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Wed May 18 Pdx City Council Hearing to decide fate of Bull Run Water supply

From BARK: The City of Portland will decide on May 18th @ 10:15 am whether to waste $500 million
to treat our Bull Run drinking water, recently confirmed as pure and free
from harmful bacteria. Location is at: Council Chambers, Portland City Hall
(City Hall is between Jefferson and Madison on SW 4th Ave)

For information about the City of
Portland hearing on Bull Run, go to:  http://www.bark-out.org/event.php?id=623
This is an issue that seems to be not very well covered locally, but enforcing EPA regulations and building a UV treatment plant will seriously affect Portland's drinking water, and utility rates. I hope some of us can attend the public hearing on capping reservoirs and installing UV filtration plant to treat Bull Run water. No harmful cryptosporidium has ever been found in this water. Yet for some reason the city is going along with the supposition that open reservoirs should be covered to comply with EPA recommendations/requirements.

The expense of this project is unbelievable, unnecessary, and will raise utility bill rates even higher than they have already recently risen. Covered reservoirs have more risk of microorganisms historically across the nation.

Contrary to what BARK (and Friends of Reservoirs) are putting out on their websites, instead of pursuing a (temporary) "variance", the council should be pursuing a (permanent) "waiver" from compliance with these regs on the basis that this treatment facility is unwarranted and will actually increase the contamination of our now clean water with chemicals like radon and chloroform which build up if not allowed to off-gas, as well as mercury and other pollutants that will increase toxicity due to the other pollutants required for this kind of "treatment"...

Citizens For Portland's Water:

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