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Terminator Ran Pregnant Harem in L.A. Home

Look past he Kennedy financed coverup being run by Shriver forces- She always knew about it
good riddance- at least he'll never be PRESIDENT- Thank You God.
good riddance- at least he'll never be PRESIDENT- Thank You God.
Former dirtbag Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has really been caught "with his pants down" this time. Maria Shriver is putting on a dog and pony show concerning her knowledge of the affair. Playing Miss Innocent on Oprah and all. But the wire services report that Arnie's close neighbors have claimed that The First Lady of California knew all about it since the mistress was pregnant and working in the home at the same exact time that Maria was pregnant. Some also claim that the "illegitimate" child actually "was a presence in the house" on Mandville Canyon Road. The real truth is probably that every GOP hack in the state and every Kennedy knew all about it. All these fake "family values" Republicans were snickering about this for years. Snickering that the Democrats were dumb indeed not to spill the beans. But the Dems were sort of blackmailed- who wants to upset the Kennedys? And a lot of them had to know. It's all in perfect harmony with the two-faced deceptions regularly practiced by the ruling elite against the public. Arnie is always blabbing about helping children. Jr. Olympics is big with his PR machine. He cares so much about kids he decided to bring his mistress into the picture and introduce a new family member to his freaked out family. Did he give her secret pecks on the neck as she vacuumed the rugs? It was all a weird, immoral "arangement" between a bunch of weird and immoral power freaks living in Hollywood's most rarified 'hood. The media is burying it's head in the sand bigtime. The "Kennedy Aura" is still so strong that any attempts to report the TRUTH are nipped in the bud. And the very idea that Arnie was imitating old Joe Kenedy, infamous for throwing his extracurricular bedmates in the faces of his whole family, is astounding.. Joe would even bring them down to have breakfast with the whole gang after a night of geriatric revelry (with the likes of Gloria Swanson). Scratch a "family values" Republican and the odds you'll find some frustrated sex maniac/pervo are huge. Meanwhile all the poor, old, and disabled (kids too!) that had their dental and vision coverage terminated by this son of an SS officer can only shake their heads as his cold-bloodedness is laid out on the global media table for the world to see. A crazed Henry VIII with a passion for molestation (long history) and a big F*CK YOU to his wife and family. Not to mention the rest of us...

calling 'em out 18.May.2011 14:20


Ha, good job on writing this article. Good jod indeed.

But alas, that's what the people of California get and got when they allowed themselves to be suckered and hood-winked into voting this libertarian freak-show Schwarzenegger into office. It's hard to forgive CA voters - years before Prop8 even - for being soo damned stupid and gulible. Just mere monthes after voting him in for his 2nd term [if i'm correct], CA voters wanted to re-call Govt. Grey Davis. What a scam that whole election was! They had a farely decent governor, but got rid of him in favor of some Hollywood right-wing freak-show who doesn't know how to run anything... except a state right into the ground. You'd think folks in CA would've known better after Regan - clearly not.

And if these people thought it was bad before - with the rolling black-outs they were experiencing due to ENRON committing out-right criminal fraud, robbery, and grand larceny against the state - OH BOY, they'd have NO idea what they'd be in for with Arnold "governing" them! Fucking idiots. CA has been left in ruins thanks to this guy. Now all this sex stuff comes out. Sure, AFTER he's no-longer governor!

One correction - Arnold's dad wasn't a member of the SS. Gustav "Nazi Pig" Schwarzenegger was a member of the SA or "Brown Shirts".