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FREE CLASS: How to Make a Forest Garden

How to Make a Forest Garden class, in two parts over two days. Feel free to attend one or both days, but note that part 2 is only open to people who either took part 1 from me, or have read or learned a lot about forest gardens and already have a good theoretical understanding.
Part 1 - Saturday, April 30
Part 2 - Leaning towards Sunday May 1st, but could instead do this on Saturday May 7th if that works better for participants. Email as soon as you can to let us know your preference.

Part 1 - 10 AM - 5 PM, with potluck lunch break.
Part 2 - TBA; may not require all day.

Part 1 - 4510 NE Going St, 1 block north of Prescott, a few blocks south of Killingsworth. 42nd and 47th are the closest through streets. Our address is on a tree at the street. 4509 is directly across the street from our house.
Part 2 - 6908 SE 45th Ave

Email us at [  norristh@gmail.com ] or call Norris or Tulsi at 503-288-5331


Part 1 - Forest Garden Concepts, From Canopy to Ground Cover - We'll look at what constitutes a forest garden, site and owner needs analysis process, design principles, and implementation guidelines. We'll first focus on design of the overstory and woody shrubs and vines, then on the herbaceous understory layers. We'll alternate between lecture and yard tour of our four year old food forest including many unusual herbaceous species.

Part 2 - Design a Forest Garden Site - We'll use an actual yard of a volunteer host site. Starting with a base map with sectors and zones overlaid, we'll break into teams and design a forest garden to meet our host's goals. We'll spend time observing the actual site, then work on paper to create designs. We'll then transfer portions of the paper design to on-the-ground stakes, path layouts, and other representative tricks to visualize the planted, mature food forest. If time permits and people feel interested, we can also design a sample understory herbaceous layer on paper.


homepage: homepage: http://farmerscrub.blogspot.com/
phone: phone: 503-288-5331

Sounds Very Great, Wish I could Help More 23.Apr.2011 21:03


I'm a little bit old, maybe weak. But I know a hell of a lot. Don't underestimate me (too much).

Go to one of my sites:


If you register, I will use your email address to make contact, Okay?

I just might have a bit more to offer!