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The struggle for respect: The Seasonal Maintenance Workers and The City of Portland

The Seasonal Maintenance Workers of the City of Portland represented by Laborers' Local 483 are in contract negotiations with the City. Our demands are not monetary. The demands are ll about respect and dignity in the workplace.
The Seasonal Maintenance workers need your support!

As a matter of equity, Local 483 demands status for SMWs so that they may share the basic union rights that other members in the workplace possess. SMWs are the most unrepresented union work group within the City event hough they provide some of the most valuable services. Often, SMWs depend on their jobs as their main source of income over multiple years. SMWs do not consider themselves "casual".

The SMW Local 483 proposal has no economic cost to it. Our contract proposals provide fairness. They demand respect. This email will be forwarded to Portland City Council so we ask that if you edit the text below that you refrain from profanity or false claims. Keep it congenial, simple and easy to understand. Please let the Council know that you "support STATUS for the seasonals!"

To support the seasonals, please copy and paste the link below!

 link to www.liuna483.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.liuna483.org

Their URL link says what is at stake 09.May.2011 16:56

Solidarity With You

Dear Council of the City of Portland,

As a voter and taxpayer in the City of Portland, I want to commend you on the beauty of Portland Parks. Having a healthy Parks system is part of what makes Portland a special place to live. I recently heard that the City is bargaining the Seasonal Maintenance Workers' (SMWs) contract with Laborers' Local 483 and that the Chief Negotiator stated that he needs a mandate to accept Local 483's proposals.

I understand that SMWs are the workers keeping Portland Parks safe and well-kept. I value the people performing the work in Portland's Parks. With this in mind, I am writing to let you know that I support the SMWs and their demand for the following:

* Job security through seniority rights. Union workers should not rely on the individual whims of their managers to keep their jobs. Seniority rights allow hardworking SMWs a fair process for keeping their positions.

*Just cause protection. This only requires the City of Portland to provide a legitimate reason for letting an SMW go. The contract would not keep the City from firing an SMW for incompetence, substandard performance, violations of written employment policies, insubordination or other forms of willful misconduct. The City of Portland has an interest in providing job security to their employees and holding managers accountable.

* Access to a neutral arbitrator. Currently the Department of Human Resources has the last say on the validity of grievances filed by SMWs in the workplace. An SMW should be able to seek impartial conflict resolution. A neutral arbitrator steps in as a judge to determine fairness. Without an unbiased neutral there is no fairness.

I believe in equality in the workplace. Everyone who works for the City of Portland should have the same basic union rights. Please support Local 483's proposals for the Seasonal Maintenance Workers by ratifying an agreement with these protections. Thank you for your time and consideration.

from their website: Meet at 4:30 *Today in the park 12.May.2011 12:26

Joe Anybody

Meet the organizers

Thursday, 4:30 p.m.

Normandale Park,

NE 57th and Halsey Street

Rain or shine (covered picnic area)

(no date was mentioned but I think it is today)*5/12/11

I got this info off their website link:
(tinyurl)-->  http://tinyurl.com/64ow5bk

no report 12.May.2011 16:52

joe anybody

-went to the park and no one was there
-must of been "Last week?"

I am a second year seasonal with parks. 04.Sep.2012 05:17


It was a mess this year. Seen my coworkers both permanent and seasonal get pushed around. I love my job and the people that I work side by side with are some of the best folks i have had the priviledge to work with. That being said, due to budget cuts, seasonals were bearing a heavy work load this year. Last year we had 7, this year four, and we were plucked off all season.I am the only one left. In an office of permanents constantly worrying about rebids, seasonals do not have any representation. A majority of us are scared to talk to our union that we pay into. We are sick of being told we are dispensable or unskilled when we are working right along side doing the same job. I have lost any hope or want to ever be full-time.