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a visionary's report: orrioR honoRiNg original peoples and kboo FUNdRAISER

in "bid" to assist fundraising efforts, "The Messy Art Show" visits kboo parking lot and surprises a possible "critical mass" of the kboo community! "Imagine a future where a show spontaneously decides to have a part of their show be OUTSIDE! And including folks who stop by!" What would that BE LIKE??!?
art semi-recently published by Street Roots (anti-copyright if non-corporate)
art semi-recently published by Street Roots (anti-copyright if non-corporate)
"Tens of" folks were sharing their bests on the street Thursday in a show of support for the local community-run radio station. Partly in a kind of honoriNg to folks from this side of MotherMom Earth, and partly in a seemingly long-overdue spontaneously informal bring-ing together, A. Visionary and other self-freeing folks shared quite unconventional depth.

"I was inspired by a local hero who wears pink pants, myself," said A. Visionary, curator-for-a-day of The MESS Art Gallery and shoW.

Visionary, who was so soaked in the intuitive-leaning, great-spirit'd vibes of The Pink Panted One (not hiz "real" name) got some goOd Sun-bathing in as well; and he put out some of the anti-copyright art he's been trying to share online! (And realizes sometimes it's a daMmmN gOOd ideah to get outta the same old routine!)

"I never would have even THOUGHT of sharing my gifts in this way weren't it for The Pink Panted One and his spontaneous desire to dance and sing to the rythm of his super hero boombox! He was so inspiriNg that, well, my penchance for spiritual nudity came OUT in SPADES!!!"

And then one of his drawings was WHISKED up into the AIR by some unseen "force".

"i let it go; figured some ghost(s) might want to take it with them a ways and look closely! Not everyone can easily bend down and look, after all!

"The art was later returned just after i got a premonition about where it was."

Asked about his intention once he got the notion to share, A., who is '45', had this to say, basically:

"i thought maybe i could seed a few ideas beyond what appears to be some confines the folks at kboo may be getting themselves a little stuck in, re: their tactics for raising funds. i don't "look the part", but if i wasn't a drop out from Conventional, Inc. i'd be getting paid lots of money to be an idea person for colonialism. So, anyway, this is one way i'm 'paying forward' my gifts."

So imagine a fundraiser where folks stopping by had the option to join a show in progress outside!

Has it Already Been Done Before? So why isn't it happening now??

A.Visionary is not a constant resident of the area, so he's a little out of the loop, there. But what he's heard of the radio station over the years (more than 10 off and on), this is his staunch intuition. ("Input invited!")

"i just got kicked out of Forest Park this morning," said A. VisionaRy, who regularly moves through his fears to live freely in the world. Visionary had heard that the enforcers of Freedom, Inc. wouldn't bother singles sleeping in the park, so thought he'd try a few nights, and then move on. "Just wanted to make a little money selling Street Roots," said Visionary, who sells in various locations, including the People's Co-op. FLIR [Forward Looking Infra-Red technology, mounted on surveillance aircraft] has been reputed to be installed locally, these days, so i figure that's how they found me."

Visionary usually takes very careful precautions that way, and insists that there was no way that "workers" saw me as the impelementer of colonial policy who gave him a warning, claims.

"Just a few days ago i was in another town, and was easily seen by passerby, and no one batted an eyelash."

Of course, the area Visionary was in, may've had something to do with it: An area frequented by elite and heavily privileged implementers and key supporters of Alienation, Inc.

"I think that's why they're so quick to try to move people away," Visionary thinks.

As for what local pdx community could be doing to seriously better their alleged bests?

"Giving themselves permission to...."

Here, our interview was cut off by a low signal on one of our cell phones and had to end.

Perhaps, if nothing else, this little "crucial action" may be "food for thought" for folks wanting to experiment more with their visionary intuition! May they share and art themselves in the places that they are touched by! May they practice at creating community beyond the institutional framework (i.e. within buildings and beyond focus groups). i think A.Visionary would agree that when we reach out to people we don't know, but whose spirit shows obvious excellence, we experience that reflection on an evolving kind of scale.

"Besides, i was looking for inspiration for art i do, off and on, for homeless awareness projects. And, yeah, I came up with a BUNCH of pieces!"

homepage: homepage: http://visionary4evolution.wordpress.com