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Dear City Repair: What The Fuck?

For two years in a row, I have dutifully come to the Earth Day event in Portland, right across the street from the Vegan Mall. And for two years in a row, I have been astonished to find that the idiots at City Repair brought back the dead fur booths, the pulled pork booths, and the general rose festival pointlessness to the whole thing. I tried talking to the organizers, and got this: "Respect their diversity, man." Earth to fucking liberals: No. This is NOT what diversity means. Not by a FUCKING LONG SHOT.
To respect and honor diversity means to listen for the voices not ordinarily heard. It means to consider the unseen oppression in your actions and words. It means that you come to recognize that the power imbalances enshrined in mainstream culture are not necessarily legitimate, valid, or acceptable. In other words, it means MAKING ROOM FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN THE MEAT EATING, COMPASSIONLESS, SELF CENTERED, BANAL BULLSHIT THAT ONE COULD FIND AT ANY ROSE FESTIVAL. WHat in the FUCK were you people thinking?

I was told by an organizer in a tie dyed t shirt not to "put your stuff off on them." This, from a man who came charging up to accuse a vegan of "harassing" the people with the dead fur on their table and the stuffed raccoon tied to a target, being offered to children to shoot at with toy arrows. (!!) Why? Because the vegan pointed out that there is really nothing sustainable about turning animals into food. The same stupid, idiotic, fucking ass liberal peace nik dolt then went on to explain how many fights they created at that table that morning. Yes. And last year too, as I recall. Can this really be considered an accident? Why not invite someone from the Anti Defamation League to set up couple of booths at the Palestinian Solidarity Rally next year, too?


I will no longer participate in City Repair events, EVER.

yeh, no kidding! 29.Apr.2011 11:19



If they want to "respect diversity," they can do it by NOT setting up dead animal booths on EARTH day at the VEGAN MALL. Fuck city repair. Done with them. Stupid asses.

My problem was the polutters--PGE, Pacific Power 29.Apr.2011 12:03


My big problem was that the thing was sponsored by PGE and Pacific Power, and their branding was all over the place. Now THAT is hypocritical!

conflict between NW Trackers and Vegans 29.Apr.2011 17:24

what i saw

I witnessed part of the conflict between someone supporting NW Trackers (don't know if he was part of it or what) and some people that I can guess are the Vegans in question. The argument on behalf of NW Trackers is that trapping animals is somehow "sustainable." What a load of crap. How long could you feed the people of Portland with trapping animals? There would be absolutely no wildlife left in no-time flat.

Comparison to Native peoples' lifestyles is nonsense. This continent was a lot different then, with much more abundant wildlife and habitat for them to live in. Also, NW Trackers are torturing and killing these animals to sell their "summer camp" thing to whoever it is that drops the bucks to go to that kind of thing. That is not what Native peoples were doing at all. In fact, it is much more similar to what the European trappers of the time were doing - the same people who perpetrated genocide against the Native people.