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What will Portland do if the US stays in Iraq?

America may soon force the Iraqi governement to let its troops stay in Iraq after the scheduled withdrawl of all us troops after this year.
It seems like to me that staying in Iraq is all but certain seeing how mike mullens and others in the us governement have recently told Iraq that they only have a very short time to decide if they want us troops to stay. I beleive that even if the Iraqi goverment does not want the US to stay the US will find a way to stay. After all according to Donald trump we have invested 1.5 trillion dollars in Iraq and we should be payed back with Iraqi oil. The US has built one of the worlds largest embassies in Iraq. The list I am sure goes on and on.

My poin in writing this is what is the response that Portland is willing to do when the United States forces the Irai goverment to let it stay. I find it interesting that nobody is blaming the Iraq war for not being able to find the money to repare Portlands aging schools or not being able to give mental health patients the propper care they need or being able to fund higher education. The state of Oregon has spent almost ten billion dollars on the war in Iraq the money we want for all of these things is jsut a fraction of this.

So Portland I leave this open ended question to you what are you willing to do when the US stays in Iraq? Are we just going to let it happen and have our schools and mental disabled fellow citizens continue to detriorate or are we finally going stand up and do somehting about it?