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What is Bin Laden's death covering up? Why now?

Why did the US chose this particular time to "kill" Bin Laden?
This is the second time the US is killing Bin Laden if my memory serves me right? G.W. Bush killed him before as I remember, years ago. But then there were videos of him coming out speaking. Was he dead from years ago? Was he killed now? Is he dead? And why does it even matter? Bin Laden is known to be working for the CIA for many years. How do we know he is not still working for them? And who cares. Anyone working with the CIA is not a person whom I look up to. So why do I care if the CIA agents are killing each other? One less CIA to go around. I really don't care if the US is killing the people they are in partnership with, like Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein or Momar Quadafi. These are multi billionaires who have a disagreement amongst themselves or they are just play acting.

The real question is why did the US, France, and UK chose the particular time that they did, to invade Libya? Right after the Fukushima nuclear accident and while it was still going on? Why did they choose to "kill" Bin Laden, if they really did, at this particular time? Why they want to destruct us and to move our energy and attention towards this issue? What are they really trying to cover up?

Looking at Indymedia itself, as independent as it may be, it is getting dragged into this topic fast. Many other topics and issues are going to go away and the Bin Laden story will take its place. We are not going to be talking about the EPA ending its testing of radiation fallout on our food and crops and drinking water, for example, and it will quietly just go away, since for the next few weeks we will be talking about Bin Laden. Just like the Libya conflict took over Fukushima. Even though the contamination is increasing. And a few years from now, 2-5 years, when cancer rates, lukemia, diabetis, heart problems are skyrocketing, nobody is going to remember why this is so. they will blame bad diet for example.

Was the time to wage war in Lybia chosen for a reason? Was the time of the "killing" of Bin Laden carefully chosen? You decide...

I suspect that there is a reason for "why now". 05.May.2011 13:53

Mike Novack

Let's see now. We are fighting this war in Afghanistan and perhaps want a graceful way to exit.

Try reversing this question. Ask why wasn't this raid six months ago or a year ago or ........ In other words, do you belive that they just now discovered he was being hidden in a Pakistan resort town? Do you belive that the Pakistan government, at least some elements of it, didn't know? Weren't allowing it for some purpose good in their eyes?

OOPS --- to fight in Afghanistan we need the cooperation of Pakistan, can't ruffle their feathers.

So to me this raid indicates that we no longer care about upsetting the Pakistanis, perhaps even prefer that they get pissed at us and tell us "get out" and that could be a perfect excuse/oportunity to leave Afghanistan.

Mike 05.May.2011 16:05

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

I agree but there are no graceful ways for empires to fall, The Roman empire fell and took over christianity in the third century as a sleazy means to deflect from it's complete and utter failure. The Romans in the fourth century began blaming the Jews for the death of christianity's martyr as a failed means to get back on top once christianity was firmly in their hands. The British empire fell out of the same hubris and sucks America's cock, but now there is no cock left to suck. What will America empire do to try in a futile gesture to get back on top? A civil war. Will the Handmaid's Tale finally come true.

With information traveling around the world the upon the millisecond there is information to be had, the process of collapse is much more swift and violent.

Speculation 05.May.2011 17:44

Converse Murdoch

I've been watching the Biz news on PBS. They're making a big deal out of Bin Laden's supposed death and the effect it may have on defense spending cuts and stock prices for several companies. I wouldn't put it past the govt.to stage a stunt like this just so someone's pal could score a coupla bucks in the stock market.

Does anyone even remember 06.May.2011 11:34

Jody Paulson

Qaddafi's compound was bombed -- killing his son and grandchildren (aged 4 and below) the very same day they "bagged" bin Laden?

That was actually a pretty big deal. It means NATO thinks they can assassinate whatever foreign leader they want to without UN approval, US congressional backing, etc.

That's pretty scary stuff -- and it was totally out-shadowed by a much less controversial assassination -- the death of Osama bin Laden.

But think about it! Why in the hell would you shoot the unarmed leader of the most dangerous terrorists in the world? Wouldn't you want to *question* him to get some names, locations, plans that might be in the works???

And if you did kill him, why in the hell would you dump the evidence out to sea???

Haven't you seen the news? 06.May.2011 12:24

The conspiracy is so vast ...

... that Al Qaida's in on it, too.

covering up Obama's Adobe Illustrator birth certificate 07.May.2011 01:29


It's covering up the fact that Obama released a fake birth certificate, made in Adobe Illustrator. It had multiple digital layers intact, showing it was not a scan of a real document. It had lack of chromatic abberation (computer pen drawings instead of a scan of a real handwriting on the document.)

Thus Obama screwed up and whoever released that shoddy fake birth certificate was bringing him down!

Obama lost huge credibility. Nothing he has signed as President is valid.

However, they have almost completely changed the subject globally in one week. Obama's birth certificate forgery is still the thing behind the Osama curtain.