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porn fundraising for wikileaks

web cams and glbt friendly?
you could have no money, but information
and where information is power

my best friends were raped by their fathers.
i was raped.
lots of us were raped.
jamie leigh by halliburton.

how to concoct a rape defense in the porn industry, deserves a look at michelle anderson's excellent rape law studies which show ways that as soon as a woman's "promiscuity" is alleged, then it is almost impossible to get a rape conviction.
sex workers have a very hard time in america getting rape conviction.

put this then, in an international context, where wikileaks cables uncover huge human trafficking rings

re: organ harvesting, farmed humans, and human trafficking
and this very disturbing cable about human rafficking through israel, russia, to london and los angeles.
10,000 of women.
who is anti-women.

what is the strategy?
to get larry flynt on an anti-human trafficking campaign? at the body shop? a mall near you?
got it.

i called flynt's hollywood office.
his PR people are out.
232 651 5400.

at which point, i as a woman, who has been raped, and who studies criminal law, need a woman lawyer jennifer robinson to interface, to consolingly sigh, when "problem client" cannot be controlled with the publicity flood.

the twitter porn money rush.

giving back the money is world of illusion stuff too.
but publicly trolling your porn dollars out during a malicious rape investigation adds fire to the hatred induced by your sleazy guy image.

a lot of people still hate assange. especially in sweden.

and this to me is a matter of aesthetics.
and some people like dirty slimy men.
so if that's the rock and roll australia BOGAN image you are going for, have at it.

but when will america get serious about women's safety.
systemic power issues.
the economic enslavements of capitalism as we know it are more fiercely attacked by wikileaks than any other oppenent.

in a sense, i still see the work of wikileaks as total human liberation and collapse of empire.
and guantanamo torture is serious.
bradley manning torture.
but as a gay american, i wonder is bradley manning, as a gay don't-ask-don't-tell american soldier, is put off about assange accepting money from a homophobe?
or a flynt?

i mean free speech to the max.
at shich point: SCUM manifesto.

ezra pound was locked away carefully in the asylum for 10 years, for speaking on italian radio.
he was extradited and not guilty of espionage by way of insanity.

i myself was locked away, because i spell dissident with my eyes.
the mental health cartels of the nineties sought to drug the genius out of all of us.
that is where seroquel, FAM, investor AB, astrazeneca, and saab ericsson are one happy family.
drug the people
kill the people
and then the wallenberg harvests war-manufactured refugees into their tax-funded health and housing schemes.
meanwhile the USA homeless crisis rages.
and our blue-collar are sedated with porn.
as actual love is not the privilege of the slave class. we are too poor to have dinner, or children, or cars.
we are illegal immigrants.
we are sexually harassed at work. by our professors.
our professors are racist. see UCLA recent anti-japanese scandal.
oh yeah and its all free speech.
free speech to tyranny, to hate speech, to incitation to murder.
murder by smog, industrial poisons.
murder by media.
police brutality.
bad food.
homeless dying on the streets like melting vomit.
that is america.
its all guantanamo.
and hustler couldn't even slightly turn me on. vice mag?
and i like women and men.

so next time wikileaks, try some more arthouse gender-equal porn. that's my request.
because bluecollar silicone republican porn, is just too gross.
and hey, good work on publicity.

now this is sweet, a blogger says
Wikileaks need to stop playing games with people and release all the cables now.
yesterday, wikileaks cited the sleazy portland mercury article on flynt and wikileaks.
via twitter.
whoopdedoo. right.
um. rape defense. hello.
but what i realize too, is all the many conflicting conspiracies may be right in their subconscious ironic way. maybe assange is a cia hire, etc.
maybe that's where the rape case, the scorched earth redevelopment post-revolution contracts, are wikileaks gold.
and we know republican america hates women, or that larry flynt makes sarah palin porn fantasy.

so if the crucifiction of sarah palin, is where the wikileaks extracts gold.
or the known homophobe larry flynt gets to feel like a high as a kite poltitical radical.
well then

a problem i have with tech boys, is how they can often be extremely sexist, as well as socially handicapped.
i love to hang out and extract tech from their minds.
but i don't get their junior high approach to eroticism.
so that is where the larry flynt hustler porn fundraising for wikileaks . . .
seems a little polanski to me.

like i don't care what a great director you are if you are a rapist, drugged a child and sodomized her.
after i was raped i was suicidal and catatonic and anorexic.

rape cultures must die.

one of the women who commented on the portland mercury and the flynt book being sold at powell's:

I am a survivor of prostitution/porngraphy and all you yahoos out there that try and convince the masses that "sex work" is not only an acceptable way to make $, but that it is empowering as well, have it all wrong. I found NOTHING empowering in having every orifce in my body ripped and torn until bloody--and that is an unavoidable side effect of "sex work" at one point or another. Misogyny by any other name still smells like smegma and still results in violence towards women--it is not the newest hip trend to jump on--so jump off and come join me at Powell's to protest this travesty!!!

another wrote:
I am absolutely livid that the Portland Mercury is promoting this racist, misogynistic scumbag's book. Larry Flynt hides behind Free Speech when he's called out for making his fortune off of exploiting women, jokes about raping children, abusive treatment of women in his magazines and his pseudo child franchise barely legal. Would you promote the book of a neo-nazi? You might as well because portraying this man as anything other than the despicable cretin he is is no different. In fact you'll find some of the most racist imagery in the pages of Hustler magazine. Good to know the Portland Mercury takes a "progressive" stand on this issue. Meaning they don't take a stand or have any standards whatsoever.

Stop Porn Culture PDX! will be protesting outside Powells on Friday. I hope others will join us in taking a stand against misogyny, racism and pedophilia.

when the original flynt news was scooped, i was stuck in transit delays in the snow. somewhere i filed away the knowledge of this. but it wasn't boldly proclaimed on the part of wikileaks.
i could say that is where i think they are going wrong. and surely i do.
once again male dominated everything throws women back into their role as porn girl.
so when i look at all the research and knowledge which wikileaks has opened up, i feel that to be a very worthy thing.
i am also an admirer of radical methods.
i found an old amy goodman interview re flynt and his critics.
what i consider relevant to the moment, was the tiny human experience of hearing jennifer robinson's voice on the line at assange's defense firm, finers stephens innocent.
what happens inbetween breaths are what matters.

jennifer robinson was put on his team for a very specific reason. to empower women. to make the defense look non-sexist. to create an image of powerful women who support the man enduring the rape defamation attack, for political reasons many of us guess.
so at which point, assange of all people, trots out the high and mighty rhetoric of ages, it might be time for some of his own medicine.
but the sad way the genxers often embody the worst 1950's sexism becomes a little to clear.

the human voice is an instrument. when i spoke rapidly, to push as much content into what is a very slim call, i heard at first these ranges: cheerful recognition, then concern, then sadness.

now how a woman's voice can so subtly convey such things, imagine.

i am calling her to remind her that her paycheck is covered by porn.

i am calling on behalf of women who have bad experiences in the economic stratification which always pays them less in america.
a man like larry flynt, has offered numerous women ways to make decent money, in porn.
not everyone has the education to send them through law school.

so to call a brilliant lawyer like jennifer robinson, and remind her, that wikileaks acceptance of porn revenue, guarantees that the porn stars are working for wikileaks, well.
the plastic surgery concerns me.
filing a woman's chest with plastic, which has direct carcinogenic effects from the endocrine disrupting petrochemicals, is of concern.
cutting them. mutilating them, to make this look profitable.

my sense of the high and mighty is flexible.
i could almost say i see where karl rove is coming from.
i really have gotten in touch with evil lately.
and in power i see anarchy.
using the methods of new media, to disrupt entrenched media (which wikileaks now is) is fair.
alll is fair in love and war, including fake rape allegations, and porn fundraisers.

i mean think of all the slimey porn addicts who now vaguely know what wikileaks is . . .

was it worth reinforcing their utilitarian ideas about the female flesh???
surely flynt would have spent the dough on something stupid, like bigger breasts for his stars. so siphoning off a miniscule amount of porn-cash, might be correct.
the publicity consequences are what i find curious.
is that the image your brand management team seeks to convey?

at its worst extreme, assange could organize porn fundraising webcams?
is he up for it?
how much can you suck up to the sexist pig moneybags, before you start to look like on eyourself.
oh yeah, you do.
rove has you splayed out like a rapist.
got it.

so its just totally lame marketing.
i realize we all have various levels of post traumatic shock syndrome for all the awful things that have happened in our lives.

i thought maybe that's it.
but when you meet men that hate women,
or that secretly enact vengeance on them,
or reaffirm masculinist power structures . . .
what do you have????

so norway's gender equity program in politics rules. equal men and women in government. end of story. everyone lives happly ever after.

i think wikileaks should get on the bus for women's equality, economic and politically.
porn would not exist in such degrading ways if women had economic and educational opportunities.
sure there would be egalitarian multi-gendered art/porn
but it would be less exploitative and less prone to both starving and carving up the female form.
even stieg larsson was obsessed with breast implants.
you are my children, and my wisdom is what you suck.

so then if we did porn fundraising for wikileaks, it would equally involve exploiting beautiful men.

the repressive american atmosphere . . . and the salesmanship of of the flesh . . .
the american way, IRONY
indeed and then if its a spotlight on the capitalization of the flesh
a prank
from someone deeply aware of the huge economic enslavement and civic second class citizenship forcing the industrialized porn
like fast food.
they shoot horses, don't they

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