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3 Billion Dollar Boondoggle

Alternatives to a 3 billion dollar bridge.
Why the bridge is ridicules

1. It comes with a toll.

2. It encourages more traffic.

3. It is 3 billion that could be doing something else. For example, 600,000 1000 watt solar systems, 600Mwatts. Free bus rides
to and from Portland and the city of Vancouver for 33 years.

4. How about a bridge repair?

and how about the fact 26.Apr.2011 06:56


That in 20 years the promise of suburbia and commuting like we do will be dead and gone, though maybe not forgotten along with a 3 billion dollar bridge that sees less traffic than the bridge there now. How about fixing the problem in Portland first, that area just south of Janzten Beach that narrows to two lanes and holds up everything to help create the bridge mess? Then how about fixing the freeway entrances on the Vancouver side so that they're not piled on top of each other less than a mile from the bridge? How about a bit of creativity? Then we can see about a new bridge.

The planning, building, and zoning, especially on the Portland side, created the cluster-fuck. Portland's rush hours are nothing compared to other cities. If half of the work start-times were offset a half-hour it would solve the problem.