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Former MITRE Corp employee filming protests, other events in Portland! Picture included

Dan Sandini, a millionaire who made his fortune working for MITRE Corp. (DoD contractor) has been filming rallies, protests, marches, educational meetings put on by various left groups.
This is a warning to all left activists in Portland and surrounding areas. Dan Sandini has, since at least January, been filming (sometimes secretly, sometime openly) different events. His YouTube name is daylightdisinfectant, and he posts images of activists, even their addresses sometimes. He is a millionaire who has ties to the Dept. of Defense through his former employee, MITRE CORP., where he specialized in internet technologies. I'm not going to post all his films here, since they are easily accessible on YouTube, but I will attach a picture so everyone can recognize him at future events. The last time he was identified as a teabagger at a rally, he quickly left the area, because the Tea Party are cowards. He also monitors this site, so he will be aware that his "cover" is blown. Don't allow him to film you or interview you. In one of his videos, he followed a protester to a tattoo shop and displayed the address on the screen. Keep an eye out for this creep.

MITRE, Warren Buffett and 9-11 perpetrators linked up: beware 27.Apr.2011 20:23

USA state terrorism watch

If it is true that this person is connected with MITRE, know that MITRE is the corporation network of personnel that participated in the false flag attack on September 11, 2001 where you know thousands of people were killed and since then at least a million others have been killed in the Middle East, and billions upon billions of dollars have been wasted on the 9-11 lie of the USA.

MITRE employees in the 'hidden league' behind 9-11:

Warren Buffett is a major 9-11 perpetrator as well as the CEO of MITRE:

"Cantor Fitzgerald was the only major bond house in the WTC that had its personnel "left unrescued", unlike other bankers in the WTC where their CEOs were sitting with CEO of MITRE (runs for fed. military and NORAD lots of high tech airplane radio-controlling machines) Warren Buffett in the Offut AFB in Oklahoma City from early morning of 9-11-01. --- Mary Schneider contributed additional research for this report. [Mary was illegally fired by the Department of Homeland Security for her whistleblower activity in the Orlando, FL Immigration office to protect America.]

Mitre Corp., Warren Buffet, Global Hawk, and September 11, 2001
author: soljah
Buffet also markets Biz Jets, which CEO's all over the world are buying up as the latest fad. Of course, this means that Warren Buffet, consummate money launderer and second in wealth in the US only to Mr. William Gates, the very man that may have been at the heart of the play calling on September 11 (he was at least playing along), makes the machines the powerful fly in. Fear of death always works, doesn't it?
9-11: Mitre Corp., Warren Buffet, Global Hawk, and September 11, 2001
Posted by: souljah on Jan 16, 2003 - 06:14 PM

Hyperlinks considered, this piece pretty much sums up what really went down on September 11, 2001.

 link to replay.web.archive.org