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Four Police Cars Vs. One Puppy

I witnessed an extreme police reaction today to what was nothing more than an un-leashed puppy. Cops surrounded and harrassed old African-American man who said he was looking after the puppy. Racist pigs display extreme reaction to what's nothing more than a city ordinance violation. Welcome to the GESTAPO POLICE STAE!
I documented these photos today, Tuesday May 17th. At around 1:15pm today on the corner of N. Killingsworth and Albina I and others witnessed what could only be described as an extreme police reaction to apparently, what was nothing more than an un-leashed pit bull puppy. WOW! Even by the standards of the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG), such an extreme response to what's essentially nothing more than a city ordinance violation was beyond ridiculous and scary. STILL DOUBT A GESTAPO POLICE STATE ISN'T UPON US? Within 3 minutes, FOUR cop cars had driven up. An older Black male who claimed to be watching the puppy for someone else was surrounded by several of these racist pigs. One of the cop cars even blocked off a bus stop, partially parking on the curb and impeding plus ceating a hazard for passengers who wanted to board the next bus. These pigs are unbelievable!

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The world is watching 18.May.2011 07:04

The Documenter

the truth is being told

thanks for taking these pics

thanks for letting the community know

gang shootings and now the popo's "cool down" 18.May.2011 07:11

not saying

I did see that the popo was stepping up patrols in 'gang areas' for a couple days. (Cool Down) (See Below)

They announced a step up in patrols and 'no ride-alongs' during this step up to Cool Down gig.

Was this "part of it"?

Cool Down or do they just need to "Cool Down" themselves


News Release from: Portland Police Bureau
Posted: May 17th, 2011 1:17 PM

As a result of the violence leading to the death of 18-year-old Shalamar Altae Edmond, the Portland Police Bureau's Gang Enforcement Team (GET) will be coordinating a "Cool Down" mission beginning today, Tuesday, May 17, 2011.

In addition to regularly assigned Gang Enforcement Team officers, each precinct will be contributing two officers for temporary duty. This will be a coordinated effort with Multnomah County Parole & Probation and Youth Gang Outreach.

The goal of this "cool down" mission is to provide high visibility patrol to areas of the city that are known gang hotspots and to be responsive to active gang-related events.

Operation Cool Down to last two to four days, depending on the level of activity.

No media ridealongs with Gang Enforcement can be accommodated this week but interested media should be at North Precinct at 4:45 p.m. today and representatives from Operation Cool Down will be available for questions.

North Precinct is located at 449 Northeast Emerson Street.

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Thank You 18.May.2011 07:24

Den Mark, Vancouver

At best this police reaction was neurotic. At worst it was psychotic, & disgusting. Thanks for your vigilance. What could the cop-message be, other than that all of us should be afraid of them. What is our message back to THEM!

over-reation 18.May.2011 09:44


I can only speculate as to whether stepped-up patrols by police in so-called "hot-spot" areas (e.i. high concentrations of black youths) are a derect result of the murder of 18-year-old Shalamar Altae Edmond. Though, let it be said that the Portland Police Gestapo never miss a chance to capitalize on crime and tragedy.

The whole gang-violence thing is largely blown out of purportion - meant to extract fear out of people and lobby for [even more] funds for cops and the cop union. What i witnessed yesterday was only a small result of such fear-mongering of crime, percieved or otherwise. The old man who was being surrounded by these pigs was hardly any more of a threat than the puppy he was watching. Most of the youths or youth people in that area are students - NOT gang members. Yet, this area around N. Killingsworth/Albina/MLK is practically a police occupied zone. The parking lot of the corner store was practically filled with cop cars - all of an un-leashed dog! This is unacceptable.

Btw, sorry that the photos here cannot be enlarged on this site. However, if you go to my blog all the same photos are there and you can blow them up to their original size.

copwatching 18.May.2011 11:28

Joe Anybody

Thanks for posting this article Damose(A)

As much of a "non-story" as tis whole event is the facts that the police make (sic)it into a four car stop IS THE STORY! (now)

What you are bringing to light, here on PIMC, .....IS THE STORY and the CONCERN from (we/us) community.

Thanks for "reporting" what you see going on in "our neighborhoods" especially when its unnecessary authoritarian bullcrap that needs to stop.

Thanks for "taking the time" to stop and copwatch and then share the info w/ all of us here on indymedia

not a big fan of pitbulls in the hood 21.May.2011 09:39


they're often used for dogfighting.

stop breeding and owning animals already.

what are the chances that dog is going to be spayed or neutered, or just made to keep breeding? Zero. Rescuers will eventually be trying to save this dog and his/her offspring.