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Video: Heavy police presence in downtown Portland on Cinco De Mayo

A short video of arriving at Waterfront Park and seeing a large number of police engaging with a small group of youth.
This is my encounter with the Portland Police at Tom McCall waterfront park on 5/5/2011 (Cinco De Mayo);


I came to check out the festivities, and soon find myself among a group of homeless youth being questioned by several officers. Me and an off-screen bike officer exchange some words after I catch his curiosity while filming his co-workers. I feel like this is an excess concentration
of police that could have taken from the security of the Cinco De Mayo event. My question is...
If all (or most) of the officers on patrol in the park are pre-occupied by this small group of
kids, who's watching your children and securing a large gathering where muggings and kidnappings can happen. Furthermore, it seems that these cops are infiltrating the group with no apparent
reason of suspicion.

great job! 08.May.2011 09:43

let's keep this up

Great job, we need more of this.

If police harassment gets documented more and more, I think this could help build more awareness and popular support for alternatives to the police state.

Perhaps we could setup a pdx copwatch youtube channel or something? Or a video blog where we can aggregate and collect daily stories of police harassment and intimidation. Having a more solid platform may also encourage more folks to regularly carry and use video cameras, and we could also use that platform to inform everyone about their legal rights to video the police and their JTTF and homeland security buddies.

Keep the videos coming, y'all!