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9.11 investigation | legacies

What attacked America (in D.C. and NYC) on 11 September 2001 ?

this is a simple question, directed at YOU the reader of these words.

No cribbing from mass media, or government sources. Use _your own_ understanding / collation of any-all you've learned and heard about that day, to answer us here and now.

Please tell us, briefly-concisely as possible, what entity(ies) / person(s) were responsible for the attacks that occurred that day.
(include a bit of additional explanation on the means/'how' they did it, if you wish or are so knowledgeable.)

looking forward to responses. thank you.

Honestly I think 26.Apr.2011 08:36

Jody Paulson

our own karma struck the military-industrial complex. Now it's up to us to work it out.

WhAt Attacked America on 11 Septemer, 2001 ? 26.Apr.2011 14:41

Radical Richard

Re: What attacked America on 11 September 2001?

Notice the questions asks "what attacked" and not who.
This can be the start of something.
the historian and researcher John Judge says:
"A people who don't own their history are a conquered people"
I don't think we want to be a conquered people.

To Jody:
Re:"It's up to us to work it out"
Do you have any suggestions how we could work it out?

some treasonous USA elites, Israeli Mossad, NATO, and UK did 9-11 30.Apr.2011 07:31

plenty of evidence

That's concise.