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Demand the Global Shut Down of Nuclear Power Now!

Nuclear Power = Death
Nuclear Power = Death is calling on the world's citizens to come out and protest and Demand the Global Shut Down of Nuclear Power Now! The date: May 21st. 2011. The place: Every where. The time: 12 noon in every time zone.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nuclear-Power-Death/177294068983041?ref=ts

Totally Safe New Nuclear Energy Is About To Become A Real Alternative 09.May.2011 16:03


There is no question that all existing nuclear fission energy plants should be shut down now. However there exist a few radically new potential sources of nuclear power that are totally harmless! They do derive energy from the nucleus of atoms, but will never melt down, or create radioactive waste. I would have no objection to living next door to such plants!

One is hydrogen-boron fusion which produces only electrons, X-rays (easily contained), and very few very slow moving neutrons, which are not dangerous at all. The Focus Fusion project seems to be leading effort to develop this:


Another is the hydrogen-nickel E-Catalyzer (E-CAT) project (of Defkalion Green Technologies S.A.) that uses nano-particle nickel, which generates usable great heat and very few very slow moving neutrons. (It's a form of cold fusion.) The nano-particle nickel is an extremely poisonous chemical, but little is required, and it can be handled with standard chemical safety techniques. See:



These safe new nuclear technologies are astonishing, but they look very feasible!