an attack by Taser gun

when you are shot at with an Offensive Taser weapon

(and you are not wearing body armor or layers of thick clothing)

pull out the darts / prongs from the part of your body they have hit.
Hopefully you can react fast enough, to do this before the voltage can be applied from the gun itself.

Another thing you can do (if you are anticipating to be in a situation where a Taser weapon will be Offensively deployed against you),

is to wear sheets of tinfoil wrapped around/between your clothing layers and skin.

Tinfoil will cause the darts (electrodes) of the Taser gun to short out faster, and greatly reduce or eliminate their ability to conduct current.

see also:

homepage: homepage: http://educate-yourself.org/lte/neutralizingtaserguns08aug09.shtml

third wire 21.May.2011 10:54


Thanks for the information you posted regarding removing the darts

I wanted to mention about the new taser coming to Portland...

It will have a third wire that comes toward you with the 2 darts

The third wire is there in hopes "you grab" it ...where upon "if you do grab it" ...the circuits completed and you get the shock.

This shock is suppose to be for a longer duration than the current shock, plus it will be much more voltage

I also think the darts will have longer barbs

Welcome to Portland

foil may not be effective! 21.May.2011 12:38


From STORM-NYC (radical street medics):

"Rumors of Taser defense via a layer of aluminum foil are considered inaccurate. To my knowledge, no trials have been conducted to see what types of body armor are impervious to Taser probes or to determine what, if anything, could cause sufficient disruption of the Taser's circuit that would render it ineffective. Aluminum foil has been hypothesized on ftaaimc.org; this information is considered inaccurate, untested, and based on faulty speculation about electric circuitry."

Although this article talks about "taser proof" clothing, binded with electrically conducive metal materials, that may prevent a shock.


Someone asked: "tell us how thick our clothing needs to be" 23.May.2011 18:52


"to keep a taser prong from getting into our flesh."

Well that could be a problem. Taser gun prongs are designed to penetrate thick and strong articles of clothing. Only if you were wearing multiple layers of (probably synthetic/reinforced) clothes,

would you be able to completely 'deflect' the prongs fired at you from a taser gun.

And as mentioned/linked above - there are taser 'vests' out there.

anyway, the idea of having 'dart proof' clothing, would ultimately amount to wearing plenty of body armor (yes, that kind). Most clothing is designed to be easily penetrated by the prongs.

(and no, fyi the original post was _not_ made by "a cop" ... )