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Enough! ENOUGH!!!

How much longer will the wicked be glad? How much longer, Lord? How much longer will criminals be proud and boast about their crimes?

Strauss-Kahn Bail Granted After Resignation fromIMF

by Scott Creighton

They couldn't be more obvious if they tried. Bail was denied Strauss-Kahn earlier when he was still in charge of the International Monetary Fund, but since he resigned that position earlier in the day, bail was magically granted today on pretty much the exact same conditions his lawyers asked for the last time they requested bail.

If this isn't proof that this country is corrupt to the bone, I don't know what is. A no-bail detainment for a wealthy member of society on a sexual assault charge based solely on the say-so of the alleged victim?

And then, if you wish to argue that the courts wanted to honor the victim and take her at her word, what does that say about the fact that they have now granted him bail, AFTER his resignation from the IMF? Even if this case is true, which I seriously doubt, but even if it is, doesn't this kind of manipulation coming from the court victimize her again?

This stinks of Twanna Brawley.

2 Responses

  1. Great work Scott. You've been out front on this one. When you see these establishment mouthpieces all piling on someone they normally wouldnt touch with the proverbial ten foot pole, you know the content of the message is 100% horseshit. Also see this http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/may/18/strauss-kahn-french-media-reaction Can you believe this supine, lapdog press of ours taking French journalists to task for not more thoroughly covering their politicians sex lives? Forget the lies to war, the financial grand larceny, the sellout of workers, give us Arnold's love child!

  2. Fucking bastards.

    It Starts Now.

    I will run for Mayor in my town with the Freedom and Equality Party (which I invented, and will change the name of, if necessary).

    Everybody should.

    We also need a presidential candidate.

    You should run, Scott. Just tell us that Jesus has forgiven your sins, etc. If you didn't rape any ten year olds? They won't care anymore!

    You didn't rape their pensions? YOU. ARE. IN.

and your point is? 20.May.2011 11:43


With all the copy n paste, vague analysis in your newswire post, I have no idea what your point is?

narcissist much? 20.May.2011 13:18


Ok...you think you are a great guy; on top of it all, got it all figured out, gonna run for office. At least, I *think* that this is what this is about....

Why should we care?

Tawana Brawly? 20.May.2011 18:30


How in the world are you equating this to the Tawana Brawley case?

French Socialists Outraged. Most Of French Outraged 20.May.2011 20:10


French Socialist, IMF Managing Director, and best candidate to beat Sarkozi was jailed on trumped-up charges by NYPD:


* Strauss-Kahn jailed in Rikers Island

* French Socialists to push on with primary campaign

* IMF in turmoil during euro zone crisis

* Sarkozy's wife reported pregnant

NEW YORK/PARIS - France's Socialists and the international financial community grappled for a future without Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Tuesday after the IMF chief was remanded in a New York prison on attempted rape charges.

Many Socialist leaders voiced outrage at the way the head of the International Monetary Fund, a frontrunner for the French presidency, had been paraded handcuffed and unshaven by US police before he has a chance to defend himself in court.

Strauss-Kahn was arrested aboard an Air France plane on Saturday and charged with a sexual assault on a chambermaid at a luxury Manhattan hotel. He denies the accusations.

A judge denied him bail on Monday, remanding him to the city's grim Rikers Island jail, where he spent the night.

An emergency Socialist leadership meeting in Paris staged a rare show of unity amid consternation over the probable loss of the centre-left's most popular contender to unseat conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy in next April's election.

"Unity, responsibility, combativity, these are the three words which came up the most this morning," Socialist party leader Martine Aubry told reporters after the session.