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the bigest coverup in history: Fukushima could end life as we know it...

I don't know how to say what i have to say in a nice way and I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But people just don't get it. The situation is out of hand and very scary.
The Fukushima nuclear accident has been sending huge amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and the sea, contaminating almost the entire northern hemisphere. Yet nobody really seems to get it. The mass media has become complacent along with all of the governments, in this massive genocide they are committing. Chernobyl killed about 1.4 million people and continues killing. This one, nobody knows. But it will be far greater than you can ever imagine.

Chernobyl released 50 million curries of radiation. Fukushima has released 9 billion curries and counting. These are actual data as TEPCO has released the numbers so it is not an estimate. This is what it is...

Check this radiation plum spreading according to the weather prediction patterns, assuming becquerels/day or 10,000 terabecquerels of radiation coming out of Fukushima. Yes that is an insane amount of radiation but according to the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan they estimate the plant was emitting 10,000 terabecquerels/h on March 11. It would be the equivalent of 2000 nuclear bombs. Mind you that this weather prediction is assuming what Fukushima was releasing on the first day per hour, as one days worth of radiation.


According to this model, we don't have much time before the entire planet is covered in red. High doses of radiation everywhere and our food chain contaminated for ever.

Radiation levels are getting higher each day. They are detecting Plutonium and Uranium, Plutonium being the most lethal toxic substance known to man, and... nobody gives a shit. What is up with that? People are in la la land either thinking somehow this is going to go away on its own, or thinking they are safe.

We are already 46 days into this accident and it has been emitting non stop. It will continue to emit at least for another 6-9 months at best. The West coast of the US (yes that is all of us) has hit yellow from the radiation levels and it is soon to reach Europe. Eventually it will cover the entire globe as the radiation cloud is making its way down to S. America and Africa. Probably within the next month.

The EPA has stopped measuring in Portland since March 25 when it was their last time and they measured almost 89 pCi/l of radio Iodine 131. That is 30 times the safe limit of drinking water. They have not measured since. Yet in all nearby states Washington, California, Idaho and Utah they are finding very high radiation levels in the rain and soil, in milk, in vegetables even in the water. Have you been drinking tap water lately and eating greens from your garden? Giving milk to your kid? Don't you want to know if there is radiation in it or you are just cool with it?

Where are the protests for this insanity to stop? Where is the outrage? Life on this earth will change at best for the next 600 years (how long it takes for Cesium to stop emitting radiation) to millions of years (half life of Uranium is 246,000 years). Do you get what that means? Radiation in the rain, in the soil, in the drinking water in everything you eat. How long do you think you will last? Radiation adds up, it accumulates. Each time you breathe or eat or drink another particle, you get higher doses of radiation.

The international community along with the stupidest government of the US, need to pull together and do something about it, instead of bombing Lybia and other countries to distract people. Stop being zombies. I don't know how else to say it. I have tried to talk to people and to inform them. Even here on indymedia, most people are sleeping. Either they are in denial or are just sleeping.

Well, I don't know what else to do. I have tried to inform as many people as I could. If you want to continue to sleep that is fine. This is your last chance to wake up. I don't care what anybody says. This is VERY SERIOUS. It is not a "trace" of radiation, it is not "harmless" or "safe" or "miniscule" or what ever else they claim in the media. It is gigantic. It is the worst nuclear accident in the history of man kind. And it is still going on. Your lives and your kid's lives and everyone you love and care about are in grave danger. If you care enough, drop what you are doing and educate yourselves about what is actually happening and make your representatives to make this the number one issue right now. Not tomorrow, NOW. You are eating and drinking and breathing radiation. Period. You will continue to do so, for the next 6-9 months, if they are able to contain it, otherwise you will continue to do so for years. Do you have any illusions that you will not get cancer or diabetes or heart disease?

Pretty soon you will wake up from this deep sleep you are in, and you will awaken to your worst nightmare. But it will be way too late to do anything then. You think I am talking out of my head? Well here are the facts. Educate yourselves and understand what you are really up ahead and act fast. You should have acted yesterday. Today is late, but tomorrow will be too late.

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