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Any Questions for Wayne Pacelle Tonight (Friday 7PM)?

Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO of the Humane Society of the U.S., speaks with Q &A tonight at 7 to 9 PM Barnes & Noble bookstore 1163 Valley River Center in Eugene. Event is free and open to public.
I was glad HSUS helped fund anti-leg hold trap initiative a decade ago as Oregon ballet initiative. We lost, but appreciated the national help. My guess is that all levels are needed in the struggle to end abuse of animals... and that Peter Young agrees.

I will be going to this event and would be interested in any questions or policy requests for this fairly large national orgnaization, one that has taken strong stands in the past.

What about the zoo elephants? 29.Apr.2011 10:26


My question is where does HSUS stand on confinement of elephants in zoos. Here in Portland, we passed a $125 million dollar bond measure in 2008 that was supposed to be in part to develop an off site preserve for the elephants. Now the zoo director says the oldest elephant, Packy will never be released and she will not commit to when the preserve will be created or which elephants will go. Their plan to expand the 1.5 acres to six acres inside the zoo will be implemented "sometime in 2012" and more elephants from their breeding program will be added. Six acres is far from enough space for the world's largest land mammals. I urge you to go to the zoo and witness the elephants and how they behave. They are going crazy from prolonged confinement. And then contact Metro to ask for Packy and the other elephants to be released to the preserve we supported back in 2008. Ask for specific dates or at least good approximations when the elephants including Packy will finally enjoy the freedom to roam they have earned in their decades of service to the people of Oregon.

metro-region.org. 503-797-1700
Kim Smith, Zoo Director: 503-226-1561