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Is sex the new political weapon of choice in America?

Why is Governor Kitzhbaber, Schaufler, and Prozansky really pushing SB 67 which will please predatory sex offenders and dilute the "List"? Is it a personal vendetta against a certain whistle blower?
First they came for the....
First they came for the....
Below is a public comment and expose documenting the corruption in Oregon:
The Honorable John Kroger
Oregon Department of Justice
Salem, OR 97301-4096

Re: Urgent request for review of Senate Bill 67.

Dear Mr. Kroger:

I am writing to request your urgent review of Senate Bill 67, which if passed under the " exigent circumstances" claimed by Governor Kitzhaber will violate, without recourse, both the Oregon and the United States Constitution due process protections. The bell can not be unrung. Further, the Bill in its current form will also violate the Americans with Disabilities Act by providing no exemption to persons with severe disabilities, such as myself, who will further be targeted by media inspired vigilantes, such as Lars Larson and John Strong.

The enclosed letter, dated April 29, 2011, to the Judiciary Committee of the House explains in detail the basis for my legal argument, along with an emotional appeal to the Legislature that the further humiliation of those who are considered to be "low risk registered sex offenders" is unjustified, and certainly without proof of any clear and present danger justifying the immediate need for a change in the current law.

The recidivism rate among "low risk RSOs" is less than 4%. These individuals mostly wish to live a better, more responsible life and have worked to meet their obligations to the State with the belief they could someday put their mistake behind them. If SB 67 passes, these men will definitely lose hope of ever redeeming themselves, and perhaps inspire more criminal conduct among the most desperate. The already disparate, horrific impact that effects any person, mostly men, who have been labeled as "sex offenders" seeking employment or housing is well documented. It should be noted, most of the men who are labeled as "low risk RSOs" accepted plea bargains with the understanding that they would not be publicly humiliated, similar to "predatory sex offenders", by the State of Oregon as proposed under this Bill. It could be argued that the Bill, if applied retroactively, would be a breach of those contracts by the State without just cause or due process.

Finally, my enclosed personal autobiography, "Two America's: Diary of a Blind Activist," leaves me to further believe that John Kitzhaber's Senate Bill 67 is intended to punish me, personally and selectively, for having exercised my First Amendment right to free speech -- to criticize the vocational rehabilitation and justice system in America, and how it treats men with disabilities.

your time in defending the rights of 'all' Oregonians under the State Constitution is deeply appreciated.

Donald R. Wolfe



Re: Public comments in opposition to Senate Bill 67.

29 April 2011

Dear Representative Krieger and Representative Barker,
And members of the Judiciary Committee:

Your time is deeply appreciated. I am grateful for the opportunity and your patience in allowing me to articulate what appears to be the lone voice in opposition to SB 67 -- in what I am sure is a very difficult and tragic issue for you to create fair, effective legislation that protects potential victims of sex related crimes while not trampling over the rights of the accused. I will begin by sharing a little about myself and explain why I am compelled to write to you regarding this specific Bill.

I am severely visually-impaired and my vision has been limited to only light perception for about the last twenty years. I was born with a condition called Retinitus Pigmentosa and began wearing very thick glasses when I was about five-years-old.

I came to Oregon in 1998, and became the first blind census taker in the history of the northwest, according to an April 2000 article in the Eugene RegisterGuard. At the same time, I decided to sever all of my ties with the state agency for the blind (OCB) shortly after being sexually propositioned by an employee in the presence of my vocational counselor, Kathlene O'Giblien, who laughed. I feel that most of the difficulties I have endured over the last ten years are a result of having reported this and other questionable activities and incidents involving Ms. O'Giblien and her immediate supervisor, Linda Mock, to Governor John Kitzhaber and State Attorney General Hardy Myers.

As described in detail in the article attached below ("Two America's: Diary of a Blind Activist"), I feel the harsh treatment I received because of a 2004 erroneous allegation made against me by my thirteen-year-old step-daughter of having touched her breast in a sexual manner three years earlier, a Measure 11 Offense, was influenced by the sexual harassment complaint I filed in 2000 against several employees with the OCB.

In 2001, I found myself in a relationship with a woman with two daughters where over time I discovered there were very few appropriate, healthy boundaries. However, as I stated in writing before each of the eight polygraph exams I passed, I , despite having hundreds of opportunities, never attempted to solicit sex from either of my two step-daughters. I was very much in love with my wife at the time, and was deeply troubled by these circumstances and didn't know where to turn for help. But I was also unwilling to report her odd behavior or walk away from her and my son, Abraham--

As a result, in February of 2005, I was coerced into accepting a plea bargain and became a 'low risk registered sex offender'. But what I really became was the target of anyone with an axe to grind, such as my ex, Libby Rascon, Dorothy Rasche KGW Channel 8, and Portland Timbers play-by-play announcer, John Strong.

Because of my disability - complete blindness, I am deeply concerned this Bill in its current form will place my safety at a significant risk to vindictive, opportunistic individuals such as this unless your committee makes some changes that will exempt the following citizens:
1.Those who signed a binding contract with the State based on certain understandings and conditions (unlike those who were convicted by a jury of their peers), and who have fulfilled those conditions of supervision and treatment in good faiththat they would not be punished further;
2. Those with severe disabilities, such as myself, who can not defend themselves against attacks from self-righteous vigilantes, such as Ms. Rasche and her friend, Ronald Holland [Multnomah County, Case No. 0608903, filed June 29, 2009].

Specifically, I am writing to go on the record as strongly opposing Senate Bill 67, which appears to unfairly target "low risk" registered sex offenders in Oregon, retroactively. I understand this bill has been referred to your Committee for review, and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to reject this Bill in its current form as it violates both the State Constitution and the Federal Constitution on several grounds, and breaches the contract that the State has made with current low risk RSOs who signed plea bargains based on an understanding about their obligations and requirements, which have been completed in good faith and which this Bill appears to disregard.

At the very least, I encourage the Judicial Committee reject Governor John Kitzhaber's erroneous claim that there is a "'public urgency' to publicize on the State's website the names, faces and general residencies of low risk "RSOs immediately upon his signing, and to re-classify low risk offenders, as the national registry will automatically do once the names and personal information is transmitted by the Oregon State Police.

By allowing no opportunity to challenge the law in its current version The State will instantly deny 15,000 Oregonians, mostly men, a reasonable opportunity to exercise due process and formally challenge the constitutionality of the current version of the law before it is implemented and the State of Oregon sanctions the permanent stain that publishing this personal information about those who are committed to redeeming themselves over the Internet will due.

As you know, the bell can not be unrung, and for the safety of myself and other low risk RSOs who have been targeted by unscrupulous and self-serving individuals, you will place those of us who accepted a plea bargain, and who have successfully completed our supervision and treatment, at high risk and further abuse.

You may not have considered the negative effect of this Bill, SB 67 which will violate the right to due process to those who have completed supervision and treatment, and who have not "re-offended". By the automatic re-classification that will occur when the State transmits this personal information to the U.S. Department of Justice Oregon will violate the right to due process of all "low risk" RSOs who are not also placed into the lowest level on the federal registry since the national registry under the Adam Walsh Act has three levels while Oregon has only two classifications.

On a more emotional plea, I strongly urge you to oppose advancement of this bill under its current form since it mostly targets men who were unable to hire private attorneys. Often those who are represented by often over worked or seemingly indifferent public defenders feel they have less opportunity to prove their innocence because of their financial circumstances, and therefore, had no choice other than to accept a plea bargain for a lesser charge, rather than risk a harsh prison sentence based on a trumped up charge, as police and district attorneys knowingly file with little supporting evidence -- knowing how easily it is for the prosecutor to obtain an indictment against anyone, including a "ham sandwich".

As those of us in the Portland area have observed first-hand through the proceedings that followed the shooting of Aaron Campbell in the back by police, the district attorney can easily manipulate the outcome of any grand jury hearing by withholding certain critical witnesses and misrepresenting the credibility of other witnesses. It is common for DDAs to present evidence to the grand jury in a way they know would not be admissible at trial in most jurisdictions, or by coaching witnesses prior to their testimony, as now disgraced Washington County Prosecutor, Gregory W. Olson, did in my case on December 30, 2004.

Senate Bill 67 is very likely to, by its implementation, violate the right of any RSO who has already been classified by either the Court or a therapist licensed by the State of Oregon. While I understand the decision is not binding in Oregon, I would point out that the same argument could be made about SB 67 that was recently made in Ohio. Because of a law passed by the Ohio legislature, that is similar to Oregon's proposed law, it was challenged and ruled to be that the law is a violation of that state's constitution on June 3, 2010 by the Ohio Supreme Court in Bodyke vs, Ohio ( R.C. Chapter 2950 - Sex offenders - R.C. 2950.031 and2950.032, violates separation of powers by requiring the executive branch of the federal government to reclassify sex offenders already classified by [State] court order and professionally trained treatment providers).

Even if the Bill is revised to order all affected citizens to appear in court for a second sex offender classification hearing or be re-classified by licensed sex offender treatment therapists it will violate the rights of those who have completed their obligations and who are no longer under supervision.

Even if the legislature believes it is appropriate to place "low risk" RSOs at further risk and expose them to additional public humiliation, the State of Oregon needs to first create three levels of classification before it can adopt the federal classification if it wishes to not violate due process rights. This is because there is no opportunity to challenge the new classification by the U.S. Department of Justice for those who have already been classified by the State, and who have successfully completed supervision and treatment. I feel the argument in Bodyke is equally valid in Oregon who, like Ohio, also has only two levels of classification. Beyond the decision in Bodyke that the state law should not be applied retroactively to persons who have already been classified, I would also argue that the law should not be applied retroactively to those who have completed supervision, and did so in good faith based on a binding contract with the state under the terms of a formal plea bargain.

I feel it could be fairly argued that the immediate implementation of SB 67 under "exigent circumstances" is also a violation of the Separation of Powers by the State. Every citizen or entity effected by any new Oregon law deserve the right and opportunity to challenge any suspected constitutional violation. Clearly Governor Kitzhaber's personal rush to inflict further punishment on the least likely to "re-offend" does not out way every citizen's right to challenge the constitutionality of any law passed by either the legislature or the ballot. The right to redress one's grievance is paramount to the authority of the state over its citizens.

Every American citizen must be granted the right to Due Process, to not be held in Double Jeopardy and not be subjected to Ex Post Facto laws. Personally, I feel this change in the current law is unnecessary , and will further remove any possibility to come to terms with the already devastating affect of being labeled as an RSO.

To allow the federal government to apply, without due process, a new classification, as will occur, and to be subjected to a new set of registry requirements which would be imposed by the federal government is a violation of both the Oregon and U.S. Constitutions. I feel Senate bill 67 violates the Due Process, Double Jeopardy and Ex Post Facto clauses of both our state and federal Constitutions.

In addition to the constitutional violations of any law which attempts to retroactively reclassify offenders and to impose new and more stringent sex offender registry requirements, there are several other factors which the Legislature should carefully consider when drafting any future sex offender legislation.

Firstly, there is no empirical or statistical data or evidence to support the contention that public sex offender registries have any
effect on recidivism or public safety. In fact, the only data correlating these two factors is in opposition to popular conception.
Publicly-accessible sex offender registries actually serve to isolate and humiliate individuals to the point where they cannot build family and social support systems necessary to live productive and law-abiding lives. Along with residency restrictions, these public registries are no less than a Scarlet Letter
which brands individuals, often for a lifetime from normal social life and interaction.

Public sex offender registries do not prevent crimes. National media sensationalistic news reports of hideous sex offenses actually support this contention. In recent years, the highest profile news stories of sex offenses have involved persons who were either not RSOs (about 95% of new sex crimes) or actively compliant "predatory" sex offenders. These registries are simply a means for legislators to appear tough on sex crimes by throwing a wide net that disproportionately effects poor and low income men, and perhaps, an excuse for the public to feel better.
But the harm they do in the lives and families of tens of thousands of Oregon citizens caught up in the registry net is dramatic.

A popular myth is that sex offenders have a high recidivism rate. The statistical data proves this to be false. The U.S. Department of Justice statistics
refute this myth. USDOJ data reports that "Recidivism Rates of Sexual Offenders (5.3% re-arrested, 3.3% of Child victimizers re-arrested)"
( http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=1136)

Finally, this sort of change in the law is unjust and unwarranted. Most of the individuals who would be affected by legislation such as SB 67 are those who made a terrible error in their lives many years ago (often times 10 -20 years ago). They have been living law-abiding, productive lives in the years since they served their debt to society. All of us make mistakes in our lives, yet sex
offenders are the only group to which we give no second chance. If the laws are in place at the time of conviction, there's no argument. But imposing new
laws in order to recapture those who completed their obligations many years ago is simply immoral and wrong.

I urge you to strongly oppose Senate Bill 67 and any future legislation which attempts to retroactively classify those who are considered to be of "low risk" and who have long since satisfied all registration requirements of their agreement to the State of Oregon.


Don Wolfe

CC: The Honorable John Kroger - Oregon State Attorney General


Diary of a Blind ACTIVIST
By Don Wolfe


In the late spring of 1998, I moved to Oregon seeking a better life, when they took away that plan. Somehow I think life is really about re-inventing yourself, and never giving up...and never say DIE!
My application to the University of Kentucky Law School had been turned down with no explanation even though I had graduated with honors with a 3.54 G.P.A. Apparently, my lack of blue blood did matter... The denial came just weeks after I began raising questions publicly about an employee of the University, Earl Moore, and one of the university's tech guys who were marketing their private adaptive equipment within the University's disability office. It was a coercive environment and an unfair trade practice, and a violation of the university's alleged 'code of conduct'. Jake Karnes, the director of the disability office, was furious went I went public with this information, and as almost all able-bodied people who are appointed for political reasons to rule over the "cripples always do", like Linda Mock, Lynda van Doran, and the O'Gibliens, he got even-
Karnes had pulled me into his office three weeks before I got the nefarious letter of denial from Drusilla Bakkard, who's wicked name matched her even more wicked personality. Rather than fighting against the ruthless power of Mitch McConnell and the oligarchy of Kentucky, I headed west to Oregon to work on the next medical marijuana bill scheduled for vote that coming fall. Little did I know that I was leaving a right-winged oligarchy for a left-winged oligarchy, even more ruthless and vicious then Mitch's bitches --
a nickname I gave to Drusilla and the Law School's Board of Admissions. I was born in Washington State, so I suppose I thought of the northwest as being home. Yet, I learned quickly that I was an 'outsider' to those who own the justice system. And just as tens of thousands of young, ambitious men who came to Oregon were kidnapped, loaded aboard ships and forced to work or be thrown overboard until the 1970's, soon, another ambitious man became the human property of these political-predators and human traffickers for speaking out-
That fall, I became a sub-contractor with, and a client of, the Oregon Commission for the Blind, and immediately found myself being sexually propositioned and groped by the employees of the agency. This was not uncommon, as I learned from other clients.
On one occasion, a Rehabilitation teacher named Trish came into my vocational counselor's office while I was tying my shoe. Standing directly in front of me she said, "There's something else you can do while you're down there." My vocational counselor, Kathlene O'Giblien, laughed. On another occasion, a different Rehabilitation Teacher, Mary Lee Turner, brushed my hand against the side of her breast and asked me to confirm that she was an "attractive woman". I agreed.
And when I wrote to the Assistant Administrator, Linda Mock, about some of this, she sent me an E mail, on a State account, referring to me as being an 'erect penis' in so many words. Or at least, that was her intent. Two years later, she was promoted to head the state agency for the blind by the newly elected Governor, Theodore Kulongoski. In concluding his first State-of-the-State address, he concluded by pronouncing his unyielding support to the state agency responsible for the practice of forced segregation - "The Oregon Commission for the Blind."
It soon became clear to me that the agency was funneling millions of dollars into the pockets of friends and lovers of the employees and administrators, and openly engaged in a practice of 'restraint of trade' against otherwise qualified male technical support specialists who were blind. And because I was unwilling to play ball, so to speak, I became the target of a lot of powerful people, including the current Governor and his staff.
In the spring of 2000, my girlfriend/roommate at the time, Olga, who was also blind, and I were attacked by a man in Eugene, Oregon while walking home. Funny thing, the District Attorney Douglas Harcleroad, a good friend of the O'Gibliens, didn't prosecute the guy who first attacked us on the city bus and then stalked us on the way home and attempted to rob us. About a month later, our dog, Diva, was fatally-poisoned and Olga moved to California. Harcleroad and the crackerjack Eugene Police said there was no connection between the two events...and despite the growing evidence of the Oregon cabal set out to destroy me, as promised, I made the grave mistake of staying in Oregon, believing this was my home, too. The front page article from the Register-Guard describing my heroic battle against this fellow was posted on my "friend", Frank's, wall, where his ex, Christel Lynn Wolff [Wolfe,Purcell, Rascon], saw it. She waited around there for weeks, until we met. Five days later, we were in bed together, and four months later we were engaged. But suddenly, she moved our family to Beaverton, Oregon. I later found evidence that she had been having an affair with our priest, Father Scott. Not surprisingly, the priest was transferred in 2001 from St. Mary's Church in Eugene to a parish in Beaverton, a few blocks from the apartment my soon-to-be-wife selected in August of 2001.
In the late spring of 2004, I threatened to turn my wife in for child abuse and expose her affairs with Father Scott and a few other men. She immediately filed for divorce and was befriended by Clackamas County Circuit Judge Douglas van Dyk. With the help of his co-worker and friend, Mel Olson, who worked along side Judge van Dyk in the Clackamas County Juvenile Court Unit, and apparently his friend and neighbor, U.S. Representative Darlene Hooley, and other politicians and public officials from Clackamas, Marion, Lane and Washington Counties, it became clear that I had become the target of the State, and strategically labeled, with the help of the Commission, and based on a willful misinterpretation of the RegisterGuard article, as being mentally ill and extremely dangerous.
I learned years ago that the Bush Administration and his Department of inJustice had placed my name on several 'government watch lists' because of my past history as an activist. When I lived in Atlanta they sent this former-ATF guy into my house to "repair" the bathroom tile. Since my dad had built several houses from scratch, it was pretty obvious after the first day (of a two week job) that this guy didn't know anything about laying tile...
For many years, I argued for the legitimate use of medical marijuana by persons with disabilities. Along with ending the practice of segregating blind citizens seeking additional education or vocational support/training, I had also begun to realize the injustice of the Iraqi War and begun to speak out publicly against it. In the summer of 2004, ironically, I campaigned for U.S. Representative Hooley and Senator John Kerry out of their Lake Oswego Office. When I learned that John Foote had allowed the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office to be used to help create the 'Swift Boat ads', I openly protested against the Assistant District Attorney who was responsible, demanding that he be fired and prosecuted. At the same time, I protested against Carl Rove and the Bush Administration over the false claims they made for going to war against Iraq by writing letters to the editor, sending E mails, and calling into several of the local right-wing radio programs, including Victoria Taft and Dope Larson.
I had always been an out-spoken advocate against the vocational rehabilitation system in America. As a boy, I was one of dozens of young boys who were molested by the gym coach at the school for the blind in Michigan, while his son Jeff stood watch. He made us swim naked. That's probably why I became such a fast swimmer, eventually... When I returned to the public school where we lived in Eaton Rapids, at age sixteen, I was beat up by a couple guys from the wrestling team and seduced by the special education teacher, who was thirty-two-years-old and married.
And again, while waiting for my application to law school at the University of Kentucky, my vocational counselor with the Kentucky Department for the Blind, slipped her hand over mine on a return trip from Dr. Musick's office, the ophthalmologist, and said so sexy, "Don, you can have anything you want-" If it weren't for all the other stuff that happened around these Rehab people, probably would have said "yes". Lord knows, there's nothing sweeter on earth than the sound of a Kentucky woman's voice...


The real nightmare began in the late summer, early fall of 2004 when "Judge van Dagot", as she fondly called him, was seduced by my wife, Christel, but not like he wasn't ready and willing to help- I suspect this is when they began conspiring together to get even, although the Judge probably really believed her, or wanted to believe her. Men always do... Christel, a 2005 graduate of Marylhurst's Art Department, decided to have me falsely-arrested for an alleged seemingly minor sexual offense against my step-daughter, supposedly, for touching her breast in a sexual manner and coercing her to do so, three years earlier. I don't think Christel realized that they were planning to put me away for six years, when she and her mother came up with this plan earlier that summer.
While the investigation was going on, I knew I was being set up, but I couldn't find my voice, and as angry as I was at her, I couldn't say what I knew, and suspected. She said Circuit Judge Douglas Victor van Dyk was manipulating my case and coming on to her. She said that she suspected there was some funny business going on between him and his adopted, developmentally-disabled Asian daughter. She referred to this in several E mails from my Portland State University account, which the cops and the FBI were reading...yet they arrested me!
Christel told me how Judge van Dyk wanted her to dress up my step-daughter to look 'younger' to attend a fund raising event at the Judge's home, for his 2004 campaign. My step-daughter said there were a lot of "really important people there", apparently including U.S. Representative Hooley. She said she got to be in a "movie" wit the Judge and Miss Hooley. Obviously, a political propaganda piece, to document their participation in nailing the dangerous 'blind alleged sexual offender!
On another occasion that same fall, the Judge called the Police and claimed I was molesting my step-daughter at my wife's apartment, although I hadn't been there for days. Sometime after midnight one night, two West Linn Police Officers came to her door wit their guns out, and demanded to search the residence, looking for me, hoping to surprise me, I suspect....and perhaps, silence me for good- Apparently, the good judge forgot to tell them that I was blind. "It was an unfortunate accident," I could hear John Foote saying...like they always do-
Based on my experience as a client and sub-contractor with the Oregon Commission for the Blind, and given how my wife and mother-in-law were so blatantly sexual, it seemed like this was just the way people acted out here, in the wild west. My wife collected explicit magazines and books, and shared them with her daughters. In their presence, she regularly sketched or painted naked people, including me, and enjoyed watching porn during our sexual encounters.
Once after we had made love and I was beginning to fall asleep, I heard the girls, ages five and nine, climb out of the closet and tip toe out of the room. I realize now that my wife had probably allowed her daughters to watch us having sex several times, just as her and her sister had been indoctrinated by her mother, Kimberley Cooley, who was a clerk with the V.A. in both Eugene and Roseburg.
There were few boundaries, and there was a lot of verbal horsing around in the presence of her children, which she later strategically used against me, while pretending to support me. Obviously, knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have stayed with someone like this, but, at the time, I didn't want to lose her, or my three-year-old son, Abraham. I suppose by not standing up to her sooner, I am responsible for what went on, but the process never allowed the truth, the whole truth to come forward.
My wife's new powerful friend headed up the Domestic Violence Task Force for Clackamas County, and maybe that's how they met, but I suspect the Commission had something to do with this in the beginning. Judge van Dyk, who is an able-bodied, white man, and whose law practiced was limited to construction and labor cases mostly in the City of Beaverton and Washington County (What a coincidence!), and was also appointed to be chairman of the Oregon BAR's affirmative Action Committee (Wonder if he knows Judge Lopez?). It appears that Clackamas County Circuit Judge van Dyk may have used these position to solicit sexual favors from abused women, including those vindictive, manipulative women claiming to be abused by their spouses (Like Christel and her mom?), and upwardly, mobile young female attorneys seeking a key "position", like getting into the DA's office in either Multnomah or Washington Counties.
My wife described to me how she saw dozens of cuts on the body of a thirteen-year-old, developmentally-disabled girl, of Asian descent, that Judge van Dyk had adopted a few years earlier. According to my wife, despite allegations made by other students to teachers and counselors at their middle school in West Linn that Judge van Dyk may be sexually molesting his adopted daughter, it appeared as though the West Linn Chief of Police and county officials, including District Attorney John Foote, may have covered up any effort to investigate the Judge, who was described in one publication as one of the "rising stars" in the Democratic Party of Oregon.
After being arrested by Beaverton Police at eight in the morning, in January of 2005, two weeks prior to the second Bush inauguration (What a coincidence!), I was booked into the Washington County (What a coincidence!)Jail and charged with allegedly touching my step-daughter's breast in a sexual manner three years earlier when she was ten-years-old, which is a Measure 11 Offense. There were no eye-witnesses or any physical evidence to support the allegation against me, but I did admit to the lack of healthy boundaries, which was more than enough to come after me, but apparently not enough to charge the one who established those boundaries - "The wifiepoo". Hmmm... Despite this, getting an indictment from a Grand Jury against me, while covering up my wife's role in what really happened and her many past affairs, was clearly the first step in carrying out this conspiracy, and making sure she didn't start talking-
In October of 2004, Beaverton Detective Dennis Marley received a letter from my wife in which she admitted to allowing her ten-year-old daughter to get into bed with "them", even though she admitted that she knew her boyfriend [me] was "naked" at the time. The District Attorney and the Police made no effort to indict my wife, but had only one intention -- to persecute me to the full extent under their "law". Because of her age when the alleged incident took place, the penalty was substantially increased to six and one half years in prison.


I was never fed or given water that first day, and I was kind of in shock I think. "sit up straight!" I was told several times, I think I spent about ten or twelve hours in that chair , but time seemed meaningless. Apparently, an inmate had handed out bags of food for lunch and dinner, but didn't know I was blind and so assumed I didn't want anything since I didn't raise my hand when he came around, like everyone else. And the deputies were busy joking around about some former-inmate, named "Rick", that was found dead, according to the evening news that was blasting out of a television from across the room. Eventually, one of the nurses gave me something for my headache and a glass of water that evening, and said she would see what she could do about eating, but it wasn't until some time around midnight before I got some food, just before being taken to a cell. You can tell by my mug shot that I wasn't feeling very well, and I think they do that intentionally to create the worse possible mug shot they can and use it to embarrass people later...but it got worse-
For the first couple weeks - about twenty-three and one half hours per day - I was kept alone in a cement room in the lock-down, Isolation Bubble, off of the Medical Observation Unit. This five cell area - the 'Isolation Bubble', where they kept the mentally ill and the most dangerous inmates, was segregated by a thick metal door from the general Medical Unit. All of the cells faced each other and the cement walls and floors made every sound echo and reverberate, exponentially. What turned out to be the worse, was that the stainless steel toilets were connected through the wall and were perfect targets for kicking. The screaming and pounding never stopped. When one crazed inmate would fall asleep after eight or ten hours of yelling and pounding, on the wall, the door, and the toilet, another would start up. And when I asked the guards if they would please make them stop, they would say, 'We're doing something about that' or they would just tell me to, "shut up!" But nothing was ever really done....
I was not aware until May of 2007 that the Washington County Jail has a 'Special Needs Pod' [Pod 7], which would have made my original incarceration tolerable, and I would have never agreed to sign or say anything, except the absolute truth.
To help distract from the growing madness I felt, I asked several of the guards if I could possibly have a small portable radio (although Portland radio really sucks)or my talking book machine. I was told no, though other inmates were able to watch television from their cells and there was a full rack of printed books to choose from. Not even my requests to three different chaplains for a Braille bible to read was ever granted, despite their promises. Reading anything, would have helped me keep focused, and mentally able to assist in my own defense...presumably, a constitutional right in America. but which America?
Those of us locked in the Medical Observation Unit were never given fresh air, unlike the inmates in the general population which had a small outside area for each pod. At night, the cells in the Isolation Bubble filled with a strong odor of smoke from burning chimneys in the neighborhood, forcing us to sleep some nights with the wool blankets over our mouths.
Unlike the general population, we were made to eat in our cells; there were no tables or chairs in any cell. If you can't see, you really need both hands to eat, and so I kept dropping my food or the plate when I tried to rest it on my lap -- holding the spoon with one hand I used my other fingers to guide the food into the spoon. often, i just laid on the dirty, cold cement floor to eat. Even my request for some cleaning materials was denied. I was told that they felt it wouldn't be safe because of my blindness. I later found out that they regularly gave cleaning supplies to other inmates to use, who were not blind. This was really sickening since as a blind person I was encouraged as a boy from an early age to sit to urinate rather than always having to mark my territory. My cell and toilet were disgustingly filthy, until I agreed to take their plea bargain, to get out. Then suddenly, everything changed.
But I was never really the same after the first couple days of that shit! The continuous screaming and pounding coming from the cell next to mine and across the way, literally, made me feel insane after awhile. By the end of the first week, I was starting to really lose it and couldn't sleep or think straight. What was happening was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I couldn't think or focus on my situation anymore.
The only time I had ever been in a jail cell happened when I was nineteen. We were leaving a minor league baseball game in Jacksonville, Florida, and I was holding my friend, Tennessee John's, elbow because of my night blindness. Back then, I still had a little bit of sight, except at night. These guys started heckling us, saying we were "gay". John took off toward one of them, and a moment later the other one punched me square in the mouth. A few seconds later, he was laying flat on his face, where I was holding him down. When the police came up, they just arrested John and me and never even asked how the confrontation started. A few hours later I was released, that time. I was told by a Jacksonville Judge my record had been expunged but the Washington County Public Pretender Greg Scholl, allowed them to use it against me as well-
In 2005, during one of my half hour breaks out of the cell, I got another inmate to write a note for me which I had him labeled as 'habeas corpus' and had him mailed it to Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Letourneau, asking for some kind of relief. I was desperate, and for some funny reason, the excessively-obese attorney, Mr. Scholl (who was apparently assigned to screw up my case and was probably given the County's Public Defenders executive Director's position in exchange for selling me out) was doing nothing. When we met, he marched into the Jail with two other people, including an even more obese man named Bernard Moore, and said, with pride, he have a private investigator working on my case for him as well, but it was all for show, so I wouldn't object to his perverse representation. No formal hearing for my 'motion for habeas corpus' was ever granted. And twice the Public Defender cancelled my bail hearings, claiming the Jail needed to interview me and do a 'post release evaluation report'. And not only did the Public Defender fail to lower my $250,000 bail any where close to the amount I told him I had available - $25,000 (requiring 10% - $2,500), but no one ever did speak to me about doing a 'post release evaluation report' before the bail hearing, although apparently, one was submitted to the Court.
The Public Defender failed to file even one motion demanding that the Jail provide me with some basic level of humanity. But he did nothing, even when I was put back into the Isolation Bubble with a convicted murderer, who threatened to infect me with Hepatitis C.
I believe the Jail and the Public Defender, on behalf of the district attorneys wanted me to suffer, to make it easier on the prosecutors, Gregory W. Olson and Robert Hermann, by forcing me into accepting a plea bargain for "attempted sex abuse" -- a crime I did not commit, and permanently being discredited - the ultimate goal...to silence another whistle blower-
After about two weeks of suffering, in the middle of the night, with toilet paper stuffed in both of my ears and tears running down my cheeks, one of the few decent deputies I met in there, moved me from the crazy-making, Isolation Bubble into the general medical unit, with a half-Mexican fellow from Sacramento named Chris. We talked and read the bible together until he was transferred into the general population a few days later.
When I was cleared to go back to the general population by the medical staff myself, the jailers refused to move me and wouldn't tell me why. I just know after a couple weeks I began to crave the taste of fresh air in the Medical Unit, being in what seemed like an underground tomb. Finally, one deputy claimed it was for my own safety that I was being held in the Isolation Bubble of the Medical Observation Unit; I was being kept isolated solely because I am blind, with no regard to the effect on my mental health and my rights as an accused defendant awaiting trial.
I think their reasons were far more nefarious. If they wanted to use conventional or subtle forms of torture as coercive persuasion, especially to someone who was blind and partially deaf and would already be naturally disoriented, then the Isolation Bubble of the Medical Observation Unit was the perfect place to carry out such a plan. Especially, if the objective was to force the individual to comply, then 'disorientating them' and 'placing them in fear of their life' would likely work. It did with me, after about thirty-two days.
Common techniques used in classical brainwashing have been found to work by causing a cortical inhibition of the higher cerebral function which are key elements of coercive persuasion: physical exhaustion; denial of food; isolation; debilitation; degradation; discipline; and fear. All of these techniques, when directed to a person being held in captivity, are described by the C.I.A., Amnesty International, and under international Law and the Geneva Convention, as being "forms of torture". The Washington County Sheriff, Rob Gordon, had all of these techniques used against me by his deputies.
Naomi Klein's international best-seller, "The Shock Doctrine" describes specifically the first technique of torture used against me. She described how the University of Chicago published a study in which they referred to this willful practice as being the 'twin torture technique', in which the captor is subjected to extreme sensory depravation, followed by, or corresponding with, sensory overload. The screaming and pounding never stopped, in the Isolation Bubble-
A few days later, after my cell mate, Chris, was transferred, instead of moving some one into this cell with me, located in the general Medical Observation Unit area, a female deputy, who had begun targeting me with verbal abuse, forced me back into the Isolation Bubble with the tireless screamers, but this cell was different than the other one since it had two bunks.
I soon learned that the fellow in the other bed, which was nothing more than a raised cement slab that resembled a crypt, had hurt his feet running from the police a week earlier after blasting his way out of a Scapoose hotel room, with a shotgun. The prosecutor Greg Olson had practiced law in Scapoose, Oregon, coincidentally. As though he had been coached, he was anxious to tell me that he spent eighteen years in prison, mostly for murdering one of his cell mates that pissed him off. Every time I would start to fall asleep, he would yell, "Wake up!" I asked the guards to "PLEASE" move me, AND TELL HIM TO KNOCK IT OFF! But they usually told me to "shut up!", or just ignored me. It didn't make any sense to me at the time; why WOULD they let him terrorize me JUST when I would START TO fall asleep? apparently, MAKING ME Feel sleep deprived, ONCE again, appeared to be part of the process of breaking the accused defendant down.
When the guard brought the commissary order sheet they told my cell mate to help. He said I needed to give him half my order for his help, or he wouldn't do anything with it, and added, he would make sure I caught his Hepatitis C. I asked him how he planned to do that, since I figured he would have to rape me or cut me to infect me. However, he explained that he only needed to rub my tooth brush against his gums a few times while I was out of the cell. I thought about my toothbrush being wet that morning when I came back from my shower, and wondered. I agreed to do what he asked. But it was two years until I found the courage to discover if he actually had infected me; I've was really not wanting to go back to the doctor and find out the results of the blood test I took in the spring of 2006, and that was, thankfully, negative.
I wasn't sure how he knew about the false charges that had been leveled against me by the Deputy District Attorney, but he did. He told me that he would definitely see me at the State Penitentiary down in Salem. He kept asking me if I knew what they do to people like me down there, and went on to explain that before they kill me, which they would definitely do to someone like me, with the help of the guards, they would hold me down and... He laughed, and said he belonged to this group, and asked me if I knew anything about "Aleister Crowley"?
After about a week or two of being terrorized every day by this really creepy guy, and some of the deputies; I was in tears again, and called Christel and told her that I couldn't take any more of this and would agree to any kind of plea bargain, even though I knew they monitored all of our telephone calls. I didn't care. I just wanted to get out. Even prison, if they isolated me, would be better than this. In prison you can have a radio and a guitar, and a cell with a somewhat private toilet to use, privately... By now, I was starting to really go a little crazy from being so isolated from anything familiar. And it seemed like the Murderer was just waiting for an excuse to jump on me, and to probably kill me in self-defense. that's what they would say, I'm sure. In an open space, maybe I could defend myself, but not in there- I could tell that he was well over six feet tall and sounded pretty big, and really stunk! I'm barely five-nine, about a hundred and eighty-five pounds.
So, the next day, I told the attorney, assigned to presumably represent my interests, Greg Scholl, in yet another unanswered telephone message that I finally had had enough and would accept what ever plea bargain he could get, if they would just "please Let me out of this hell!".
And then like magic, right away, good things started happening. One of the guards offered to help me fill out a request form that would allow Christel to bring me a deck of Braille cards and a Braille book from home. This was strange, since when I asked Sergeant Brown before about this he made it clear that it was firm jail policy that all publications or materials, such as books or playing cards, must come straight from the publisher or manufacturer, for safety reasons.
The best thing that happened that week was that they moved the Murderer out of my cell and moved a friendly, petty-criminal fellow named Thornburg in. We talked about opening a place called "Thornyburgers" and came up with a jingle and a Thornyburger menu. They even let Thornburg clean our cell, including the toilet.
Having to use the toilet in the presence of female guards was surely the most humiliating experience of all since the toilet was in plain view of the door and the guards, who would promptly come around every fifteen minutes. Some of them would tap on the glass when they saw me using the toilet, as if to humiliate me further. It wasn't clear to me when they were watching, since I couldn't hear much of anything through the glass cell door. It was truly degrading to have someone of the opposite gender, who was a stranger, watching while I was using the bathroom, or worse, never really knowing when, or if, they were watching-
The Washington County Jail's Medical Observation Unit and the Special Needs Pod both have a cell with a private shower and a somewhat more secluded toilet that would have effectively accommodated someone in my circumstances and provided some degree of privacy, had it been there intentions to allow me to await trial with some small degree of dignity and comfort. For that matter, putting me on home arrest, where I could use my computer, telephone and research and writing skills to mount my own defense, would have been the just thing for Judge Letourneau to do, given my circumstances. The State violated my most basic Constitutional right, to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and has continued to punish me for sharing my experience with you.
Even when I agreed to what they wanted, the harassment continued. One of the female deputies, who had put me in with the murderer, continued badgering me, including once, in my presence, telling Thornburg that I was faking my blindness to get out of jail.
a few days after I met with the Public Defender about getting out, he had me signing a bunch of pieces of paper that he said had to be signed if I wanted out, but I wasn't really able to focus on what was on them, if anything since I couldn't see them. I just didn't care any more. I do remember that the lawyer said that the District Attorneys, Bob Hermann and Greg Olson, were insisting that I say these seven words. I told Mr. Scholl that I felt this statement was misleading and vague, and not truthful about the way things were. When I suggested we should clarify what really happened, he made one thing perfectly clear. Mr. Scholl assured me that I would spend the next year in jail waiting for trial if I didn't say exactly what 'Hermann's Monsters' wanted, and agree to accept this "great deal" from the prosecutor - become a lifetime felon and a lifetime registered sex offender, and lose access to my son, ABRAHAM!


Little did I know the nightmare had just begun.
On May 14, 2007, they imprisoned me again, for ten days, when they claimed I violated an alleged Directive from, Mickey Jones with Clackamas County Corrections, who was not my probation officer by re-contacting Libby Rascon who was married to a man, Christopher Rascon, who was having an affair with my wife since 2006. Prior to being falsely-imprisoned again, I explained to my Probation Officer, Art Nagel, that Libbie Rascon had called me three times, and showed him the E mail she sent me, inviting me to contact her. I pointed out to him, in writing, that along with being an influential 'power thruster' with the E-Bay corporation and a real con artist, Libbie Rascon was an adjunct computer instructor with Lane Community College and knew how to, and could, easily block my E mail account from sending her any further E mails, if she truly wanted to. Her own divorce papers, filed in Lane County, confirmed her expertise in playing the 'victim', when necessary.
Libbie Rascon and her husband, John Christopher Rascon, became furious when they learned that I included information in my own divorce filings that her husband had broke her wrist during an argument in November of 2006, shortly after he began his affair with my wife. In December of 2006, this creep, Chris Rascon, got up in front of Libby's family, including her dad who was a Eugene cop, and started dribbling about how much he loved Libby!
But they were mostly "mad as hell" because my divorce papers also included information about the secret apartment that Mr. Rascon had secured in May of 2006 where he had been having an affair with my mother-in-law, Kimberley Cooley, who worked with him at the V.A. Hospital in Eugene. In 2004, Christel's sister Raymie told me how Christel was attracted to men her mom had slept with, including the father of her middle child, Richard Wolff. Later Christel began an affair with Rick, the homeless brother of Brenda, Richard Wolff's first wife. And this only begins to scrape the surface of the bloody trail left behind by this twisted Oregon family...who destroyed my life-
When Christel and I met, I learned that my mother-in-law, despite being married, was also having affairs with several men, including a doctor at the hospital, Bill Mitchell, and that the 'happily married' doctor was supplying my mother-in-law with narcotics, "to take the edge off," she said; apparently, in exchange for sexual favors. Often my wife and I were asked to cover for my mother-in-law in the case that her husband, John, who worked at the V.A. Hospital in Roseburg, should happen to call while she was with the 'Good Doctor'. They would usually spend the night at a place in Florence or sometimes, got a room on Franklin Avenue.
There's no doubt in my mind that my mother-in-law, Kim Cooley, was the primary instrument in creating this deception and coaching my step-daughter to grossly embellish the facts, since she herself had so much to loose if I were ever allowed to testify about what I knew. My wife told me how her mother would allow her boyfriends and other male friends to molest her and her younger sister since as far back as she could remember. My wife said that both her mother, and her father, Timothy Purcell, who over dosed on heroin and cocaine in 1985, had given her and her younger sister drugs and alcohol before each of these sexual exploitations began.
My wife told me about one particular trip she remembered taking with her mother in a pick up truck when she was only four-years-old. While her mother, Kim Cooley, and her sister's father, Raymond, sat up front, she and her sister were put in the back with an adult male friend of Raymond's. Although there was no curtain blocking the view, my wife told me how her and her sister cried and screamed while they were being molested and wondering why her mother never once bothered to turned her head to look, or just glance up into the rear view mirror to check on them.
Beginning in April of 2007, Libby Rascon sent several letters claiming I had been harassing her by sending her my E mail Blog - 'Blind Wolfe Blog', to a sadistic supervisor with the sexual Offenders Unit in Clackamas County, Jay Scroggin. It was Mr. Scroggin who arranged to have me falsely imprisoned on May 14th of 2007 to prevent me from testifying on May 17th in Lane County against Clackamas County Judge van Dyk and Libby Rascon's husband and business partner, John Christopher Rascon, and a few of my wife's other lovers. In these letters written to Mr. Scroggin, Libby Rascon revealed her true motivations when she openly described herself as being a friend of my mother-in-law and several employees with the Oregon Commission for the Blind. She states that she was mostly offended by the facts I reported in my Blog about her friends and business partner, which are described above.
And the story gets even more weird- On the evening of May 6th, 2007, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden appeared on the local progressive station, KPOJ (620 AM). During the interview with a couple of Clear Channel shills, Mork and Dork, he mentioned his friendship with the C.E.O. of the E-Bay Corporation, Meg Whitman, and how she had come into see him the previous week to ask a favor. Sadly, they didn't ask the good senator what the favor was that Meg had asked, or if he actually did the favor...or whether it was appropriate or legal for him to do a favor for a citizen of another state? Coincidentally, John Christopher Rascon and his wife, Libby Rascon, who made the false allegation of harassment against me with Clackamas County Corrections in 2007 which prevented me from testifying in Lane County (Douglas Harcleroad's marked territory), were both influential recruiters and contractors with the E-Bay corporation and had a vested interest in not embarrassing the company, its stock holders or its C.E.O., who sold her stock in the company a year later for about one billion dollars. Since Oregon is one of four states that have no limit on campaign contributions, a billion dollars would certainly buy a lot of political favors, like arranging so that a witness might not be able to testify about some possibly damaging evidence that might affect one's stock holdings... We know now Senator Wyden's 'good friend' was planning in 2007 to eventually buy the position of being Governor for the state of California in 2010 -- for the excellent price of $170,000,000. Thankfully, the far right-winged Republican corporatist (phony-feminist)was defeated by the 'Great Champion of Social Justice Jerry Brown'!
My custody/divorce trial was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on May 17, 2007, although I was led to believe by my wife's attorney Michelle Bo Victor it was scheduled for May 24th. Because of the lack of employment opportunities, I was forced to represent myself. Legal Aid took my case, and then dropped it a few weeks later saying that they were planning to merge with Lane County Legal Aid and there would be a conflict of interest...but it sounded like another Oregon scam against me- I sent a note to the Washington County Presiding Judge Susan Upton asking her to notify the Lane County Court on my behalf to postpone the trial, but she did nothing, and all of my rights as a father were summarily taken away by Circuit Judge Charles Carlson and the State of Oregon.
When my Probation Officer, Art Nagel, testified on May 24th of 2007 at my release hearing in Washington County he stated that the Governor's Office was upset because of the nature of my E mail Blog's which I also sent to the Governor's Citizen "Advocate". Privately, my P.O. told me that Clackamas County was pressured by Governor Kulongoski's Office to arrest me, although he personally believed that I had not intentionally violated my conditions. And that, his supervisor, jay Scroggin, with the help of Mickey Jones, had made the decision to falsely-imprison me against his recommendation.
And "Hermann's Monsters" continue to feed on my flesh and blood, last summer, in 2008, the State assigned one of their most vicious vigilantes to watch over me, Eric Knudsen; to seize any opportunity to demean, harass or intimidate me, and further sabotage my effort to rebuild my life and tell my story. He told me he was an alcoholic and a former-Portland Police Officer that used to beat up homeless people. He described in detail, in what seemed like an effort to further intimidate me that once he found this homeless guy in a sleeping bag on some woman's porch, and told me that he began brutally kicking the man. He went on to say that he "used to be a very, VERY, VERY angry man".
Along with one of his friends from the Portland Police Department, ironically, an angry vindictive woman named, Officer Sickcon, it appeared as though he was specifically directed by the State to beat up, figuratively for the moment, one particular, troublesome, government whistle-blowing, "blind activist'.
In February of 2009 Sickcon and Knudsen sent two Portland police officers to my home to publicly embarrass me by showing my neighbors and manager my mug shot and to use their clubs to pound a half dozen dents into the side of the RV camper I just started paying for, just after I took off, as though they were waiting for me to leave! in the age of media corporate motivated hysteria, who would really care if anyone mistreated one of those disgusting, REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS anyway/ RIGHT! Obviously, no one in Oregon.... They're all the same! That's always the way it is with "those people"-
Shortly after being assigned to me, Knudsen began preaching during our meetings about his Jehovah Witness crap, and kept saying he felt I was "wandering in a spiritual desert". I reported this violation of my civil rights to my previous P.O., Carey Fiscus, but apparently she shared my letter with him, and it really pissed him off. This was clearly a violation of my First Amendment right to freedom of religion, and certainly, it was a violation of my rights not to have been punished for not submitting to Knudsen's coercion. I remember once Knudsen boasting to me about having locked up another one of his clients who 'hadn't found the way'-
After being approved to move in by my current landlord in December of 2008, I learned that this mercenary, on behalf of the State, did everything to convince the Onsite Manager to deny my application that had already been approved.
An hour after calling her, he called me back and was surprised, and disappointed, to learn that she had not called me to reject my application as he presumed she was planning to do when they spoke an hour earlier.
As a police officer, Knudsen patrolled the area around Southeast Twelfth Avenue and Washington Street, where the Oregon Commission for the Blind is located, and apparently became well-acquainted with the administrator and many of the employees. Along with the Administrator of the Commission, Linda Mock, I suspect he was also partially-responsible for having me 'wrongfully discharged' from my job on October 27, 2008, since he attempted to arrest me the following week for violating my conditions by being fired. Boss Foss, who operated the sweat shop for the blind on Foster Avenue -- Blind Enterprises, didn't seem to have a problem with my using medical marijuana on breaks at the beginning of the summer when they were very busy, but when the work slowed down in October, suddenly it was a serious problem and grounds for my termination. As I suspected his undue influence in my 'wrongful discharge', I came prepared and cited to Eric Knudsen the State Law that waives the requirement to seek and maintain gainfully employment for persons with severe disabilities, such as blindness. It's hard to believe that a corrections officer wasn't aware of this provision when he stood up and began to unfasten his handcuffs-
As further evidence of the State's double standard, in 2006, Oregonians learned that our current Governor, Ted Kulongoski, along with the previous Governor, John Kitzhaber, and the former-SAG, Hardy Myers, had withheld information from the public for years about another former-Governor and personal friend's, Neil Goldschmidt, repeated rape of a thirteen-year-old girl while Mr. Goldschmidt was the Mayor of Portland, Oregon.
And in further complicity of some State law makers, the Oregon Legislature passed a Bill in June of 2007 to grant the State retro-active immunity for having 'wrongfully' listed myself, and perhaps some others, as being 'designated predatory sex offenders' over the Internet. Apparently, when I was released the Washington County District Attorney, Governor Kulongoski, the former-SAG, and/or Clackamas Corrections arranged to have me listed in this way, despite clear evidence that this was an inappropriate designation for someone "convicted" [under a coerced plea bargain] of 'attempted sex abuse'. Apparently, the Governor and the former-SAG, or someone, knew that once the false information about me was posted on the State's Internet site, and disseminated, it would be available in cyber-space 'for ever, and ever, and ever'.
As further evidence of this cabal's intent to permanently destroy my life, Libby Rascon, who had alleged that I was harassing her by sending her a copy of my Blog, along with a life-time female client of the Commission, have repeatedly referred to this incorrect designation of me as being a 'predatory offender'. I understand that Mr. Rascon has, as a representative of Lane Community College, willfully with malice and forethought, continued to publicly disseminate this extraordinarily damaging information about me, despite their personal knowledge that it is patently false.
For the record, based on an extensive twenty-one month evaluation by the registered treatment provider I was assigned to, Johneen Mano-Verbeck, I am listed as a 'low risk offender' with a SOR (Sex Offender Risk) score of "0", which is as low as possible on a scale from 0-5.
Some day hopefully I'll be able to put all of this nightmare behind me and leave this evil valley with my son, and my life... But after all I have been through at the hands of these political predators over the last ten years, I can't help but feel these must truly be the most vicious, vindictive, arrogant, ignorant people on earth....the people and politicians of Auragone-----