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President Trump- The Anti-Christ Arrives

The Donald is ahead of Romney in the new Rasmussen Poll. This makes him the frontruner. Watch out America- 2012 may be crazier than any Mayan prophecy.
Herr Trump at the Vegas Beerhall Thursday
Herr Trump at the Vegas Beerhall Thursday
You can see how freaking nervous the GOP is getting by checking out the NY Times' article today on the GOP "frontrunners". Trump is not even mentioned. Yet today's Rasmussen Poll gives the 10th richest guy in America the lead in the race to The White House. He's ahead of Romney some 19% to 17%. Trump has "trumped" the GOP machine literally. This guy has enough dough to purchase the most powerful position on the planet one way or the other. Remember the "Devil" in the original "Wall Street" film by Oliver Stone? Trump is that guy for real. A possible American Hitler? The potential is there. His beyond freewheeling rhetoric concerning other nations and politics in general reflect a bombastic attitude that is dangerous in the hot arenas of today's global conflicts and high-wire diplomatic concerns. Talk about a loose cannon! He may be the very definition. If ever anyone posessed the mentality capable of interning us all in FEMA camps, Trump is the guy. His gargantuan skyscrapered developments blocked the sunshine from central Manhattan like a dark cloud of doom, and thousands of the evicted became homeless almost overnight. He shrugged. And what about 911? You know Donald has inside knowledge of what happened that day. Just like Bloomberg and every other Billionaire in the City of Billionaires. The poll finds his biggest supporters are White and Republican and male. Suprise suprise! Trump's fabled arrogance is a recipe for total domestic and global disaster. He is a heartless bastard, as anyone who watches his TV show can attest. His only God is the almighty DOLLAR and that's quickly going the way of the Confederate Banknote. With Trump in control the USA will quickly become a deadly, mean, merciless no-man's land of the very well-off and the starving and desperate. Mark my words- he will end social services PERIOD. Forever. New York is an overpriced spy-infested POLICE STATE and the evil forces that dominate it, that continue the 911 coverups and false flag campaigns, want to expand their little "New Berlin" to include the entire country. Trump's overtly racist appeals are no accident either. There's more than a little "Uncle Adolph" in Trump's makeup. The MSM is playing down his candidancy, treating him as some sort of clown. But that's what they said about Hitler before he took complete control. He's a "clown" like John Wayne Gacy was a clown. And the fact that so-caled "Tea Party" voters are latching on to him speaks volumes about how that phenom has ben co-opted to the point that they now want to elect the richest dude around to "fix" the economy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

gordon gekko was the devil? 03.May.2011 00:24

deliver us from evil

Okay everybody, your homework this week:

- "Wall Street," 1987, Oliver Stone directing Charlie Sheen
- "The Firm," 1993, Sydney Pollack directing Tom Cruise
- "Devil's Advocate," 1997, Taylor Hackford directing Keanu Reeves