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The drug war in Central America

Will the disastrous drug policy that has left more than 35,000 Mexicans dead be replicated in Central America? The US and the coup regime in Honduras are working out the details of an anti-narcotics program similar to Mexico's Mérida Initiative. Despite the continued failures of supply-side drug control missions, such as Plan Colombia and Mérida, US military aid continues to flow into these projects. The addition of Plan Honduras would serve only to further destabilize a region still trying to establish post-civil war stability.
Join us for a two-hour class, led by Allen Hines of the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, on the drug war south of the border. Together we will explore the territorial expansion of drug-trafficking organizations resulting from militarized drug policy and the impacts it will continue to create (and exacerbate) in Central America.

Other topics may include:

-the forms of oppression inherent in the war on drugs
-the beginnings of the modern war on drugs and supply-side drug control policies
-the changing political justifications that have underpinned US foreign policy in Central America
-the complicity of Central American governments in drug trafficking
-the US Drug Enforcement Agency's program that has armed drug traffickers
-the impossibility of a military solution to curb drug use in the United States
-the domestic results of the war on drugs and the 500,000 people in US jails for drugs

The class is a fundraiser for Allen's trip to Central America this summer. He will spend two and a half months in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Free admission. Donations more than welcome.

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