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Local Medical Group To Begin Playing Politics With Patient Care

Northwest Primary Care, a local Medical Group has decided and begun informing patients who have legitimate diagnoses of Chronic Pain that they will no longer be treated with pharmaceutical pain medications if they choose to avail themselves of Medical Marijuana.

Current patients who use both pharmaceutical pain medications (opiates) and medical marijuana will have to decide which of the treatments they can utilize. Those that choose pharmaceutical treatment will be subjected to urine analysis (piss tests) to ensure they are not using medical marijuana at the same time. This will occur even in cases where opiates and MMJ are treating different issues such as pain and loss of appetite as many cancer patients suffer from.

Some may recall that the Obama administration had announced, some time ago, a truce in the federal enforcement of laws against the use of marijuana by those legally using it for medical purposes in States where it has been approved by voters, such as Oregon. However, the Pharmaceutical Industry has in the last few weeks announced that it wants to enter the market of providing, and profiting, from Medical Marijuana. The FDA has, as expected, been receptive to the plan, and are once again targeting the MMJ infrastructure. In Washington state, the Governor vetoed a Dispensary bill due to fear that the federal government will go after state employees who would have administered the dispensary program.
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