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a visionary's report: Art Succeeds Aiding Forest Resurgence

Art applied informally and as part of meaningful communities (becoming and already existing) succeeds in stopping Loggers and other implementing professionals in their proverbial tracks, while inspiring evolutionary ways of relating to re-enchantifying forests and their multiversity of gifts!
value of understanding and listening even to knee-jerk reaction practices
value of understanding and listening even to knee-jerk reaction practices
Local loggers at a forest near you were literally and figuratively stopped in their tracks of late thanks to steps taken by locals in bringing their creative intelligence away from coralled locales and back out into indepth relevance.

"Loggers have actually begun wearing the ideas shared by their kids and wives, that, in every forest, it is worthwhile to set aside portions, sometimes numerous portions, where the forest can re-enchantify itself fully," said an unnamed spokesperson for the spokespersons speaking group of cascadiahh.

Via recent adoption (and re-adaptation) of so-called "no longer important", or "old", even often seemingly forgotten values, many people are beginning to recall the value and power that forests can help gift humanity; besides merely portions of their 'wood', or peoples (i.e. Elk).

"Thanks to a few Europa'n persons who've begun experimenting with both their desires for escaping (and solving) creeping alienation in their communities, and as well as the frame of reference inadverdantly modeled by the efforts of other occupied peoples, we're seeing a new kind of 'development'," said Shurely Sarsasparilla of IntuitioN InternationaL, an unorganized group set up to help inspire world sanity, one human being at a time. Shurely is animated in her elation as she elucidates how folks are giving themselves permission to take their talents beyond the walls of their settlements and conventionalized belief systems.

"Folks are combining not only their 'arting', but also their altar energy, and the diversity is growing. And loggers (and other otherwise severely alienated professionals) can't help but want to participate, too! So it's a 'Win/Win' thang!"

An effect which is affecting even their bosses!

"The neat part about leaving one's art (or altar intentions) in a forest that's becoming enchanted again is that they [loggers] can relate to it. It's not just their little kids' drawing put up out there; in our local forest, we've inspired the locals teens to make up their own space, completely autonomous. So we groanups can't enter unless we have their permission."

Even the rowdy types have set up a "gallery" of sorts in this particular woods (we'll honor these local folks by letting them have the option of telling you about where all this is, instead of just telling you all right now!).

The undercurrent in it all? Places for thoughts and feelings to be shared quite anonymously.

"You've heard of NPR's 'All Things Considered'? Well, this is on the path of 'All People Considered," said a local lady rather candidly. "This idea works in a circle; we help facilitate dialogue between diverse groups, and we bring attention to just how lovely a resurging forest can be! i mean, when's the last time you spent a night breathing in the cool, fresh, healing air up in the woods, only to wake up to the sounds of the local folks [a.k.a. animals] singing and carrying on with so much zest?!"


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