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WSU Vancouver Students Protest Tuition Hikes and Infringement on Free Speech

WSU Vancouver students protested tuition hikes to take effect in fall, critiqued ongoing salary hikes for administration and infringements on student free speech.
Students at WSU Vancouver protested today on campus against an impending tuition hike and infringements on free speech on campus. With the latest hike set to take effect in the fall, tuition at WSU will have increased a total of 61% since 2006. Students also took administration to task for infringements on student and faculty free speech, decrying the removal of flyers announcing the formation of a new student organization to resist the hikes. As one student protester remarked, while corporate ads for Red Bull can be found on bulletin boards around campus and even in classroom spaces, campus security was sent out to remove flyers from classrooms and even "free speech" bulletin boards around campus. Students also reported being threatened with arrest for posting the flyers on campus. Following a rally, students entered the administration building to present a list of demands. Shut out of administration offices, they engaged in a protracted dialogue with administrators and plan to return again tomorrow to continue their protest until their demands are met.

In Solidarity 26.Apr.2011 23:27

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