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Tornadoes damage nuclear reactors in Alabama:

'Unusual event' after normal and alternate power supply unavailable for over 15 minutes Same design as Fukushima
At some point it is bound to happen right here in the US. there is a long history of accidents at nuclear power plants. Recently I was looking at the EPA findings for radiation in water and air, and I was shocked to find out there was Uranium and Plutonium in the air and water before the Fukushima accident. Doing some research it I understand now that all the nuclear testing the US government was doing in in the 60s has spread a lot of radiation all over the US and the world for that matter.

Who knows if the power plant in Alabama is actually okay or if there is a problem. they are not going to say anything anyway. They would rather let us die than have to admit that nuclear power is not safe and is not green.

I urge people to begin organizing and protesting to shut down every nuclear plant in the US. Humans have the tendency to think that what happens elsewhere is not going to happen to them. I guarantee there is going to be a nulcear accident in the US. It is only a matter of when and how. If it will be from a natural disaster or a man made error it makes no difference. But it is going to happen. Only we can prevent it by starting a campaign to end nuclear power NOW.

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