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VIDEO: Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee Meeting May 2 2011

This is the Portland Oregon, May 2 meeting of the "Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee"
Sidewalks Advisory Committee meets on the first Monday of the month at 3:30 in the Portland Building in downtown Portland on the 2nd floor.

These sidewalk use meetings are open to the public.
Usually around 50 people attend each month.

The meeting itself is a discussion group on how the sidewalk laws in the downtown "zone" are constructed, developed, enforced, with inference on public input and conversations with the officials who will (are) regulating this sidewalk use law in Portland.

There are a variety of city agency's in attendance, as well as citizens, neighborhood groups, activist and police.
it is hosted by City Council Amande Fritz office. (Sidenote: This is the first meeting 5/2 she was not in attendance)

This is the video from the meeting May 2 2011:
 link to www.archive.org (video 67 minutes)

I have filmed all these sidewalk meetings and they are all archived on my website link under "my videos" (  http://zebra3report.tripod.com/id23.html )
as well as they have been posted and archived here on PIMC.

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