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May Day,WTC,9/11:U.S.Barack Obama cries,'Osama bin Laden', U.N.Ambassador Susan Rice lies

And just where and how did this, ha,brilliant Rhodes scholar(U.S. UN
Ambassador Susan Rice) come up
with her wild tale of Libya,Gaddaffi and Viagra ? She plagiarized it
from a VERY REAL CIA incident !
May Day,WTC,9/11:U.S.Resident Barack Obama cries,'Osama bin Laden',
U.N.Ambassador Susan Rice liies ' Viagra Rape !'

WTC,9/11,Barack Obama,U.S.Ambassador Susan Rice,Viagra Rape,UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon,Rhodes Scholar,Bill Clinton,Osama bin Laden,May Day,CIA,Muammar Gaddafi.Libya

And just where and how did this, ha,brilliant Rhodes scholar(U.S. UN
Ambassador Susan Rice) come up
with her wild tale of Libya,Gaddaffi and Viagra ? She plagiarized it
from a VERY REAL CIA incident !

CIA give Afghan warlords Viagra in exchange for information on ...
26 Dec 2008 ... The CIA has secured co-operation from ageing Afghan
warlords by providing them with an unusual incentive - Viagra.

US Ambassador Susan Rice(and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon's)
preposterous attack against Richard Falk
Posted in 2001 by alienspacecentereast on January 27, 2011

US Ambassador Susan Rice preposterous attack against UN expert Richard
Falk 9/11 'cover-up' claims, was too much for me to just ignore. I ask
what world she lives in and does she support the criminals behind
September 11, 2001 or is she just the ignorance her self?

In AFP you can read, that the United States demanding the sacking of a
UN human rights expert for "noxious" comments claiming there had been
a US cover-up over the September 11 attacks.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and US Ambassador Susan Rice
condemned the comments by Richard Falk, UN special rapporteur on human
rights in the Palestinian territories, as "an affront" to the victims
of the 2001 Al-Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington..?

So they donīt know, that the surviving relatives to the victims of
9/11, are the ones that are behind the 9/11 truth movement..?
 link to alienspacecentereast.wordpress.com

9/11 - Firefighters NYFD say Explosives brought down Towers ...


HARDONS BLOG: Libya: Susan Rice's Viagra Hoax: The New Incubator ...
2 May 2011 ... 'On Thursday, US ambassador Susan Rice announced that
Libyan government troops were being issued Viagra and told to rape as
a terror weapon. ...

'On Thursday, US ambassador Susan Rice announced that Libyan
government troops were being issued Viagra and told to rape as a
terror weapon. She made the comment as part of a debate with another
envoy to highlight that "the coalition is confronting an adversary
doing reprehensible things." Several diplomats said Rice provided no
evidence for the Viagra allegation, which they said was made in an
attempt to persuade doubters the conflict in Libya was not just a
standard civil war but a much nastier fight in which Qaddafi is not
afraid to order his troops to commit heinous acts.

However, today, MSNBC was told by US military and intelligence
officials that there is no basis for Rice's claims. While rape has
been reported as a "weapon" in many conflicts, the US officials say
they've seen no such reports out of Libya.'

And just where and how did this, ha,brilliant Rhodes scholar come up
with her wild tale of Libya,Gaddaffi and Viagra ? She plagiarized it
from a VERY REAL CIA incident !

CIA give Afghan warlords Viagra in exchange for information on ...
26 Dec 2008 ... The CIA has secured co-operation from ageing Afghan
warlords by providing them with an unusual incentive - Viagra.


While U.S.Resident Barack Obama or Barry Soetero,(stepson of Indonesian
mass murderer Lolo Soetero and suspect of having false social security card),was
crying 'I got bin Laden' and even W Bush and Bill Clinton,who normally have no shame,
were too embarrassed to to be seen in public with him at the WTC 'GROUND ZERO' -
the sleazy hussy who calls herself U.S.U.N. Ambassadoress Susan Rice was lying in the
UN. about Gaddaffi force feeding
Viagra to his troops to get them to rape Libyan citizens.That of course turned out to be a
lie just as most of what her employer U.S. Resident Barack Obama or Barry Soetero
expects from her job description.But still,can you imagine the cheap
hussy and U.K Rhodes scholar,(meaning she works for the UK House of Lords,
or better said House of Lards and the Queen Bwitch and BP PETROLEUM
Still W Bush the idiot mass murdering son of George Herbert Walker Bush must have been
happy to be made to feel so important and dignified to be phoned by Goldman Sach's corp whore,
Barack Hussein Obama,aka Barry Soetero,to be told that another potential witness against himself
and his father was dead jusdt like Saddam Hussein who never got to say in Iraqi court or before he
was taken away by the Islamic Shiite lynch mob,just who supplied him with all those bio-chemical
agents used in the Iraq-Iran war and to a much lesser extent on Iraqi Kurds.

And how cute of Barry, I mean Barack,and his SEALS to plan their assassination of a key witness on May Day.
I had said in my last 9/11post of 9/11/10 that Barry, I mean Barack,must be planning to make 9/11
the new April Fools Day and I was off by a month - May Day is the new Barrack Barry Hussein
Soetero Obama April Fools Day.Maybe he should spend as much training his SEALS to fly helicopters
as he does in being cold blooded assassins ! All they did wasurder a VERY important witness, if in fact they
really killed ex George Herbert Walker Bush and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates 'business'
partner as they claim.I'd ask my ex Santa Cruz,California Congressman CIA Chief Leon Panetta but I now know he's
a liar and thief and murderer as well.

U.S. UN Ambassadoress Susan Rice, who like the South Korean scumbucket AND U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki
Moon are both corp whore prostitutes who both owe family victims of
9/11, including FDNY firefighters who died at the WTC ,as well as people such as myself who know they
are lying to cover up for their multi-national masters of war,an apology,(just like the scumbag NY Judge
Alvin Hellerstein who has controlled and suppressed any real trial of 9/11 and harrassed
and intimidated all 9/11 victims families until only one family is left - the Bavis
family of Massachussetts who he hopes railroad through his Zionist kangaroo court in New York)).

And Americans should realise that the Rhodes
scholarship is offered to Americans for the sole purpose of returning
Oxford scholars to America who place the elitist royalist values of
UK's Queen or King and theeir decadent Lords above American democracy
which is the very reason why scum such as the traitors Susan Rice and
Bill Clinton should never be allowed to hold high level U.S.government
positions in the first place !
But Susan Rice is, like her hero and role model, Kind-A-Sleazy
Condoleezza Rice,wqorse than that.She defends Israel and never has a
word of criticism for them even though they treat Ethiopians not
simply as second class citizens but as animals that they own.As you
will see below Israel forces Ethiopian women to take a toxic bone
damaging drug called Depo Provera for the sole purpose of keeping
them sterile.So we can now say without exaggeration that Susan Rice
who lied outright about Libya and Gaddaffi force feeding Viagra to his
soldiers to induce them to rape Libyan citizens - is a worse fascist
and terrorist against her people own African heritage and certainly
treats them worse than Qaddafi
does anyone in Libya !

Susan Rice who called upon Obama to fire others over racist remarks
should herself be asked to resign over a lie that has led to uncounted
deaths from U.S. and UN approved bombings based upon her proven lies
and fabrications.Women who have really experienced the real tragedy
and trauma of rape should be outraged by this sleazy low life Barack
Osama appoiunted to represent the U.S. at the UN.And what was her
South Korean stooge doing while she spun this outrageous tale that led
to a UN vote for carpet bombing that country that besides mass
murder, led to another world and European refugee crisis of massive
proportions ?Were they all mastrurbating under their UN table !? The
pervert and
genocidist Susan Rice and her South Korean boyfriend Ban Ki Moon
probably were ! Why doesn't thios insult to all Korean people,UN
Secretary General denounce her rather than us who don't believe a
thinkg they say about 9/11 and resent their bulying uis to accept W
Bush and Barack Osama Obama's 'official' 9/11 lies for a change !? I
have had the pleasure of meeting a number of wonderful South Koreans
in my life time.Ban Ki Moon is an insult to them and to us who want a
real investigation of 9/11/01 including members of the NYPD who they
insiult as well !

Ban Ki Moon has known since 9/11 that ex NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani and
Michael Chertoff who used 911 to overthrow the U.S.Constitution with
his so-called Patriot Act were also
among the most prominent war criminals involved in sending all that
steel from the WTC to his own country TO DESTROY ANY EVIDENCE OF WHAT
that Mr.Moon has every reason to be scared of a real 911 investigation
just as does W Bush's and Barack Obama's cheap prostitute in the U.N.
- U.S.Ambassador Susan Rice.
As an American I am outraged that this South Korean corporate whore Ban
Ki Moon is siding with Bush and Osama Obama in trying to threaten us
into accepting their party line about 9/11.If Ban Ki Moon wishes to
defend Isaeli stock,(securities),and phoney security criminals of
ICTS International,I suggest he resign from the U.N. and employ
himself in securing an airport contract to guard Seoul,South Korea's
airport and strategic sites.Maybe he knows of some Seoul skyscapers
they can 'protect' or someone(s) there in need of stock fraudsters and
money launderers.But careful,they will steal the shoes off dead
Koreans just as they would Americans who they consider to be 'goyim'
by their Zionist Talmud 'law', just as they do for non Jewish
Americans. In fact the Talmud which they adhere to and are proud of is
worse than anything found in the Protocols of Zion.......


Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, Rice attended New College, Oxford, where
she earned a M.Phil. in 1988 and D.Phil. in 1990. The Chatham
House-British International Studies Association honored her
dissertation titled "Commonwealth Initiative in Zimbabwe , 1979-1980:
Implication for International Peacekeeping" as the UK's most
distinguished in international relations. - Wikipedia


Talmudic teachings
"If a goy wants a Jew to stand witness against a Jew in a Court of
Law, and if the ... The Talmud fairly bulges with expressions of
animosity for the goyim ...

An Appeal to Firefighters, Present and Past from a retired FDNY Lieutenant

Fellow Firefighters, A great tragedy befell our community on September 11, 2001, an unprecedented 343 deaths in the line of duty. As horrible as that toll is, if there were a rational explanation for it, we could accept it and mourn. We all understood the risk we accepted when we took the oath of office, that chance might cut short our lives when we placed ourselves in harm's way in the public's service. This is what we are paid for and it is our honor. However, in short, the official explanation of the events of that day are not only insufficient, they are fantastic and cannot bear rational examination. We are asked to believe that on that day three structural steel buildings, which have never before in history collapsed because of fire, fell neatly into their basements at the speed of gravity, their concrete reduced to dust. We are asked to believe that jet fuel (kerosene) can melt steel. We are asked to believe that the most sophisticated air defense system in the world, that responded to sixty-eight emergencies in the year prior to 9-11 in less than twenty minutes allowed aircraft to wander about for up to an hour and a half. We are asked to believe that the steel and titanium components of an aircraft that supposedly hit the Pentagon "evaporated". There is much, much more if anyone cares to look into it. Trade Tower #7 by itself is the "smoking gun". Not hit by an aircraft, with only a few relatively small fires, it came down in a classic crimp and implosion, going straight into its basement, something only very precise demolition can accomplish, which takes days if not weeks to prepare. The 9-11 Commission didn't even mention it, and F.E.M.A. actually stated they DIDN'T KNOW WHY IT COLLAPSED AND LEFT IT AT THAT. Brothers, I know that the implications of the above are hard, almost unthinkable, but the official explanation is utter nonsense, and three hundred and forty three murdered brothers are crying out for justice. Demand a genuine investigation into the events of September 11!

-Anton Vodvarka, Lt. FDNY (ret)

Lt. Vodvarka served on FDNY Ladder Co 26, Rescue Co. 3, Rescue Co. 1, Engine Co. 92, Ladder 82 and Ladder 101. He was awarded the Merit Class 1 award, the Prentice Medal.


Any real African American or, in fact, any person
with any African blood such as herself - who had any respect for their historic origens
and in fact any decent white person -
which her fellow Rhodes scholar Bill Clinton certainly isn't,would reject a
Rhodes scholarship if offered it.:

 link to www.africaresource.com

The Delusions of Cecil Rhodes The Racist Inspired Scholarship Foundation

For more than three centuries after European settlers arrived in South
Africa in 1652, the so-called white rulers viewed the so-called blacks
only as laborers and denied them proper schooling.

Among these overlords was Cecil Rhodes, prime minister of England's
Cape Colony, now the country's southwestern region. Cecil made a
fortune off stolen African land, skills and labour. His modus operandi
was cynicaL crass inhumane exploitation of Africans.

"Nine-tenths of them will have to spend their lives in manual labor,
and the sooner that is brought home to them, the better," Rhodes said
in 1893.

Black Reserve

That year, Rhodes established the country's first exclusively black
reserve in the eastern Glen Grey district. Families were allocated
eight acres (3.2 hectares) of land that they were forbidden to sell
and only eldest sons could inherit, stripping their relatives of

Residents were forced to pay hut taxes and all males who didn't find
work outside the reserve within a year also had to pay a labor tax, a
measure Rhodes said would serve as a "stimulus to these people to make
them go on working." He sought the closure of missionary-run schools
in the area, saying they could turn blacks into anti-government


Note how myfox.com manages to avoid all mention of Israeli thugs of
ICTS International and Netanyahu's convicted money launderer Menachem
Atzmon and his Shin Bet goons who had complete control of Logan
Airport Boston and New Jersey security on 9/11 due to their stock
frauds against Americans that go back decades ! They also appear to
have played a role in the UK London July 7,2005 mass murder of British
citizens as well and allowed both the 'shoe bomber' Richard Reid to
board a flight from DeGualle Airport France to the U.S. only one month
after 9/11/01 after having facilitated his flight along with El Al and
the Israeli government to Israel pre 911 under the guise of visiting
Isael's sworn enemy Hamas !
And the corrupt Zionist Judge Hellerstein has a son living on occupied
Palestinian lands since 2001 who is himself obviousl a white racist
Zionist who lies about being a semite to justify their treatment of
Palestinians which is perhaps even worse than the way Rhodes trteated
South African blacks.Oh the bloody muyrderous hipocracy.Judge
Hellerstein himself should be in jail for covering up money
laundering,mass murder and war crimes for the Israeli facists of ICTS
International for over a decade now !

 link to www.myfoxal.com

NY Sept. 11 wrongful death trial focus may narrow
Posted: Feb 25, 2011 3:54 PM Updated: Feb 25, 2011 5:37 PM
Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) - A judge on Friday urged lawyers in the June trial of
the only wrongful death case remaining from the Sept. 11 attacks to
see if they can trim the number of defendants, but one lawyer cited
lingering questions over how weapons made it onto the plane as a
reason why a Boston airport might need to remain in the case.

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein during a pretrial hearing
invited an airport security company,(ICTS International mass murderers
and money launderers), and the Massachusetts Port Authority to submit
written arguments if they want to be eliminated as defendants in a
case brought by the family of Mark Bavis, of West Newton, Mass.,
against United Airlines and airport security companies. A lawyer for
the Port Authority promised to do so.

"I've been pushing for the elimination of defendants," Hellerstein
said, adding that his efforts had been largely unsuccessful.

Bavis was a scout for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team when he died
aboard United Flight 175 at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.
The lawsuit brought by the Bavis family is the only one of 95 lawsuits
brought on behalf of 96 victims in the attacks that has not been
settled. All but 3 percent of the families of relatives killed in four
planes taken over by terrorists on Sept. 11 chose to receive payments
from a special fund Congress established. It distributed more than $7
billion to over 5,000 survivors.

Donald Migliori, a lawyer for the Bavis family, told Hellerstein it
was necessary to keep the Massachusetts Port Authority, the operator
of Boston's Logan International Airport, in the case because there may
be disagreements over how the hijackers managed to get weapons on the


Zionist Judge Sets Arbitrary Time Limit on 9 ... - Christopher Bollyn
30 Apr 2011 ... 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani. In a judicial war of
attrition waged ... The Bavis family of Boston, the last family of
9/11 relatives ... Hellerstein's son is a lawyer with an Israeli law
firm that represents the parent company of ICTS, ... responsible for
the mass murder of 9/11 and now the judge with a ...


Israel's treatment of Ethiopians 'racist', The National, 6 January ...
4 Feb 2010 ... Figures show that 57 per cent of Depo Provera users in
Israel are Ethiopian, even though the community accounts for less than
two per cent ...


Speciesism:BP Tea Party member claims Mass Murderer Barack Obama a Chimpanzee !
 link to tc.indymedia.org

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