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We will stand against Wars

Just a reminder that we are still at war!
Our new diplomacy
Our new diplomacy

We will return to the Hawthorne Bridge on the West-side near 1st and Madison this Friday at 1600, (4:00 PM). This is a protest to remind people going home for the weekend that we are now involved in yet another war, the war on Libya. We are, along with NATO, dropping uranium laced bombs and missiles on a very small country and telling the world we are saving them from colonel Gaddafi's revenge. President Obama decided to go to war without any meaningful debate in the Congress of the United States; an impeachable offense. Come and join us and take a ride on the Justice side. My sign this week will read


For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice
Veterans Against Torture
Proud member of Oregon Progressive Party,  http://progparty.org/

War is failure, occupation a disgrace!

"Funding these wars is killing our troops"

* Why laughter?? Because without it I would have gone insane years ago.

Sen. ** harry reid must be replaced as Majority Leader, call me when you agree or just go away!

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.
Mohandas Gandhi

Thoreau may have also brooded over the reaction of Emerson, who criticized the imprisonment as pointless. According to some accounts, Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, "Henry, what are you doing in there?" Thoreau replied, "Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?"