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Reactors in Meltdown as Private Forecasts Continue

Good article and discussion regarding the fallout forecasts and the dissimilar results of private and public forecasts and their accuracy when compared to actual data.
Sometimes there's little one can do but resort to reposts.

Two springs in succession, humans have managed to unleash environmental disasters upon nature and ourselves. Though the BP spill may be assumed to be different from a majority of standpoints, the similarities are telling: the lack, obfuscation, and outright falsification of environmental data; the private responses to the disasters that seem more concerned with the economic implications and protection of investors than harm to the environment; the respective governments' responses which accent the private response and allows private concerns to control the data and the situation; lack of resolve, resources, or interest in protection of the affected populace or the justice concerning them and their loss; and, not the least, the endless chase for energy to fuel technology that reason and some sense of humility might find unnecessary or frivolous.

 link to globalcooperative.wordpress.com

And, on a side note, is there any thought to what's flowing down the Mississippi right now, adding to an already deteriorated situation, long before the BP spill, in the Gulf of Mexico? Just think of all the pesticides, the fertilizers, the industrial and even household crap of totally overburdened wastewater systems, flowing through landfills and across denuded and paved industrial plains, seeking to find its way to the Gulf now. Not a pleasant thought. It ain't even over, as farmland is inundated and one could see the comodities speculators salivating, if they'd come out of their hedge funds and corporations and show their faces.

Demand the Global Shut Down of Nuclear Power Now! 16.May.2011 04:59

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Demand the Global Shut Down of Nuclear Power Now!

Nuclear Power = Death is calling on the world's citizens to come out and protest and Demand the Global Shut Down of Nuclear Power Now! The date: May 21st. 2011. The place: Every where. The time: 12 noon in every time zone. If you need artwork for placards, banners and stickers let me know and I will email you printable pngs. Send requests for artwork to:  dadapop@dadapop.com

Lloyd Hart
P.O. Box 3336
Oak Bluffs, MA USA 02557