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Activists Visit Homes of ONPRC Vivisectors, Kathy Grant & Kevin Grove

As part of World Week for Animals in Labs, 20 Activists from Portland Animal Defense League demoed the homes of two notorious OHSU/ONPRC vivisectors, Kathy Grant & Kevin Grove.
Last night, about 20 activists from Portland Animal Defense League visited the homes of two of Oregon National Primate Research Center's (ONPRC) most notorious vivisectors. These demos took place as part of ongoing World Week for Animals In Laboratories events and in solidarity with the countless innocent animals slated to die inside labs around the world.

First stop of the night, activists visited the home of monkey killer, Kathy Grant of 1533 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202. This was the second time Kathy was demoed this week. Many of her neighbors came out to see what all the commotion was about and activists enlightened them about the murder that takes place in her lab.

Kathy Grant has received at least $18,304,940 in tax dollars to addict monkeys to alcohol at ONPRC.
In one recent experiment, monkeys were starved and only given food if they consumed alcohol (Grant employs masterful doublespeak and calls this behavior "voluntary self-administration" of alcohol). After observing their drinking behavior, Grant kills the monkeys and cut up their bodies. Her discovery was that alcohol damaged the monkeys' livers - something long known in humans.

Even worse - Kathy Grant knows that primates in labs suffer and recognizes that they have emotional lives. She was a co-author on a paper title "Social Stress, Depression, and Brain Dopamine in Female Cynomolgus Monkeys" where she observed that many primates in labs are "hypercortisolemic [constantly stressed], targets of aggression, fearful, vigilant, receive little positive affiliative contact, exhibit pathological behaviors indicating anxiety, and are disengaged in the social events around them." Shamefully, Grant sees nothing wrong in subjecting living, feeling, beings to this torture. She has even made a lucrative career out of it.


Next, activists descended on the residence of Kevin L. Grove, a despicable human being that happened to be home at 10670 SW Oriole Circle, Beaverton, OR 97007. Kevin Grove is another notorious primate vivisector at ONPRC that recently received attention in the New York Times for his cruel obesity tests.

In his current experiment, Grove makes monkeys extremely obese by feeding them unhealthy, high-fat diets, and by forcing them to live sedentary lifestyles. He then impregnates his subjects and allows some of them to give birth. The new-born infants are stolen from their sick mothers and isolated in a separate cage so that Grove can intentionally frighten the infants with rubber snakes and Mr. Potato Head dolls (among other things) to study the effects of stress and anxiety on their infant bodies. Most of the monkeys in his experiments are killed and cut open at various stages of this torture. Annually, Grove wastes an average of $750,000 in tax funds for his cruel and useless obesity experiments to demonstrate such things as "simply being overweight and eating a high fat diet causes metabolic disease in babies," something already known in science.

As the demo ensued, Kevin came out of his house and was clearly agitated. With two bullhorns blaring in his face, the activists presence was made clear : "Kevin Grove you are a monster! You mutilate and murder animals every day so you can live a selfish life of excess. Your research is worthless and compassionate people everywhere abhor you and what you do to the animals inside your lab. Their blood is on your hands!"

After about 20 minutes, about 8 cop cars arrived with lights flashing and horns blaring. It was a major spectacle for the entire neighborhood to see. Even with the ridiculous police presence, the activists knew their rights and continued chanting. Once the activists were satisfied they had sent Kevin a message, they packed up and walked away.


For more information on what goes on inside Labs like Kevin and Kathy's, be sure to check out our newly launched website ResearchKills.org.

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