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What You Might Want to Know About the JTTF & Police in CA.

Might want to bring this story up to the Council prior to their vote tomorrow!!! It would be a very bad thing if Portland cops had the same over-reaching privacy violations as a result of inviting the JTTF back to town. NO JTTF IN PORTLAND!!!
Story from Bay Guardian Newspaper 4/26/11:

San Francisco cops assigned to the FBI's terrorism task force can ignore local police orders and California privacy laws to spy on people without any evidence of a crime.

That's what a recently released memo appears to say and it has sent shockwaves through the civil liberties community.

It also has members of the S.F. Police Commission asking why a carefully crafted set of rules on intelligence gathering, approved in the wake of police spy scandals in the 1990s, were bypassed without the knowledge or consent of the commission.

"It's a bombshell," said John Crew, a long-time police practices expert with the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California. read the story below....