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goodby to the corrupt police
ex pig goes to prison.. source chicago tribune wednesday april 22 2011.

ex-police officer jerome finnigan pleads guilt. to what??
admits guilt to murder plot. stealing $200,000. for drug dealers. gets 13 years.e

questions to later to be answered?

was this guy out on bail?

was he remanded into custody upon sentecing?

more later

semantics baby 28.Apr.2011 15:02


Yeah, that's a problem actually. When there's an anti-police brutality demonstration and people are walking around handing out leaflets that state simply "fuck the pigs," I feel like walking away. I understand the hatred directed toward the police and feel the same resentments, but "police" as in acknowledging them as a social force that affects our society in every fundamental way is probably more dramatic and pragmatic than "pigs." After all, we're not twelve and most people who have problems with cops, whether in the fact that our current force is incompetent, racist, and violent, or in the fact that there's a police force period from an ideological standpoint like myself, need to come up with more intelligent articulate ways of expressing it, other than adopting monikers like "pigs" which only appeal to "juggalows." Sorry, I'm sure you're a very intelligent person whoever posted this, seeing as you posted it period, but I'm sure the Chicago Sun-Times who are notoriously anti-police corruption and appeal to us Chicagoans sentiments don't run headlines that say "got that pig." Semantics baby, the police shoot innocent people, good enough for my contempt.