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Should people become vegetarian?

Should people become vegetarian? - A non-biased, concise website with over 40 well-researched pro and con arguments and over 115 footnoted citations.
How about a non-biased, concise site with over 40 well-researched pro and con arguments to the question:

Should people become vegetarian?


- In 2010, each person in the US ate an average of 57.5 pounds of beef, 46.5 pounds of pork, and 82 pounds of chicken. Vegetarians, about 3.2% of the US population, do not eat meat (including poultry and seafood). Many proponents of vegetarianism say that the meatless diet is healthier and better for the environment, and that killing animals for food is wrong. Many opponents of vegetarianism say that eating meat is natural, healthful, humane, and that people have done it for millions of years. ProCon.org's 41st website explores the pros and cons in the debate over vegetarianism.

homepage: homepage: http://vegetarian.procon.org

choice 25.Apr.2011 13:11


"Should people become vegetarian?"

Only if they WANT to.

Damos, 25.Apr.2011 15:40


of course your answer ignores what the ANIMALS want. They don't want to be farmed and killed any more than you do. They're slaves to human taste buds.

But what else would one expect from a proud speciesist?


Your "speciesist" arguement is BULLSHIT 25.Apr.2011 16:54


You can be a child and call names all you want, but it doesn't make you an activist - it just makes you looks silly. I never even commented on animals having to be killed or either way nor the other. All i did was say, "only if they want to". If your reply to that is something akin to fascism, then maybe a place like Libya would be more fitting for you.

Uh, Damos, 25.Apr.2011 17:19


you do realize that if people eat them, they have to be killed, right?

And you're pro animal research, as per your other posts on other threads, so you're someone who is willing to so completely violate the lives and body integrity of other beings that your thoughts on animals are akin to a slaveholder's thoughts about his victims.

totally 25.Apr.2011 17:26


"of course your answer ignores what the ANIMALS want. They don't want to be farmed and killed any more than you do. They're slaves to human taste buds."

I agree 100%. We should also stop animals from eating other animals. Nobody wants to be eaten. Fish too. They eat bugs and other fish. it's crazy out there!

the difference, rex, 25.Apr.2011 17:45


is that other animals don't have a choice. They are not moral agents. A big fucking DUH to you, fool. You have a choice what to eat. A tiger does not.

And if you think you should be just like all the other animals, then you probably incest your kids, rape, kill whomever you want, and cannibalize. Or do you think you have a moral choice to make about doing those things?

Should people become cannibals? 25.Apr.2011 19:04


I think we should eat the rich.

you must be a teabagger 26.Apr.2011 13:26


Uh, i never said at ANY point in ANY posts that i was "pro-animal" research. If i ever said such a thing, i CHALLENGE you to bring up the exact text of what YOU claim i said. Shouldn't be hard to find, sine YOU suggest that i've said this multiple times on other posts. If you cannot do that, then i suggest you shut up and stop LYING.

Btw, this whole "vegetarian" debate is absurd to begin with. Humans are OMNIVORES. Humans go against their nature by taking up a diet that does not include protein, based merely on ideological reasons.

Non-human animal slander 26.Apr.2011 14:58


Non-human animals are arguably more compassionate than humans. If you want to say they commit rape, incest, and murder at will, you will need to be a bit more specific about the species because that is certainly not true of most species. On the other hand, it *is* true for the human species.

Animals frequently, without training, rescue humans, even if they are risking their own lives. They love and nurture their children, sometimes adopt orphas, and they don't make war to the detriment of every other species on the planet. They are not causing climate change, they don't use depleted uranium or nuclear power plants.

Look in the mirror. We have a serious problem, and it starts with not respecting other species.