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right wing creeps at May Day rally

At least three right wing activists were busy taking footage of the May Day rally.
Three right wing creeps video recorded May Day participants this year. Here's one that folks on the left should be on the lookout for. He's a student at PSU. I don't yet know his name, but he is active with the College Republicans. Check out the pic...what a goon! Watch out for this guy.

this 10.May.2011 09:33

is news?

You are reporting that some guy exercised his rights to attend a rally and shoot video. Was he harrassing anyone? Did he push, shove, or hurl objects at anyone? You state he's a member of the Tea Party. He has the choice to choose his ideological beliefs. Do you believe if you find out this guy's name that it will make any difference? How did you personally contribute to the May Day rally?

Sounds like the right wing creeps were..... 10.May.2011 12:30

John Carlton

Waaaaaay out numbered....

RE:THIS 13.May.2011 08:59


i'm just asserting my democratic right to call out creeps who use orwellian tactics of intimidation. if you don't like it, maybe you should go back to your tea party meeting, jerkoff.