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The Smoke and Mirror Game

The City Council and the ACLU will regret their actions on the JTTF
Oregon Progressive Party
Oregon Progressive Party
Here are two problems that could not be resolved:

1. All of the safeguards that were put in to insure our police do not violate our Oregon Constitution are dependent on the very people we send to be part of this Joint Terrorist Task Force. If there is a violation or our police think there is a violation it is expected that our police will go to our Chief of Police and fink the feds out. The action must come from them.

2. One must believe that the FBI is going to live up to our expectation and not order, tell or direct our police officers to violate our Oregon laws---Ha!

If you believe these two concepts please come and see me, I have a few bridges in New York that you can buy at a very low price and make money.

The FBI lies, they are even trained how to be good liars, and that my friends is why in a year or so our police will violate our laws and not give a damn about what the mayor thinks.

Most of the groups who waited for hours to give testimony were against this stupid decision by the City Council yet they all voted for this joining of two troubled gangs. We are concerned about this action and will let the commissioners know of our anger when they come up for election. We have a mayor and two commissioners who will be up in 2012, it is time for us to replace all three.<br>

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

PS I was very proud that the Oregon Progressive Party oppose and protested this madness.